10 Amazing Animated Movie Fans Take For Granted, Ranked


Hundreds of new anime series are released every year, but there are also a number of theatrical anime films entering production alongside them. That’s no guarantee that an animated film will be a hit or reach greater heights than a TV series, but animated films that work often become timeless classics.

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At the same time, there are many famous anime movies that are still being talked about, and a whole other set of titles are being overlooked. What’s even worse is when audiences are aware of an animated film and its significance, but they don’t give it the appreciation or respect it deserves.

10/10 Dragon Ball: Path To Power celebrates what makes a Shonen Classic special

It’s easy to reject the tens of dragonball movies like slightly longer anime episodes. This disposable nature is true for many of the dragonball movies. However, Dragon Ball: Path to Power is a tenth anniversary commemorative celebration that’s a satisfying microcosm of the original dragonballit is magic.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy in the story of The path to power, which covers some of the anime’s earliest events. However, Shigeyasu Yamauchi’s direction is truly impressive, and it’s by far one of the most visually impressive plays. dragonball media. For this reason alone, Dragon Ball: Path to Power deserves more credit.

9/10 Two Strangers Learn to Appreciate the Wonders of Life in Josée, the Tiger and the Fish

Some of the best animated films tell self-contained stories that touch the hearts of audiences, like A silent voice and I want to eat your pancreas. Josée, the tiger and the fish is a newer film that fits that mold of 2020 which is Kotaro Tamura’s first film.

Tamura’s touching film features a sweet coming-of-age story where two unlikely individuals find a sense of camaraderie in each other and become their best selves when together. The premise and trajectory of Josée, the tiger and the fish nothing special, but it hits all its targets, and it’s likely to bring tears to its audience.

8/10 The simple elegance of human connection is Garden Of Words’ secret weapon

The garden of words examines the raw nature of life as a young teenage girl and a woman in her twenties empathize with their lot in life. The garden of words contains some of Makoto Shinkai’s strongest character and animation work, but at only 46 minutes it is often considered a lesser contribution.

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On the contrary, The garden of words is a delicate reminder of how less can be more. The movie would suffer if it was unnecessarily filled with another half hour of useless story. Those who have been on the fence about anime melodramas should give adults serious themes and storytelling in The garden of words a chance.

7/10 The Wind Rises lacks the typical Miyazaki fantasy flourishes

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the co-founders of Studio Ghibli and a name often considered synonymous with the company’s whimsical yet thought-provoking fantasy stories. Miyazaki has an incredible ability to use the supernatural to celebrate the ordinary, but The wind picks up tells a more mature story which does not rely on the director’s typical forms of escapism.

The wind picks up is instead more interested in the idea of ​​passion and brilliance being co-opted into tools of destruction. It’s thematically in line with the rest of Miyazaki’s work, but its more restrained nature made it the director’s dark horse film.

6/10 Themes of identity and control gain depth in Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence

the original ghost in the shell is still considered a cyberpunk anime classic that has inspired several TV series expansions as well as countless imitators. Original screenwriter and director Mamoru Oshii returns for Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, an equally compelling film that doesn’t get as much attention.

The public doesn’t know either Innocence or just assume it’s a cheap sequel. The story in ghost in the shell 2 looks at a series of pleasure-based worker robots who rebel against their owners and its dissection of identity and control is on par with its predecessor.

5/10 Metropolis is a dystopian tale that uses future technology to doom the present

2001 Metropolis is a super talent collaboration on a very special piece of cinema that’s sort of a cult classic instead of a mainstream hit. Metropolis is based on the 1940s manga of the same name by Osamu Tezuka with a storyline by Akiraby Katsuhiro Otomo and directed by Rintaro.

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It’s a stunning commentary on society and classism expressed through a world where humans and robots co-exist, but it’s a precarious balance that can hardly be described as harmony. Metropolis is thematically deep as it is visually stunning, but is often mistaken for an animated version of Fritz Lang Metropoliswhich is not the case.

4/10 Life’s limitless possibilities come to life in the night is short, step on girl

Masaaki Yuasa is an anime writerand some of his most popular efforts are Ride your wave, Devilman Crybaby, and Inu-Oh. The night is short, step on the girl is actually connected to the larger Tatami Galaxy universe, but it’s still an extremely unusual piece of storytelling. The movie basically takes place on a chaotic night of drinking and keeping your mind open to new opportunities.

The film is a romantic comedy at its core, but it catapults between genres and even briefly morphs into a lyrical musical. The chaotic changes in The night is short, step on the girl hard to define, but a fascinating case study in identity.

3/10 Steamboy is a Steampunk classic from an anime master at the top of his game

Katushiro Otomo is an incredibly meticulous director, and the detail present in the years 1988 Akira is even more intense than what is present in many hand-drawn films of today. 2004 Steamboy is Otomo’s successor to Akiraand the steampunk action story was painstakingly worked for more than a decade with an unprecedented budget for an animated film.

SteamboyThe alternate history of feels lived-in, and there’s incredible choreography at play during its unique action sequences. If another filmmaker did Steamboythen it would have been an absolute classic, but since it was made by Otomo it’s understandably overshadowed by Akirathe inheritance.

2/10 Belladonna Of Sadness Is A Classic Corruption Story Unlike Anything Else

by Eiichi Yamamoto belladonna of sadness is a 1973 labor of love that didn’t receive much international attention until the 2010s. The film’s long absence has weakened its reputation, but anyone who sees this impressionistic animation can’t argue with its unique nature.

belladonna of sadness engages in ancient folklore with its moralizing tale of corruption and persecution of women. The meticulous and expressive art style is what strikes the most belladonna of sadnessand her look has yet to be matched.

1/10 Millennium actress recounts the power of legacy through an illustrious film career

Satoshi Kon had earned an enviable reputation as one of anime’s most confident and original psychological storytellers before passing away at an all too young age. Kon is best known for perfect blue, Paprika,and its vanguard paranoia agent series. However, Millennial Actress and Tokyo Godfathers are both crucial but more underestimated bits of Kon’s filmography.

Millennial Actress details the life well-lived of a movie star through expressive interviews. It’s not a story that seems to make for an engrossing movie, but its touching emotional core speaks to why Kon was such a special storyteller.

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