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The hugely successful animated film from director Makoto Shinkai, your name swept the world after its release in 2016. Breaking box office records in Japan and abroad, it quickly became one of the highest-grossing animated films ever produced, thanks in large part to its visuals spectacular, its sustained rhythm and its touching love story. .

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Naturally, your nameThe popularity of has kept fans coming back for more. Including Shinkai’s other works, there are a number of highly regarded animated films that deal with similar themes or share similar aesthetic sensibilities. Whether it’s a coming-of-age tale with a supernatural twist or a love story overcoming all odds, the animated film industry has a lot to offer fans of your name.

ten The Girl Who Leaped In Time – Available to rent on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more

The main characters of Girl Who Leapt Through Time sit on the riverbank from the classic anime.

The girl who jumped in time is an earlier work by Mamoru Hosoda, famous for his role as a director in the original Digimon movie. The story follows a girl who suddenly gains the ability to travel and literally jump in time. She quickly realizes that time travel is not as easy as it sounds and must face the consequences of her actions.

There’s a sort of coming-of-age summer vibe here that should be familiar to those who love your name, as well as a similar supernatural gadget that pushes the plot forward. It’s not as overtly romantic as your name, but Hosoda is able to use the time travel plot to provoke emotional endings all the same.

9 5 centimeters per second – not currently available to broadcast

The launch of the rocket from 5 centimeters per second.

5 centimeters per second was by far Shinkai’s most beloved work before the release of your name, and he deserves this distinction. Many stylistic elements of the Shinkai brand are present here: a deep sense of nostalgia inspired by the insurmountable gap between lovers and, of course, a beautiful background work.

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However, despite their similarities, 5 centimeters per second ends up feeling something like a thematic sheet for your name. Where the latter is hopeful and inspiring, 5 centimeters per second is a much darker, almost gloomy affair. Despite their thematic dissimilarity, these works complement each other in fascinating ways, and 5 centimeters per second remains one of the most touching and best-done works of Shinkai in its own right.

8 A Silent Voice: The Movie – Available on Netflix

An interior train filmed in A Silent Voice.

As the most successful work of one of anime’s most prominent directors, Naoko Yamada, A silent voice has an impressive reputation on its own terms. However, comparisons with your name were inevitable due to the closeness of the debuts of the two films and the sometimes similar thematic content found in both.

A silent voice does not share much of the spectacle and the supernatural exaltation that your name a, and instead presents a heart-wrenching interpersonal drama of redemption and low-key romance. However, the dramatic love stories included in the two bear a certain resemblance, making A silent voice a title frequently recommended for your name Fans.

7 The Garden of Words – Available on Netflix

The most important set of Garden of Words.

The garden of words is an interesting midpoint in Shinkai’s filmography, falling significantly between Five centimeters per second and your name. Longtime fans of his work often draw comparisons between his earlier work, being Five centimeters per second and his predecessors, and his later, more optimistic work, which includes everything after your name.

The garden of words doesn’t fit perfectly into either category, perhaps because it’s a much shorter film that doesn’t have the big ambitions of much bigger pieces like your name. Either way, the animation and illustrations are characteristically beautiful and represent a period of transition in the director’s career.

6 Reverse patema – Available on Hoopla

A fateful encounter in Patema Inverted.

Reverse pateme is an awesome but underrated animated film that director Yasuhiro Yoshiura probably hasn’t heard of, and which also shares a number of striking similarities with your name. Both are youthful romance stories with supernatural elements, and both include a handful of rather surprising twists to push the plot forward.

Instead of swapping bodies, Reverse pateme envisions a world where gravity is reversed for a subset of the population, and a boy-girl encounter through gravitational alignments sets the plot in motion. It may not command quite the same visual splendor as your name, but an intriguing gadget and strong central romance are worth seeing.

5 Wolf Children – Currently not available for streaming

Wolf Children's mother in a field.

Coming-of-age supernatural stories are a frequent theme of Shinkai, which often compares him to Wolf Children director Mamoru Hosoda, who does stories on similar topics.

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While Shinkai’s work generally focuses on younger characters, Wolf Children chooses to center the story around a mother raising two less-than-normal children, which is a compelling perspective and works to the benefit of the film.

4 Whisper of the Heart – Available on HBO Max

Shizuku and Seiji overlooking Tokyo.

Heart murmur is one of the few underrated titles from legendary Studio Ghibli, and it’s also one of the studio’s most overtly romantic films. While romantic subplots are present in many of the studio’s offerings, Heart murmur brings her love story to the fore.

Similar to your name, the film is essentially a coming-of-age story wrapped in a romantic plot. Audiences can see the two main characters growing together as they overcome their obstacles. Heart murmur is much more anchored in its approach than your name, opting for small-scale struggles as opposed to heroic supernatural acts.

3 Weathering With You – Available on HBO Max

Hina and Hodoka in Weathering With You.

Alter with you is the other successful Shinkai that followed the release of your name. Critics immediately drew comparisons between the two films due to their common similarities in aesthetics, themes, and music (the soundtrack having been produced by the same group for both films).

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Live up to your name is a difficult task, however, and Alter with you was not released with the same excitement and box office fanfare as its predecessor. Always, Alter with you is an excellent film in its own right, and sometimes succeeds in important areas where your name was missing.

2 Liz and the Blue Bird – Available on Amazon Prime

Awesome experience in Liz and the Blue Bird.

Naoko Yamada’s discreet masterpiece Liz and the blue bird is a heartfelt love story that inspires an intense sense of desire in its audience, similar in effect to your name. The story touches on similar themes of emotional and physical distance between two characters, but does so in subtle and understated ways.

Perhaps a suitable comparison would be that Liz is of A silent voice what, for Shinkai, Five centimeters per second is of your name. Although these books all deal with similar thematic concepts, Liz and Five centimeters per second approach the subject with a distinct aesthetic and follow the stories to very different conclusions.

1 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya – Available to rent from Amazon Prime Video and the Microsoft Store

Yuki and Kyon dressed for the cold.

Disappearance is a climactic film that (sort of) crowns the story that began in the hugely popular 2006 anime The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, with this film dealing with the disappearance of the main character. Disappearance remains enduringly popular due to the success with which it delivers the plot threads introduced in the show’s first seasons, making it an extremely satisfying viewing experience.

As your name, Disappearance presents a love story wrapped in a supernatural plot and one of the best animated romances in an anime not exclusively about romance. However, the latter relies much more on the supernatural and sci-fi elements of his tale than your name. Newcomers should also beware that Disappearance is excellent, it will be difficult to understand without previous experience Haruhi lively.

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