10 Best Anime Series To Watch Instead Of Attacking Titan


The attack of the Titans is widely regarded as one of the best shonen anime series. It has a groundbreaking premise and isn’t afraid to explore controversial social commentary. Eren Jaeger joined the Survey Corps to avenge his family and eradicate the Titans but soon realized that sometimes humanity can become the biggest monster.

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He quickly went from an average shonen hero to a complicated anti-hero. By the end of the series, Eren has become a controversial villain. However The attack of the Titans is critically acclaimed, some viewers may be unable to overlook the series’ flaws. Luckily, there are tons of other anime series out there.

10/10 The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen is sentenced to death

The attack of the Titans isn’t the only dark shonen anime to exist. Although it features several elements of a generic shonen series, Jujutsu Kaisen reinvents the wheel by combining light characters with heartbreaking events and dark themes.

After consuming a cursed object, Yuji Itadori is sentenced to death and must buy more time through jujutsu sorcery to control the cursed spirit possessing him. It’s not possible for Jujutsu Kaisen have a happy ending, but the characters are worth it. Yuji, in particular, always tries to make the best of the worst situations.

9/10 Hunter X Hunter is a Battle Shonen masterpiece

Hunter X Hunter follows Gon Freecs on his journey to reunite with his estranged father, but he must become a hunter. He meets Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua along the way, and the foursome embark on several adventures throughout the series as they each head towards their own unique goals.

Hunter X Hunter receives accolades for its worthwhile fight scenes, well-written characters, and power system that have inspired countless others. As The attack of the Titans, Hunter X Hunter also cracked IMDb’s list for best anime. It took a generic battle shonen formula and created something entirely groundbreaking out of tried-and-true tropes.

8/10 Neon Genesis Evangelion is very different but just as controversial

Neon Genesis EvangelionAs The attack of the Titans, has generated more than enough controversy over the years. Both series have polarizing protagonists in Eren and Shinji. Plus, both series have some terrifying and gory scenes that even the most avid horror movie fans had a hard time digesting.

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Still, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic series that every anime fan must watch at least once. It makes meaningful commentary as it ventures into groundbreaking territory for the time. It’s a psychological doozy and one of the darkest mecha anime ever.

7/10 D. Gray-Man is a Dark Fantasy Shonen series with a unique plot

D. Gray-Man is a critically acclaimed dark fantasy series that, like The attack of the Titansis almost too gritty to fit in the shonen mold. D. Gray-Man follows Allen Walker. He is an exorcist who works for the Black Order, an organization tasked with defeating the Earl of Millennium and his army of Akuma.

D. Gray-Man has an unsettling aesthetic and unique art style that immediately immerses viewers in this bizarre take on a 19th century setting. It has a unique narrative and dynamic characters that drive the plot, which makes it easy for fans to fall in love with this series.

6/10 Serial Experiments Lain takes viewers into the wired

Even though it came out in the 90s, Serial Experiments Lain is a case study of those who spend their lives primarily online. Looking back, this is more of a warning than anything else of what would happen in the digital age.

Serial Experiments Lain follows the titular Lain, a girl whose entire life revolves around thriving in the Wired, an online environment where no one is really who they say they are. Lain assumes a false identity and pretends that she is practically dead in the physical world. Lain becomes socially isolated and suffers from a fragmented sense of self.

5/10 My Hero Academia explores what makes a hero and a villain

my hero academia is getting more flack than it really should from the anime community. While several aspects of the series certainly feel contrived and play shonen tropes to the point of campiness, there are significant lessons to be learned from this. my hero academia.

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The series continually questions what makes someone a true hero and challenges the notion of doing good for recognition. Villains, of course, are a commentary on hero society. Bizarre discrimination is a major theme of my hero academiaand many forms of it are comparable to real-world ableism and true prejudice.

4/10 Monster proves that even good intentions have consequences

Freak follows Kenzo Tenma, a neurosurgeon faced with the unsettling decision of whether to save the life of the mayor or that of a young boy. He chose the latter, but it had disastrous consequences later down the road.

The young boy he saved, Johan Liebert, grew up to be a prolific serial killer. Kenzo saved her life, but he had to be the one to abduct her and end her terrible killing spree. Freak is a psychology classic that proves that all actions have consequences.

3/10 91 Days Is A Perfect Mafia Series With An Epic Anti-Hero Protagonist

91 days features Angelo Lagusa, the sole survivor of his family’s massacre. He infiltrated the Vanetti crime family to avenge their losses after years of dealing with terrible survivor’s guilt. Angelo took on a new persona and pretended to be a ruthless killer, but that forged personality became his truth in the end,

Angelo is one of anime’s best anti-heroes and serves as the perfect protagonist for this criminally underrated anime. 91 daysThe captivating story of the mafia is very different from The attack of the Titansbut it still covers some dark subject matter that fans of the show will surely appreciate.

2/10 Tokyo Ghoul’s Man vs. Monster Battle Is Internal

tokyo ghoul and The attack of the Titans are more similar than originally thought. They’re both man-vs.-monster series with complicated protagonists who transitioned from hero to anti-hero to pipeline villain. However, both series turn the battle into an internal struggle. Eren is a Titan Shifter, while Kaneki is a half-ghoul.

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tokyo ghoularguably, handles this better than The attack of the Titans amplifying its edginess, gore, and grit to really show the dichotomy between man and monster. It also shows the possibility of coexistence between the two, since Kaneki is the only one who can understand both sides.

The attack of the Titans and Code Geass are often compared to each other. After all, Eren and Lelouch had similar character arcs. They both began to want to avenge their losses and usher in a new world, but they soon became everything they despised. However, it is universally accepted that Code Geass handles this plot much better than The attack of the Titans.

Code Geass don’t waste time on angry feelings. Lelouch took to the wheel as the proactive protagonist and took the story where his brilliant mind saw fit. Code Geass takes place in a world of morally gray and ambiguous characters and plot developments that always keep viewers on their toes.

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