Anime is the Japanese word for “animation”. The anime industry has established itself as an outlier in the entertainment industry, defined by extreme enthusiasm. The industry has grown from one of Japan’s most popular exports to a global phenomenon. There’s more to enjoy in an animated film or a gameRead More →

While “Cyberpunk 2077” gamers are still waiting for the game’s first expansion, they might want to check out the upcoming RPG-based anime series. Netflix, the company that will exclusively stream the anime, recently released a trailer for “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” to also announce its premiere. The new trailer is rightly labeledRead More →

By now, it’s no secret that promoting popular intellectual properties is like a license to print money. In a pop culture landscape dominated by Disney properties, audiences have turned to Eastern animation as an alternative. Japanese anime and manga have garnered a massive and loyal fanbase in the United StatesRead More →

Every year brings hundreds of new anime series. The anime covers such diverse topics that it truly feels like there’s a show for everyone, regardless of interest or genre. Another way the anime plays by its own rules is the vastly different lengths of the series. RELATED: 10 Anime WithRead More →

Type-Moon is best known for creating the Spell series, the massive franchise that started with the visual novel Fate/stay night. SpellThe storyline focused on summoning legendary characters as Servants, a concept that propelled the series to popularity. A big part of SpellThe success of came from its many anime adaptations,Read More →

How many people even knew there were actually movies available to rent on Steam? It’s possibly one of the most useless yet interesting features of all time, and it actually has a decent selection. The online marketplace is mostly known for the games hosted there, but hidden deep inside thereRead More →

While Netflix’s adaptation of Castlevania may have helped mainstream video game anime, anime adaptations of video game series have been around for about as long as mainstream video games themselves. Since the late 1980s, hundreds of them have been made, and several have amassed a large following. On the otherRead More →

The start of 2022 couldn’t have been better with shows like Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Classroom of the Elite and Overlord. However, those aren’t the only popular shows this year has to offer. Most upcoming anime series are on par with shows like Demon Slayer and AOT in termsRead More →

Naturally, mystical and otherworldly characteristics are expected in the animation. However, Japanese animation produced a large number of naturalistic pieces that accurately reflected the country’s social reality. All of these anime were primarily aimed at adults and had mature, convoluted subject matter often missing from live-action movies. Something about aRead More →

Anime lovers have long argued over what exactly constitutes anime. Regardless of medium or place of origin, “anime” is simply Japanese for animation in Japan. However, outside of Japan, the term has evolved to relate specifically to animation created or produced in Japan. We chose to use Netflix’s own animeRead More →

Anime is one of the most popular forms of serialized storytelling today, and it can be enjoyed episodically or by binge-watching. That being said, not all anime series are good or even entertaining. Some anime are so disappointing that they drain all positivity through their finales, or they’re so badRead More →

The darkest anime series have some of the greatest character arcs and stunning storylines that keep fans wanting more after each episode. While there are plenty of dark horror anime fans to choose from, there are also some surprisingly dark psychological shows that are truly binge-worthy anime series that canRead More →

Anime series have always tried to imagine what the future will look like. Often these visions of the future have involved commercial space travel, cyborgs, sentient robots, and other concepts that still seem as far-fetched today as they did when first conceived. While these depictions of the future have mostlyRead More →