Crowdfunded MECHA-UDE Pilot Inspires Full Anime Series


TriF Studio and Sae Okamoto (THE SUSHI POLICE, monster strikes movie) previously ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce an original animation titled MECHA-UDE: Mechanical Arms. After more than doubling its goal and raising $67,918 from 999 backers, the pilot episode made its way to YouTube, and now it’s officially inspiring a full anime series.

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Key visual:

You can take a behind-the-scenes look at TriF Studio in the 12-minute documentary below.

Beyond the anime series, there’s also a manga adaptation on the way. Aria the Scarlet AmmunitionThis is Yoshino Koyoka. The weekly series kicked off today in Japan, and the first three chapters are released for free via LINE Manga and ebookjapan.

The story of the MECHA-UDE pilot is described on his website as following:

“ARMS (weapons)” which is a resistance organization of the Kagami group. There have been a series of incidents in which only the use of Mekaude has been targeted there, and Mekaude has been stolen. If you don’t collect the snatched Mekaode, the human will die.

Arma, who is targeted by the Kagami group, and Mekaude, “Aki”, who belongs to ARMS to escort them. She felt the shadow of Mekaude, the former nephew, in this incident. In order to confirm the truth, Aki ignores his boss’s advice and embarks on an investigation. Hikaru and Alma which are assembled and rolled up.

Aki, who is not good at being small and difficult, chooses a method to ask questions from the side of Mekaude, who is hiding in the city. With disgusting Hikaru and Alma Aki will leave tonight for a formidable investigation.

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