Great PS2 Anime Games That Never Left Japan


The Playstation 2 was released in 2000, and at the same time anime in North America had become even more popular. Iconic series like Sailor Moon, Pokemonand Dragon Ball Z paved the way for more series to be officially licensed and transferred to the West. Many different series other than action-packed series have become popular, and many other media for different anime series have become more widely available, such as video games.

Many games for more popular media properties have been officially imported, but not all. Even series like Bleach and Neon Genesis Evangelion which have a popular cult following, also have games that never left Japan.


10/10 Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku without serenade

Spike fights three enemies as Ed appears in a pop-up screen

cowboy bebop is a cult classic space-western anime known for its catchy use of jazz and blues music. Only two official games were made, and neither was ever officially released outside of Japan. Cowboy Bebop: Tsuioku no serenade is a beat-em-up action PS2 game that features an original story.

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While hunting bounties on outlaws, the Bebop crew find themselves in the middle of a search for space pirate treasure, opposed to a mysterious organization, and a song called “Diamonds” which seems to be related. to all of this. Players can play as Faye, Jet, or Spike during the melee and shooting portions of the game, and they can pilot different starships.

9/10 Meitantei Conan: Daiei Teikoku No Isan

Detective Conan

Detective ConanWhere Case closed as it is known in North America, is a series about a high school detective who is turned into a child by a crime syndicate he was investigating. He continues to solve crimes under a new alias, then impersonates other characters to make it look like they’ve solved the case.

Several games in the series have been released, including the PS2 game Meitantei Conan: Daiei Teikoku no Isa. It is a 3D mystery game which includes puzzle solving gameplay. Conan travels to England to solve a murder case and must use all his detective skills, special gadgets and wits to uncover the mysteries surrounding him.

8/10 Soul Eater: Battle Resonance

Game coverage, main cast features;  Maka, Soul, Black Star, Death the Kid, Stein, Chrona and Medusa

Based on the popular series soul eaterwhere warriors called “meisters” wield “demonic weapons”, which are humans capable of weaponizing themselves. Soul Eater: Battle Resonance is the only PS2 game in the series.

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It is a 3D fighting game where players can take control of their favorite meister/demon weapon team and fight against others. Players will play through the anime’s first 24 episodes and experience the battles that Maka, Soul, and everyone else experienced firsthand.

7/10 Blood + One Night Kiss

Saya on the roof battling bats

Blood + One Night Kiss is sure to interest fans of the anime and SUDA51, as the game was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and is reminiscent killer7 with its cel-shaded style.

Players can explore the city of Shikishi as the main protagonist, Saya, as well as an original character from the game, a detective named Kou Aoyama. Alone, the two battle the bats as they try to figure out why they showed up in town.

6/10 Flame of Recca: Final Burn

Cover of the game on the left with Recca and Yanagi, and screenshots of the game on the right

Flame of Recca is a series about a boy named Recca who is obsessed with ninjas and claims to be one. He eventually discovers he has the ability to control flames after meeting a girl named Yanagi who has healing powers, and also learns that he is the son of the leader of the ninja clan called the Hokage.

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Two games were created for the series, with Flame of Recca: Final Burn being the game made for the PS2. It follows the same storyline shown in the SODOM arc. It is an adventure fighting game where players can play from the point of view of the main characters of the series like Recca, Domon and even Kurei.

5/10 Bleach: Blade Fighters

Ichigo swinging his sword at a Hollow in his school

The animated series Bleach is more popular than ever, especially with the release of Bleach: Bloody Thousand Year War, a sequel to the original anime. There have been several Bleach games that have officially launched in North America, although there are a few that still remain Japanese exclusives.

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Bleach: Blade Fighters is one of those games, a fighting game for the PS2. It has multiple game modes, including a story mode that contains five original stories for Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Sado “Chad”, and Uryu. There are 23 playable characters in the first game, and the second game, Blade Battlers 2, at 36.

4/10 Busou Renkin: Welcome to Papillon Park

Tokiko uses her Busou Renkin to fight the homunculi

Buso Renkin is a supernatural/action series about a high school student named Kazuki Muto. After saving a girl from a monster, he becomes the user of a Buso Renkin (an alchemical device), which is used to destroy monsters called homunculi. The series has a PS2 game called Busou Renkin: Welcome to Papillon Park.

This hack-and-slash game is set after the events of the anime. He has a Dynasty Warriors type of playstyle as players fight their way through hordes of enemies at different stages. At first, the only characters available are the two main characters and their Buso Renkin; Kazuki Muto and Tokiko Tsumura.

Main character Sena Kobayakawa takes on a rival soccer team

There are many different sports anime series, and Eyeshield 21 is the only one on American football. The series follows Sena Kobayakawa, who becomes the running back for an American football club. There have been several games released for the series, which have never been released outside of Japan.

He has a PS2 game called Visor 21: Amefoot Yarouze! Yeah ! Ha!, which is both a visual novel and a sports game. The gameplay is in 3D and players have to cross the pitch while avoiding players from the other team and pass the ball as they try to score.

2/10 Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra

Character select screen with all playable Eva Unit and Angel characters

Despite the emblematic and popular character of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series is in the West, many of its games have not been translated into English. Such a game is Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra for the PS2.

It is a platform fighting game that is played similarly to Super Smash Bros., where up to four players can compete in Rumble mode. Players can choose between different Eva units and Angels to play with, both of which have powerful special attacks.

1/10 Evangelion: Joe

Shooting Eva Unit 01 in 3D game style

Evangelion: Joe is another PS2 game that was only available in Japan. It follows the story of the movie Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone and the original animated series. The game re-enacts the events that happened in the original movie and anime through 3D cutscenes.

There are three different types of gameplay. In 3D battles, the player pilots the Eva Unit 01 to fight the angels. The second mode is Quick-Time events. Finally, in relationship building, the player can interact with different characters. There are multiple endings to the game, which are determined by Shinji’s relationship status with different characters.

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