Jujutsu Kaisen 0 review – the wizarding anime series gets a spectacular prequel | Movie


IIn a world where malevolent thoughts and dark memories can turn into fearsome monsters that wreak havoc on society, the future of the human species is grim. Such is the premise of this prequel to the hugely popular manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen, which follows eccentric wizards sworn to protect humanity from these deadly curses. Bloody, action-packed and tragicomic all at once, this dazzling coming-of-age tale masterfully contemplates the thorny process of coming to terms with past traumas through a horror-fantasy lens.

The beautiful Tokyo Jujutsu high school, where young wizards are trained in the art of exorcism, is once again the central setting. The shy Yuta has just enrolled as a student and, haunted by his love for his deceased childhood friend Rika, he is pursued by her spirit, which has taken the form of a monstrous worm-like creature that attacks anyone on him. wish evil. Learning to harness this energy/curse, Yuta encounters many familiar faces from the series: among them his dashing and clumsy mentor Satoru Gojo and the taciturn Toge Inumaki who only communicates with rice ball ingredients, since his words have the power to kill.

Just as Yuta slowly loses his shyness and sharpens his magical abilities, he and his new friends come face to face with the powerful trickster Suguru Geto, a former student of Jujutsu with an evil plan to extinguish all non-wizards on Earth. The gorgeous animation is in full swing during this adrenaline-fuelled showdown between good and evil, as a web of intricately detailed monsters of all kinds engage in gory action. Backed by an electrifying score, this cathartic ode to the triumph of love is a treat for ardent fans and newcomers alike.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 hits theaters on March 18.

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