The 10 Worst Animated Movies of All Time, According to IMDb


ten Conan, the boy from the future (Score: 4.9)

This movie is from 1979 and is based on his anime which was filmed in 1978. It’s strange, because the series is highly rated on IMDb with 8.7 stars. We found very little about this movie, but found that it was basically just a summary of the animated series. This would explain the low rating next to the high rating of the series. If the show is so good, why cut it down in a movie? It’s actually not a rare treat for anime, as there are so many movie versions of series.

While this movie might be bad, the series is definitely worth a look.

9 Kishin Dôji Zenki Gaiden: Anki Kitan (Rating: 3.9)

As Conan, the boy from the future, this movie is based on the animated series, Zenki. It was only released in Japan and is very rare, so not much could be discovered about it despite its low IMDb ratings. What we were able to find out is that this is an OVA for the show. There are few versions of it that are captioned by fans. The title translates to “Kishin Douji Zenki Gaiden: The Curious Tale of the Black Demon. “

While the movie is hard to find, the show isn’t and it’s pretty good. If you liked Inuyasha, this show is very similar.

8 Nadia: Fuzzy’s Secret (Score: 4.0)

This movie dates back to 1991 and has more information about it than some of the other movies on this list. The title might sound strange, but it all makes sense when you realize the plot revolves around a mysterious girl whose name is Fuzzy.

The film is based on the animated series Nadia: The secret of blue water which ran from 1990 to 1991 with 39 episodes. The series is also quite good, as it centers around a former circus performer, Nadia, who is trying to return home to Africa. Based on reviews of several of its feature films, fans of the series believe the films do not do the anime justice.

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7 Psychic Wars (Score: 3.1)

As of 1991, that movie is pretty out there. The synopsis reads: “Ukyo Rettsu, a surgeon, treats a mysterious old woman for a mysterious“ cancer. ”Growth turns out to be a messenger from Japan’s ancient past heralding a demonic invasion of Earth. time and fight the race of ancient demons.

This movie is not only poorly rated on IMDb but also on My anime list with a score of 3.12. Fans watched the film again, calling it an “abomination” with no redeeming qualities. It has a revolting romantic subplot, bland characters, and a very cheesy English dub.

6 6 Angels (Score: 3.6)

Based on an anime of the same name, both this film and the series are rated very low. This is a group of women mercenaries called the Rose Guard. Their mission is to stop these people called the Canyon family from using nuclear weapons to “cleanse the world with radiation.”

First of all, the subtitles are bad and the characters don’t have any personalities. Some anime fans put it in the realm of movies that are so bad they’re good.

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5 Black star and golden bat (Score 2.5)

This movie being an anime is questionable, but it is in the animated feature section of IMDb. The reason he’s in anime is questionable is that he’s South Korean. The film dates from 1979 and seems quite eccentric since the protagonist looks like Batman … but yellow.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why the reviews are so low. Apparently, this design wasn’t always the case and Golden Bat actually had a skull mask on it. However, that has changed due to the popularity of Batman.

4 Sol Bianca (Rating: 4.2)

This OVA sci-fi adventure actually lasts two episodes, but it made it into the feature-length anime section of IMDb. Surprisingly, it was also misspelled on the website as “So Bianca” instead of “Sol Bianca”. A third episode was canceled because the first two episodes were so unpopular.

A very interesting part of its synopsis is that it centers around an all-female cast of space pirates. Sadly, that’s the only thing that sounds good about the OVA. The plot is very generic and the audience surrogate is a boring boy who is a stowaway on their ship.

3 Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated (Score: 4.3)

This cult horror film was released in 2009 and it looks pretty cool despite its low rating. It showcases the work of various artists, animators and filmmakers from around the world. It sounds a bit like Disney’s Fantasia in terms of an experimental mix of animation. These small works include hand drawings, computer graphics, plasticine, illustrations, puppets, and more.

Despite its poor score, there are positive reviews for this gem and it has been called artistic in the best sense of the word. So please check it out and see for yourself. Maybe you can change or explain this IMDb score.

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2 Kai Doh Maru (Rating: 4.9)

The genre of this OVA is romance, war drama, and historical drama. It’s set in the Heian era in Japan, and just reading its synopsis is confusing. The main character is a woman disguised as a man who fights evil spirits. She fights for her lost lover who sacrificed himself to protect Kyoto from an evil and cursed princess. If this makes you want to ask a lot of questions then you are going to be confused for most of this anime.

The plot is incredibly fragmented and disconnected. The characters don’t have enough time to develop.

1 Asylum session (Score: 4.4)

This animated film is set in the distant future and focuses on a high school girl who dreams of being an art student. She runs away from home and befriends a gang of slum kids at a stadium run by a boy named Akira. The police want to demolish the stadium to beautify the neighborhood, and the slum children and the protagonists work together with the power of art to guard the stadium.

It’s hard to get used to the CG animation style of this movie, and it certainly counts towards the bad score. While the ideas are cool, the anime also lacks depth in its characters and the society it takes place in.

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