These are the most underrated animated movies of all time


Most audiences are familiar with fantasy world of animated films through one of Studio Ghibli’s iconic stories. There’s no doubt that it’s nearly impossible to top Studio Ghibli, but there are always a few gems every year that go unnoticed. just like many underrated tv anime series that are overshadowed by more popular releases, viewers are missing out on the chance to enjoy touching stories that never get the attention they deserve.

your name, Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle, and other hit animated films have garnered mainstream praise for their stunning visuals, soundtracks, and voice acting. However, there are plenty of anime movies that offer these qualities and more that deserve to have a moment in the spotlight.

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Saveurs de la jeunesse is a delicious watch

From the title it might seem that flavors of youth is dedicated to aesthetically pleasing animated foodsbut, surprisingly, the film is a much deeper watch. flavors of youth is a stunning anthology film that follows three different chapters in three cities, and it comes from the home studio of none other than Makoto Shinkai.

The stories presented throughout the film bring to light different aspects of life and simple joys that bring flavors to the otherwise drab setting of the world. One story features the most beautiful food ever animated, while the other showcases the strength of siblings, and the latest short adventures in romance. Each of these stories carries a certain melancholy, depth, and longing that’s hard to beat.

A silent voice tugs at the heart

Not all love stories begin with throbbing anxiety and blushing faces. Sometimes love can be cruel, and people don’t realize what they’ve let go of until it’s taken away from them. It seems tragicbut the beauty of A silent voice is that it is tragic, satisfying and happy at the same time. A deaf girl is harassed by a young man with whom she thought she could become friends.

A silent voice is a heartbreaking depiction of how even children can inflict cruelty on others, causing unimaginable long-term damage. Shoya Ishida realizes in a brutal way that even bullies can be isolated the way they do with their victims. As former class bully Shoya Ishida reaches out to Shouko, whom he used to bully, he learns what redemption is a painful thing, but in the end, something good will happen. waits.

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Words bubble like a soda is a once in a lifetime experience

Socializing isn’t for everyone, and it’s not always a simple task to follow a conversation. The words are bubbling like sodas is a relatable watch for introverts who find communicating the hardest thing to do. Cherry is an incredibly shy boy who puts his words into haiku poems, while Smile is a popular video star who ironically hides behind a mask because he has big front teeth.

They meet one summer in a socialite suburb, and it’s just wonderful how they communicate in their own way without stressing each other out. It’s a young modern love story at the heart that has incredibly carefree vibes and accurately captures that “summer love” feeling.

In the forest of fireflies, you need handkerchiefs

In the forest of fireflies is one of those movies that is so impactful it’s hard to watch again. This film is largely misunderstood, given the depth of the story and the tenderness it has to offer. The plot follows a young girl who meets a strange boy named Gin in a mountain forest near her grandfather’s house.

Hotaru learns that Gin is a supernatural being and will disappear forever if she touches him. Even though their blossoming relationship had many limitations, Hotaru still returned to the forest every summer to spend time with Gin, who always wears a mask. Although a tragedy awaits their romance as it is established from the start, the film perfectly captures the longing one feels for someone and the inevitable hurt waiting at the endbut they continue to love as hard as they can.

A Whisker Away is a deep journey

At first glance, At a glance looks like typical coming of age movie, but that’s the beauty of it – you can never guess what it is. Miyo Sasaki lives an average middle school life with family dramas and her crush’s love rejections. One day, she comes across a magic Noh mask that transforms her into a cat. Miyo finally finds a way to spend time with Hinode but longs to tell her the truth about the cat he loved.

Miyo doesn’t realize that her feelings for Hinode would overcome things that were really important in her life. At a glance is a journey of self-seeking rather than love; it’s about discovering the precious things in life without just devoting your life to young love.

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Anthem of the Heart Means Strong Friendship

Sometimes everything people need good friends who understand their trauma and accept them for who they are. In The anthem of the heart, Jun Naruse was a cheerful girl until her father blamed her for ruining their family when she caught him walking out of a love hotel. Because of this unfortunate event, Jun creates a fairy tale and imagines that she has been “cursed”. She suffers from stomach pain whenever she speaks, so Jun becomes mute after this incident.

Years later in high school, Jun finds himself in a strange group of people who suffer from their own problems. There she realizes, with the help of Takumi Sakagami, that the curse is not “in effect” if she sings. It’s a beautiful film that highlights the depth of his emotional trauma and how good friends can help come to terms with a difficult past.

Hello World is visually breathtaking

Hi world will resonate with Makoto Shinkai fans works as your name. The sci-fi romantic drama follows the story of a futuristic high school where a student named Naomi Katagaki encounters an alien who claims to be her but ten years in the future.

The stranger tells Naomi that he is here to rescue a classmate named Ruri Ichigyo. Yes, it looks a lot like a your name scam, but in reality the film is far from it – Hi world has a nice futuristic element which blends well with the film’s romantic plot. The movie is obviously amazing to watch, and it would be a roller coaster ride where there are complex machines, reboot systems, data and all that. But if viewers like pure sci-fi, Hi world is a perfect watch for the weekend.

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