10 animated films that can be enjoyed by children and adults


Many rewarding forms of entertainment exist as possible distractions and art forms, but there is a particular level of diversity and grandeur that is often applied to the medium of anime. There are hundreds of new animated series coming out every year that add more engaging content to different genres, but some of the medium’s most impressive feats are the stories made for cinema.

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Animated films can present powerful stories in a straightforward way, but there can often be a content schism between what is intended for young audiences and what can be enjoyed by adults. Fortunately, there are some strong animated films that are deeply enjoyable regardless of the age of the audience.

ten Spirited Away is a blast of fantastic imagination suitable for all ages

All of Hayao Miyazaki’s works are layered and passionate enough to satisfy both children and adults alike, but Abducted as if by magic is a particularly versatile film who can drill down to all demographics. The animated film tells a simple story where Chihiro tries to save her family while she negotiates a sanctuary for supernatural entities. Abducted as if by magic is filled with stunning visuals and an evergreen narrative that can make adults feel like children again. Spirited away the presentation of his supernatural creatures always leans towards a more joyful style which should not frighten young audiences.

9 Lu Over the Wall teaches a great lesson in coming out of your shell

Masaaki Yuasa has become one of the most ambitious names working in the anime industry right now, and all of his work has the privilege of falling between a story that is suitable for children and adults. Some of Yuasa’s stories gets a little too sophisticated or emotional for the kids, but Read on the wall marks one of the director’s most playful works. There’s an elegant story about a musician who befriends a strange mermaid who has a passion for singing, but it turns into a universal story about art, freedom, and the importance of creativity in music. life.

8 Promare uses cross relationships and unreal visuals to create magic

galo thymos de promare

Promare It’s kind of a situation where style trumps substance, but that’s not necessarily a problem when the level of style applied to the movie is so visually amazing.

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Studio TRIGGER is one of the most daring animation studios working in anime, and Promare looks at the superpowers of fire to create dazzling action sequences that play by their own rules. A simple battle against a fiery race of mutants leads by Promare story, but there is a touching Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship that fleshes out the mind-boggling film.

7 Lupine the Third: The First is a solid introduction to the iconic gentleman thief


Monkey punch Lupine the Third The series is over 50 years old and one of the most expensive properties in Japan. there are copious Lupine the Third content in the form of anime, promotions, and feature films. Cagliostro Castle is an excellent gateway for young and old alike. However, the recent Lupine the Third: The First works as an even more universal Lupine story. The first one and its CG aesthetic may rub the wrong way, but it’s gorgeous and makes the perfect reboot for newcomers of all ages.

6 A silent voice creates a touching story about humanity that everyone should experience

Morality games and redemption stories can hit hard when they are able to properly sell their emotion and pain. A silent voice begins as an innocent story about a insensitive student bullying new addition to the deaf class who use a hearing aid. Years later, the two reunite and the bully is dismayed at his past behavior and examines the type of person he wants to be in life. A silent voice is strong enough to turn the worst bully into an ally, from which children can benefit just as much as adults.

5 Children Of The Sea Presents A Patient And Meticulous Work Of Art That Transcends The Ages

Coming from Studio 4 ° C and director Ayumu Watanabe, Children of the sea is a surprisingly patient and calming image that’s more concerned with the atmosphere and the striking visuals than an overly complicated story.

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Ruka is a character with a deep affinity for the sea and its many life forms, which only intensifies after she befriends two mysterious boys, Umi and Sora. There are many animated films that capitalize on the great glory of the sea, corn Children of the sea puts a detailed effort into its depictions of underwater life.

4 Your name tells a universal love story that will make anyone cry

your name

Makoto Shinkai has a certain flair when it comes to heartwarming animated films, but your name could be its crowning glory and one of the best animated films of all time. There is an unassuming body swap structure in the film as two seemingly random teenagers can walk a mile in each other’s shoes. your name focuses on teenagers, but the emotions felt are so genuine that it is a love story that everyone will be moved to tears. Someone who has never been in love or an individual who has been married for decades will love them both Your name.

3 Summer Wars creates a global catastrophe where everyone serves a purpose

Mamoru Hosoda is a major emerging talent in the anime industry who first cut his teeth Digimon Adventure film before offering films like The boy and the beast, Mirai, and the next Beautiful. Summer wars is one of Hosoda’s greatest films, and it centers around an AI-powered apocalypse that should resonate with any age group. The characters and creatures present in Summer wars will connect easily with kids, but the heavier tech themes will also be enough to keep adults entertained. It culminates in one of Hosoda’s most profound films.

2 Tokyo Godfathers is a tender take on the beauty of life and its unpredictable nature

Satoshi Kon is a prolific name in the anime industry who is responsible for some of the genre’s most mind-bending and psychologically complex stories. Movies like Perfect blue, Paprika, and Millennial actress are all essential in the anime, but these are absolutely not stories that should be seen by children. Tokyo Sponsors isn’t exactly a children’s film, but it is the director’s most delicate work. There’s a sweet story set over Christmas where three wandering outcasts stumble upon a baby and try to give her a hopeful future. It is a beautiful serious film that can teach children a lot.

1 The girl who jumped in time reminds audiences that everyone has dreams

Another fantastic story from Mamoru Hosoda, The girl who jumped in time is a perfect escape with magic that should work on kids and adults alike. Makoto Konno’s ability to time travel is presented in a moving way that connects both visually and emotionally, ensuring the movie never looks boring. However, Makoto’s struggles with guilt and his life course evolution will connect with anyone. Makoto is a teenager, and her desire for adventure and escape from her small surroundings will certainly appeal to children.

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