10 animated horror series with the most unusual locals


Anime is the perfect medium for horror stories, where only the imagination of writers and artists limits what is possible. This is probably why there are so many gripping, horrifying, and sometimes really disturbing horror anime out there.

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This has led to a plethora of imaginative horror animated series with some of the most unusual ideas that connect twisted storylines and evil and / or tormented characters, series that go beyond mere fear to mesmerize fans with their creative depth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

ten School-Live! Draw fans into a story they think will be about cute high school girls

Kurumi school live!

Megurigaoka Private High School seems like a great place, and Yuki is a third year student. She seems to enjoy her life and be a member of the School Living Club. She and the few other Club members live on the school grounds, which is the first clue that all is not as it seems. Gradually, it appears that Yuki is living in a dream. In fact, a zombie epidemic has wiped out the town and the school’s population. Even though Yuki’s delusion persists, his friends uncover the truth about horrific biological experiences and more.

9 Lucy’s little horns are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her destructive powers in Elfen Lied

Lucy is not an ordinary human, she is a Dicolnius. She has short horns and invisible hands with telekinetic powers. She was subjected to horrific and cruel science experiments, and a head injury while escaping from a government facility led to amnesia. When two students stumble upon her and greet her, they completely ignore the traumatic past that has caused her to become volatile and even savage. Soon the two Good Samaritans are caught up in the dark government conspiracy and Lucy’s violence.

8 Parasyte is the story of an alien who takes the hand of a high school student

In Parasyte: La Maxime, Shinichi Izumi starts out as a typical high school student. One night, aliens descend on Earth. They look like big, ugly tapeworms, and they dig into a victim’s brain to gain control of their host. One tries to get inside Shinichi while he’s asleep, but when he wakes up he manages to stop the Parasyte from walking past his arm. To his surprise, he (a sentient being named Migi) takes his right hand and the two confront the other Parasytes who kill people.

7 Boogiepop Phantom walks in and out of reality with murderer on the loose

Anime Boogiepop Phantom Victim

Boogiepop is an urban legend, and the story goes that he is death incarnate. He was blamed for a spate of gruesome and ritualistic killings that took place in a Japanese city five years earlier. From there, however, the facts become nebulous. As the death toll begins to climb again, each episode sees the situation from a different character’s perspective, mostly high school students who witnessed the events.

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The past and the present coexist, and the holograms perpetuate the echoing memories, blending elements of thriller and mystery into the story.

6 Ganta must fight other prisoners in Deadman Wonderland

Shiro and Ganta

Who is the red man who destroys all of Ganta’s middle school class in Deadman wonderland? Why is he spared, only to have a shard of the red man’s ruby ​​crystal encrusted in his chest? These questions only open the beginning of the strange mystery at the heart of Deadman wonderland. Ganta Igashari is blamed for the bloodbath and sentencing at Deadman Wonderland, a surreal, park-like prison, where he must entertain visitors and battle other Deadmen with his newfound power over his own blood.

5 In GANTZ, new dead are forced to accumulate points by killing aliens

Kuruno barely survived a fight in Gantz

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato are struck by a subway train trying to save a drunk homeless man and they die. But, they find out that death is a gruesome game ruled by a huge black ball called Gantz. Gantz rules involve the use of high-tech weapons and gadgets to track down and kill aliens. As they do, they will accumulate points, and when they reach 100, they may be able to return to the world of the living. It’s weird, with horrific storylines, and honestly, it’s not for the faint of heart.

4 Junji Ito Collection Features An Anthology Of Slug Girls, Hell Dolls And Other Quirks

Junji-Ito-18 Collection

The Junji Ito collection is an anthology series based on the stories of manga artist Junji Ito. Each episode features a new story, with gems like the girl whose parents keep cutting her tongue off because she turns into a slug, and the strange town where little boys have fangs and fruits on trees are full of blood.

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In the episode titled Glyceride, a family that lives in an apartment above the barbecue that the father owns gradually becomes more and more saturated with oil.

3 The promised never land is a deceptive nightmare where children are raised for food

Isabella protects her children

In Neverland promised, Grace Field House seems like a happy place, unlike the cold, sterile orphanages stereotyped in many other stories. The kids spend their days learning, playing and laughing with each other, and “Mum’s” only rule is to stay inside the enclosure at all times. Much to their horror, a few of the children discover that the orphanage is essentially a farm to raise food for the demons, and a tense race against time ensues. It’s a macabre, albeit imaginative, premise.

2 Mermaid flesh is forced to victims in strange mermaid forest

mermaid forest header

Mermaids, Humans, and Immortals exist in the Mermaid Forest universe, but they are not equal. Eating mermaid flesh can make you immortal, but it usually damages humans. Masato is 800 years old, a cruel psychopath who appears creepy as a young boy. He forces his human victims (including his own mother) to eat the flesh of mermaids. He knows it might kill them or turn them into a lost soul, but if they last, he forces them to support him and do whatever he wants as long as they stay alive.

1 Super Creepy Lil ‘Slugger is a psychological freak in Agent Paranoia

Lil slugger makes no sense

A creation by famous filmmaker Satoshi Kon from Paprika and Tokyo Sponsors the celebrity, the real star of Paranoia Agent is Lil ‘Slugger, a serial assailant who attacks people with a golden baseball bat. He’s an elementary school student walking around Tokyo on his inline skates, picking up random people … or at least that’s what it seems. The real identity of Lil ‘Sluggers and his connection to the victims is a unique part of this tense and revealing psychological horror series.

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