10 animated movies adults will enjoy (but kids will find boring)


Every year there are hundreds of new anime that join the versatile medium of animation, but some of these more exciting contributions are projects made for film rather than episodic TV series. Animated series can generate an incredibly passionate audience, but the feats achieved through animated feature films can often hold more weight and even make waves at the Oscars.

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Outstanding stories are told in animated films, and although many of them are suitable for children, or even specifically aimed at them, there are also many features that will appeal to young audiences.

ten The wind rises with maturity deconstructs the ideas of adults whose children have no point of reference

Hayao Miyazaki does an amazing job with his ability to tell magical stories which can inspire children as well as make adults younger. Miyazaki has always shown an affinity for aviation, but The wind picks up brings this obsession to the fore. The modest film examines the complicated feelings of an optimistic engineer about the planes he helps create that were used as weapons of destruction during WWII. The wind picks up’ examining guilt, beauty corruption, and a mature love story are all amazing, but themes too mature for most kids to fully appreciate.

9 The Millennial Actress is a stunning take on fame and legacy

Satoshi Kon was one of the most prolific minds in anime, and movies like Perfect blue and Paprika explore particularly dark subjects. Millennial actress is a more low-key tale that may seem appropriate for kids, but it’s still a dense celebrity story that probably won’t relate to most young people. The film adopts the structure of a documentary made about famous actress Chiyoko Fujiwara, who became a recluse in the last years of her life. This investigation into Fujiwara’s career seriously removes the layers of his busy life, telling a story that spans multiple time periods.

8 Grave of the Fireflies reveals cost of war in devastating way

the years 1993 the Grave of the Fireflies is considered one of the most tragic films of the decade. Children may be drawn to her first because of the way she focuses on a sibling duo who want nothing more than to survive after being separated from their parents.

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the Grave of the Fireflies is set during World War II, and the film does not fear the heavy losses of the tragedy. the Grave of the Fireflies characteristics of fraternal bonds, but it is a story that leaves most adults in tears, not to mention the kids who built even fewer defenses for a story of this magnitude.

7 I want to eat your pancreas is a touching story of life and loss

Anime i want to eat your sad pancreas selfie

Children shouldn’t be immune to sad stories, and there are some tragic animated films like A silent voice and your name that skew older but still contain powerful lessons that young children can learn from. I want to eat your pancreas crosses a similar territory, but its painful elements are much more central than the film’s moments of lightness. Stories of bullying and unfair circumstances can be crucial for children, but I want to eat your pancreas starts in a dark place and only increases the sadness. Children may not be able to connect with his central conflict.

6 The Garden of Words is a serious look at loneliness and isolation

The garden of words

Makoto Shinkai has become one of the most revered names in the anime industry, and while his films often walk in comparable territory, they all spotlight deeply human characters who carry a strong emotional resonance. The garden of words iIt’s a short feature film that lasts less than an hour and focuses primarily on the honest exchanges between a lonely teenage girl and an older woman, both of whom feel out of touch with society. The restrained and patient nature of these natural doubts that eat away at people may not be presented in a engaging enough way to connect with kids.

5 Rebuild Of Evangelion Begins In An Unpretentious Place That Drastically Reinvents Itself

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime that is absolutely not for kids at any level. It deals with violence, sexuality, and crippling themes of depression that will completely eclipse an impressionable audience. That being said, evangelization tried to “restart” himself through a series of Reconstruction of Evangelion feature films.

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The first film is so subtle in nature that some may consider it an acceptable story for kids to help them get into the mecha genre. Evangelion: 1.0 You are (not) alone gets lost in the politics and bureaucracy of his dystopian world and will leave children confused.

4 Princess Kaguya’s tale recreates touching folklore with subtle style

Studio Ghibli The tale of Princess Kaguya it looks like it’s perfect for kids, but it’s still a bit too artistic. The film adapts an ancient piece of Japanese folklore about a magical nymph who demands that a series of difficult tasks be accomplished by her various suitors. The tale of Princess Kaguya is a story suitable for children, but the the striking watercolor aesthetic of the film maybe not engaging enough. Additionally, the movie is by no means short, and kids may not have the patience or stamina to get through this stylized story.

3 5 Centimeters Per Second Examines Humanity’s Growth Across Expansive Timeline

5 centimeters per second

Makoto Shinkai is able to bring to light the vulnerable nature of humanity better than anyone. Many Shinkai movies incorporate subtle fantasy elements to exaggerate her romances wildly. 5 centimeters per second let go of those increased frills and instead tells a touching story about Takaki Tono and the various female relationships in his life. The film is divided into three segments, each spanning decades throughout Takaki’s life. This artistic approach to empathy and character growth is amazing, but done in a way that is likely to excite adults, not children.

2 Blood: the last vampire is lost in death and despair

Numerous animated films are intensified exercises of violence. Vampires and demons are plentiful in anime, but Blood: The Last Vampire applies a unique angle to the horror genre. In the 1960s, Saya is a young vampire who hides in a military school in an attempt to expose and get rid of the demons that lurk in the shadows. Blood: The Last Vampire is not only heavily stylized with its violence, but its emphasis on past and mature themes will only further alienate young audiences. Not all animated vampire movies are inherently inappropriate for children, but Some blood try too much.

1 Ghost In The Shell is the definitive cyberpunk anime story

Anime Ghost In The Shell Robot Hands Typing

Ghost in the shell has grown into one of the most famous cyberpunk series in anime, and it remains a tough hybrid of crime, action, sci-fi, and identity questions. Ghost in the shell has been expanded to varying degrees of success, but The original Mamoru Oshii movie is a powerful story about hackers, unstable cyborgs, and lingering questions about the nature of humanity. Kinetic action sequences may grab children’s attention, but the lofty psychological themes that she unboxes will lose them. They don’t have the basics to understand the ideas of the film.

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