10 Animated Movies Better Than The TV Series


Anime movies are a great way to push stories that a director or manga writer wants to do, but can’t do in the main series. Sometimes these ideas fall flat, but other times they turn out better than expected.

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Some anime films turn out to be better than the main series. Whether a film had a lackluster following or exceeded expectations for a mediocre series, some movies are a cut above their TV counterparts. Sometimes it takes a movie budget and a visionary director to turn a show into something extraordinary on the big screen for everyone to see.

10/10 The ordinal scale is a return to form

Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online

Many people who watched Sword Art Online loved the initial aincrad arc but i thought everything was missing then. Questionable decisions made on the show have fans wanting to turn off their screens. Fans wanted something that resembled the start of the show.

The Ordinary scale the film is a throwback to the days of Aincrad. Not only does it bring back bosses and elements from that arc, but the action is top-notch in this augmented reality action flick. Kirito is skeptical of augmented reality and discovers a terrible secret about the Augma device. This ODS the film packs a punch and will satisfy even the most exhausted fans.

9/10 Dragon Cry has a better plot than the show

The Fairy Tail Guild, Fairy Tail

Fairy tale can be very random. Sometimes there are epic battles and the power of friendship. Other times there are characters that just act like eye candy and silly plot twists like time travel. Some fans wondered what Hiro Mashima was thinking with some of his decisions.

The second movie, Dragon’s Cry, featured an artifact with the power to destroy the world. The artifact is stolen from Fiore by a traitor intent on destroying the kingdom. The film features epic battles like the series, but with less of the show’s usual baggage. It even includes Natsu transforming into a dragon-like state it has to be seen to be believed.

8/10 The fade to black is convincing

Bleach characters

Bleach hasn’t always been known for its storytelling. The series seemed to decline after the Soul Society arc. Kubo’s tendency to create massive amounts of characters combined with questionable writing choices left fans wondering what was going on.

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The 3rd movie Fade to black, was about Rukia and a few childhood friends who erased her, and by extension, Ichigo, from people’s memories. It was to Ichigo to fix things. The film was a fascinating dive into Rukia’s character and her relationships. Renji and Byakuya also get a chance to shine in the movie.

7/10 Naruto The Last is more about romance

Hinata turns bright red when Naruto greets her in Naruto Shippuden

The latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden focused on a few details before getting into the Boruto lively. One of those endings was to determine how Naruto and Hinata would reunite. The manga confirmed that they would get married and have children, but how did that happen?

naruto the last strongly featured the couple in an attempt to answer that question. A naruto The romance-focused film feels unusual, but it was a welcome change of pace from the random filler and rocky pace. The movie finally revealed the happy ending that Hinata was waiting for: to finally be with your beloved after all these years.

Jubei from Ninja Scroll

ninja scroll was a 1993 Madhouse film about a wandering ninja drawn into a conflict by a government spy. The movie was quite an entertaining game. It contained stellar action scenes, gore, and nudity. The film had a conclusive ending, with main villain Genma being swept away by a sea of ​​molten gold.

When ninja scroll was made into a TV series 10 years later, the charm of the original was not there. Jubei’s clever combat tactics weren’t present, and the watered-down violence made it less enjoyable than the movie version.

5/10 The Digimon Frontier Movie Is Pretty Cool

The Digimon Frontier cast looks on with hope.

The fourth season of Digimon, Frontier, wasn’t so great. The plot left something to be desired and it was further muddled by localization, which was handled by Disney. He is considered one of the worst Digimon seasons.

The accompanying film Frontier, The Island of the Lost Digimon, was actually quite fun. The Digidestined are caught in a war between Beast Digimon and Human Digimon. The gang released a Digimon exploiting “god” who used both sides for their own personal gain. If only the main series were this satisfying, fans would have been much more satisfied.

4/10 Blood prison is a roaring good time

Naruto Shippuden The Blood Prison Movie

Naruto Shippuden was 500 episodes plagued with filler and poor pacing. The series was so slow that it seemed to take forever to come to a conclusion. The blood prison The movie is a satisfying adventure about Naruto being accused of a crime he didn’t commit and thrown in jail.

Naruto has to think fast because his chakra is limited by a special jutsu. The movie features a likeable villain and some interesting characters. The only real downside is that many of the other main characters from the series like Kakashi and Sakura are barely in the movie.

3/10 The Evangelion Fixed Rebuild Movies

Chosen Pilots Line Up in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion ended on a weird note. It ended with two episodes deconstructing the characters’ psyches followed by congratulations from Shinji. Fans may recall Spike Spencer’s rant calling on the director to “run out of ink.”

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The Rebuild the movies basically pressed the reset button on the series and gave it a new direction. It was something fans had been waiting for ages. With the recent fourth film, evangelization has finally come to its conclusion. With director Hideaki Anno finally in a healthy mental state, the series has finally come to an end.

2/10 Hell Verse has unveiled a cool new location

Bleach Hell Verse

Bleach 4th film, titled hell verse, took the heroes to a new place: the depths of Hell. In the film, the villains kidnap Ichigo’s sister Yuzu and drag her to Hell, promising her safe return if they are freed from the fire and brimstone.

Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Uryu, and their new ally Kokuto travel to Hell in search of Yuzu. The new location is inventive and a wonderful expansion of Bleach traditions. Kokuto’s story is a welcome addition to the plot, and Ichigo’s hollow form reaches new heights.

1/10 The Endless Waltz Made Gundam’s Wing Worth Watching

Gundam wing poster

The Gundam the franchise has much success to his credit. Wing was not one of them. Released in the 90s Gundam Wing started well, but fell apart in the last 10 episodes. A three-part OVA made into a movie, Endless Waltzwas designed to tie the show

The Gundam Meisters are called upon one last time to protect Relena and the Earth Sphere Unified Nation from one of Heero’s former mentors. The film ends with a climactic battle that sees no one die, proving that Gundam pilots are now above war. After the battle, all mobile suits are destroyed, signifying an era of peace.

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