10 Animated Movies Critics Love But Audiences Hate


Everyone has their own opinion about a movie. Opinions on characters, cinematography, animation style, and plots are all subjective. This is especially true when it comes to the judgment of critics and the feelings expressed by moviegoers.

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When it comes to any form of entertainment, “love” and “hate” are subjective. Anime is no exception. Usually, there is a clear gap between what is considered extremely exceptional and what fans value. Notably, anime films considered good in mainstream media don’t always appeal to their own niche community. Often there are animated movies that critics love, but fans hate.

ten The plot of My Hero Academia: two heroes don’t do the series justice

deku and melissa run away from swordkill to find david shield

my hero academia has become one of the most prominent names in modern shounen anime. Despite the seemingly foolproof, shounen-derived formula, the standards of the popular genre keep rising.

Fans sing praises for my hero academiacorn two heroes received a drastic range of mixed reviews. Some hardcore fans didn’t react well to the predictable plot and one-dimensional characters. Different internet castes even strongly debated the art style of Two heroes. Some fans say it did two heroes interestingly, some have insinuated that it looks like a low budget version of the my hero academia series.

9 Ride Your Wave spreads the idea that every girl needs her prince charming

Hinako and Minato’s love story may have been critically acclaimed, but some fans found Ride your wave’s predictable and worn plot. At Masaaki Yuasa Ride your wave is a heartbreaking love story that has touched the hearts of many. It received much love from critics around the world and was applauded for its uplifting qualities.

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However, other fans weren’t as happy with Ride your wave because it perpetuates the stereotype that women are an attachment of men. Hinako has few redeeming qualities and can barely take care of herself. Minato, like most male characters, is put on a pedestal. Hinako’s lack of independence and thick romance is enough to put some viewers off.

8 Penguin Highway has a better book

The “film versus book” debate is endless and penguin highway is a great example. The intricate twists and turns that accompany the story have been presented so elegantly in the penguin highway novel, but the film fell short. The film adaptation featured phenomenal cinematography, but fans thought the tone could have been more organic.

The Penguin HighwayWriter Tomihiko Morimi felt that Hiroyasu Ishida’s film had been too faithful to the novel. If the movie hadn’t been so faithful, it might have had a smoother pacing. By focusing only on the source material, the tone of the penguin highway the film faltered and was inconsistent.

seven Asuna in Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale is just another damsel in distress

Sword Art Online is a relatively distinguished anime series. With an already solid fan base, the 2017 film was released in a sea of ​​sharks. Critics may have liked Ordinary scalebut longtime fans didn’t care.

Ordinary scale sees Asuna and Kirito’s group fight Aguma. The couple’s romantic relationship was a recurring theme. With many plots, story progression and character development took a back seat, and dramatic plot holes were scattered everywhere. Additionally, fans felt that Asuna could have had a bigger role in the battle scenes rather than waiting for Kirito to save her life. Unfortunately, Asuna wasn’t a fleshed out character, just a simple damsel in distress.

6 Words bubble like soda isn’t what fans expect from Ishiguro

Any fan of Your lie in April reportedly kept a close eye on the release of The words are bubbling like sodas. Sadly, Words didn’t live up to the expectations the public had for Kyohei Ishiguro, especially not after Your lie in April.

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The classic ‘boy meets girl’ story is a tale as old as time. Add ethereal music and gorgeous animation and you’ve got a critically acclaimed film, and that’s exactly what happened. The words are bubbling like sodas captured the hearts of critics around the world. For anime fans, the dialogue was grittier than the average romance anime. Over-the-top intonations may be a given with anime, but illogical and nonsensical dialogue is where anime lovers draw the line.

5 Metropolis can afford to rely on its details

Metropolis is a 2001 anime based on the 1949 manga by Osama Tezuka and a 1927 German silent film by Fritz Lang. The meticulous detail that went into creating the environment for Metropolis is wonderful. The detailed art transcended the main characters. Even background characters have been seen doing menial tasks like picking up a bottle or blowing smoke.

For a film with an already heavy message like the class struggle, Metropolis could have done with a lot less detail and a more focused plot. Some fans felt the filler scenes did Metropolis tedious and confusing the symbolic message that the film intended to deliver.

4 Kun’s theater ruined Mirai No Mirai

Mirai No Mirai is the first non-Ghibli animated film to be nominated for an Oscar. Although Mirai No Mirai has an iconic and quaint art style, some fans still can’t look past Kun’s boring character. The most of Mirai No Mirai’Negative reviews surround Kun’s personality.

Certainly, Mirai No Mirai frames a relevant lesson on how different parenting styles can influence a child’s personality. However, Mirai No Mirai isn’t for those with a low tolerance for kiddie antics, and viewers will be rolling their eyes at how dramatic Kun can be.

3 The Mainstream Media Wasn’t Ready For Belladonna Of Sadness

One of the most commendable aspects of belladonna of sadness is her psychedelic watercolor art style. Coined as the “Lost Masterpiece of Tezuka”, belladonna of sadness quickly became a cult classic despite not being well received in mainstream media.

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belladonna of sadness makes extensive use of symbolism to deliver its message. With hardly any animation and an incredibly niche plot, casual anime watchers had plenty to talk about. Most of the negative reviews pointed to the lack of movement in Belladonna of sadness, which has been reviewed to be a collection of enticing images instead of an actual movie.

2 Mind Game lacks a plot

Psychological game fell victim to the harsh words thrown around in the mainstream media. The abstract work of art that is Psychological game does not attract as many viewers as a regular light-hearted animated film.

The random flecks of color repelled some viewers, likening it to a fever dream rather than a carefully thought out movie. To fuel the flame, the word “abstract” also applies to the plot, which is difficult to follow. Unconditional fans of Psychological game will no doubt champion the artistic piece, but casual viewers might not be so easily swayed.

1 Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is nostalgic

Being part of the holy shounen trinity has its perks, but pressures the anime with incredibly high expectations. Much of the criticism for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ came from fans who grew up with dragonball. The 2015 film may be enough to appease critics, but not longtime fans of the franchise.

Most take issue with the fight scenes. dragonball is iconic for its fight scenes, but fans felt that Resurrection ‘F’ did not do dragonball Justice. Some fans consider Resurrection ‘F’ to have capitalized on legendary characters and nostalgia instead of adding a bit of originality to the dragonball franchise.

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