10 animated movies that are best when you’re an adult


Some of the greatest movies of all time come from anime, spellbinding even those who aren’t generally fans of the medium. With gorgeous animation, compelling stories, and characters audiences can relate to, it’s no wonder that animated films have become so popular.

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There’s an animated movie for just about everyone, with movies the whole family can enjoy. While many resonate with children, some animated films are more meaningful to adults. Whether it’s because they’ve grown up with the story or can understand subtle things they haven’t noticed before, there are plenty of animated films that adult fans enjoy a bit more.

ten Lupine III: the First reintroduces an old franchise

Lupine III is a beloved franchise that has been around for decades, with fans young and old alike. It has some action and excitement to keep young viewers engaged while also reaching out to adults with its mature humor and drama. Although the CG animation in Lupine III: the first may put off some fans, the nostalgia for this classic series alone is enough to win over more than one. The film is a film that anyone can enjoy, even those who are not familiar with the series or the previous films. However, it’s a movie that longtime fans who grew up watching previous iterations will love the most.

9 Galaxy Express 999 is a classic that older fans can enjoy

Retro anime has made a comeback in recent years, and adults are more likely to enjoy the classic film Galaxy express 999. Based on an older series from the 70s, most fans probably haven’t seen the original source material. It follows young Tetsurou Hoshino on his quest to avenge his mother’s death as he travels the galaxy aboard a space train called the Galaxy Express 999. It is full of action and suspense that anyone can enjoy. . However, his dated appearance and material often leaves him overlooked by young fans. But for older audiences, this film is a nostalgic blast from the past.

8 Mary and the Witch’s Flower are perfect for those who grew up with the Ghibli movies

Studio Ghibli fans have felt a gaping hole left by the studio since the release of When Marnie was there. Many feared that Ghibli’s magic was over until the release of Mary and the witch’s flower by Studio Ponoc. It’s a delightful film with all the heart of any Studio Ghibli masterpiece, and fans of all ages can enjoy its whimsical story. However, adult fans who grew up with Studio Ghibli and missed out on their special touch can enjoy it even more while waiting for Ghibli’s next masterpiece.

seven Doukyuusei shows the innocence of a first love


Everyone loves a good romance, and the blockbuster movie Doukyuusei delivers one of the sweetest love stories ever. It’s a short but touching story of the budding romance between Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou.

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Although it has little depth or emotion, it is a simple and innocent account of a young love that is a breath of fresh air for many. It’s a slice of life with a basic storyline that a young audience would likely find boring. But for adults, it’s a sweet love story that leaves audiences eager to relive first love.

6 Promare has heavy topics that adults will tackle better

Studio TRIGGER is famous for its beautiful but exciting works, and Promare is arguably one of their best examples. The acclaimed film became a worldwide phenomenon with overwhelming success. It’s loved by fans of all ages, from its incredible animation and vibrant colors to its thrilling action scenes. While there is something for everyone, the underlying themes of prejudice and injustice are likely beyond the heads of young viewers. Adult fans can enjoy the visual beauty and the action while also considering the true meaning of the story.

5 Redline is exciting but quite confusing at times

Since its release, Red line has been considered one of the greatest animated films of all time. It’s an unforgettable experience with intense races, breathtaking entertainment and limitless creativity. With an assortment of wacky and fun characters and an exciting premise, fans of all ages can enjoy this movie. With the main emphasis on the visuals, it’s easy for young fans to miss the overall plot. With multiple subplots to keep it all crashing together in the grand finale, the storyline becomes a bit too complicated for the kids to follow. While it can be fun for the whole family, only adult fans will truly understand all that this film has to offer.

4 Colorful depiction of death lets viewers contemplate life

Colorful makoto underwater

There are a lot of heavy topics that young fans can handle, and that sometimes includes the topic of death. However, Colored gets a little too real as it covers the topics of death, reincarnation, and suicide. The film is breathtaking and full of meaning, leaving a lot of people to stop and think about how fleeting life really is. This depiction of death, along with the many struggles in human life, might be more than what most young fans are ready for. Through an adult perspective, however, he conveys an important message, while also acknowledging the darker side of reality that many are too afraid to talk about.

3 Your name is a slow paced masterpiece

your name is one of the most successful animated films of all time, and for good reason. With its captivating visuals and captivating emotion, the audience is immediately immersed in the story. While this is a movie anyone can enjoy, its slow pace can bore young viewers.

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Even with all that makes this story great and its emotional appeal, the film’s simple, slice-of-life feel can feel generic. With its heavy emotional addiction, slow pace, and use of metaphors to get the point across, this is a film that probably resonates more with adults.

2 I want to eat your pancreas deal with the harsh reality of the disease

Despite its strange name, I want to eat your pancreas is a fantastic romance, filled with all the drama and emotion fans could hope for. While many would say it’s a predictable and cliché story, countless fans have bonded emotionally to this film. It shows viewers the harsh truth of living with an incurable disease, and it does so in a way that teaches an important lesson about living to the fullest. It’s a brilliant film that opens the audience’s eyes to the brevity of life, and its emotion and lessons speak deeply to adult audiences.

1 The wind rises is the story of the consequence of following his dreams

The wind picks up is Hayao Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece and one of the most stimulating works of his career. It’s a beautiful representation to follow your dreams, even if those dreams turn into something you never wanted them to be. His usual metaphorical visuals and complex emotions capture that sentiment in a controversial account of WWII Japan. While Ghibli’s films are all family-friendly, young audiences won’t understand this film’s heartfelt message the way adults will. It is a beautiful and powerful tale that will touch the hearts of all great dreamers.

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