10 Animated Movies That Bombed But Became Cult Classics


Some classic animated movies had a rather slow ride to recognition. As is often the case with experimental stories and art ahead of its time, viewers don’t always know what to make of a film that pushes the envelope. If a movie doesn’t make a splash at the box office, it sometimes earns a second chance through TV airings and DVD releases as it reaches new audiences.

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Many films gained new appreciation as their creators found success and later critical acclaim, prompting fans to see their creative journey through their slate of projects. These films may have been less celebrated than others when they were initially released, but they had a ripple effect that influenced the aesthetics and genre of anime over time.

Dallos is a space opera about the repercussions of government exploitation and rebellion

Dallas is the directorial debut of Mamoru Oshii, who is best known for directing ghost in the shell. The the animation style is typical of the 1980s and is now often considered the first original video animation.

Dallas’ the moon visuals are gorgeous with the use of a muted color palette and looming architecture. Dallas’ the plot involves lunar colonists terrorized by government mistreatment and retaliatory rebel attacks, which ensnare idealistic protagonist Shun Nonomura. The strange appearance of a huge metal structure called Dallos tricks the settlers into believing that there is a god in their midst.

Robot Carnival is a collection of robot-themed short stories

Every short film from Robot Carnival relates to robots as a unifying theme. The anime anthology has become an anime classic despite lackluster releases in Japan and North America. Sci-fi TV channels breathed new life into this film, and it garnered an audience years after its release.

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Robot Carnival explores the theme of robots and what they mean to humanity in a riot of color and eerily stunning imagery of alien planets, circuses and laboratories. Some Robot Carnival the shorts have straightforward plots, while others have more cerebral, enigmatic tones with layers that viewers slowly peel back upon rewatching them.

Little Nemo explores the lands of childhood dreams and nightmares

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland is as fantastic as it is sweet. It has a soundtrack featuring several original songs which add to the visual delights of the film. Nemo is a little boy whose dreams take him to a different reality where he befriends Morpheus, the King of Slumberland.

Nemo’s adventures go awry when he accidentally frees the ruler of Nightmare Land, who imprisons Morpheus. It’s then up to Nemo and a magical royal scepter to put things right. What follows is delightful, dreamy mayhem the likes that Lewis Carroll would enjoy.

Vampire Hunter D is the first animated horror film

Vampires are a brutal nobility that rules the post-apocalyptic setting of Vampire hunter D. D is a traditional lone ranger type hero. He reluctantly accepts the offer of a young woman commission to kill the vampire lord who prowls her town before she is forced to join the monster for eternity.

Vampire Hunter D has strong European folk influences, giving creative new interpretations of creatures like werewolves and characters like Dracula. Vampire Hunter D set a definitive tone for the horror and sci-fi genres in anime. However, the animation may not be as slick as its sequel and some of its other contemporaries.

Radio City Fantasy is a spooky masterpiece about the relationship between an artist and his muse

Romance Radio City Fantasy has a simple premise, with characters designed by artist Yoshitaka Amano. The film combines several genres such as romance, comedy, fantasy, and jukebox musicals. The story unfolds against a psychedelic visual background loaded with symbolism.

Radio City Fantasy shows an exchange of fantasy and imagination between a budding artist and the young woman he considers his muse. The tone of the relationship between the main characters, the J-POP concept album that serves as the film’s soundtrack, and the visuals combine to give the story a fleeting and fleeting feel, leaving the viewer with a sense of emotional overwhelm. .

A wind named Amnesia shows the resilience of humanity in a caustic and apocalyptic landscape

A wind called amnesia is a cerebral, post-apocalyptic gem based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano, the same team of writers and artists behind the Vampire hunter D novels. The film was slow to find its audience, gaining recognition years after its release.

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The story is set in the late 1990s when a great windstorm erased all memory, speech and structures of civility from mankind. The main characters go on a hero’s journey where they meet many people and try to help them with their problems, while being relentlessly pursued by government agents. Although humanity displays the worst of itself, A wind called Amnesia cast of characters makes this story a message of hope.

Tomb of the Fireflies tells of the devastating impact of war on civilians

The audience didn’t know what to think Studio Ghibli the Grave of the Fireflies when it was released in theaters alongside the children’s fantasy film My Neighbor Totoro. the Grave of the Fireflies follows two young Japanese siblings as they struggle to survive the final throes of World War II.

the Grave of the Fireflies is an incredibly important piece that shows the ruthless nature of war and its fallout on ordinary people. the Grave of the Fireflies is tragic and leaves no illusions about how the children are doomed from the start. Although difficult to watch, it is a film that everyone should see at least once in their life.

Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer Bends Genre As It Tells A Story About Dreams, Time, And The Fabric Of Reality

Fans weren’t happy Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful dreamer upon its initial release, expecting more hilarity and less philosophy in the film. The story is still a comedic fantasy at its core, but it also leans more towards deeper topics such as shifting realities, time loops, and possible apocalypses.

The story takes place both in the vacuum of space and on an earth that has lost its grip on time and absolute reality. Urusei Yatsura 2 The protagonist, Ataru, gazes into the abyss in his dreams and nightmares and only awakens to be harassed by dream demons and their dream-eating counterparts. It’s a weird movie that doesn’t do much to wrap up the ending in a neat arc for audiences.

Panda and the Magic Snake is a romantic fairy tale delight

Also called The Enchantress of the White Serpent, Panda and the magic snake premiered in the early 1960s as the first full-color animated film. The color palette is lush and perfectly suited to the adaptation of the Chinese tale, Legend of the White Serpent.

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Panda and the magic snake follows a young boy and a snake that turns into a princess. The pacing is romantic and languorous with a charming character design and adorable animal characters. The boy and the princess fall in love, but their forever happiness is hijacked by someone who believes the snake-turned-princess is a malevolent spirit.

Venus Wars follows a cast of futuristic bikers in an intergalactic dystopian setting

The film Venus Wars takes place on the terraformed planet Venus, which is divided into two continents with growing tensions. A military conflict merges the paths of terrestrial journalist Susan Sommers and Hiro Seno, a talented racer whose band of motorcycle racers are forced to join in a conflict between continents.

Venus Wars retains traditional character types, depicted in a charming animation style. Venus is a fascinating landscape for the film, and the explanation of how the planet’s atmosphere was made livable for humans is creative and believable for a sci-fi setting.

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