10 animated movies that can’t decide if they’re for kids or adults


Since its inception, the anime has had fans of all ages. Every year new series emerge that once again attract seasoned viewers while at times bringing a whole new generation of fans along the way. In addition to these series, a range of animated films is previewed on the big screen.

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Animated films have gained momentum in recent years and look more and more impressive with each new release. While there are many films for an adult audience, there are also some for the whole family. Sometimes, however, animated films distinguish between adults and children. These films are healthy, colorful, and fun, but still deal with heavy topics or feature spooky scenes that many may find unsuitable for little ones.

ten Wolf Children is innocent and heartwarming but covers heavy topics

Wolf Children is the moving story of a young woman named Hana who falls in love with a wolf man. After her sudden death, Hana has to raise her two half-wolf children on her own. It’s a sweet and touching story about family and self-discovery. While overall a movie that the whole family can enjoy together, it touches on topics that are difficult for children to deal with, such as death, loss, and bereavement. However, he does it in a sensitive and careful manner so that most young fans are able to pull it off.

9 A Letter to Momo May Scare Kids With Its Yokai Characters

A letter to Momo Yokai and Momo

A letter to Momo is a breath of fresh air for many anime fans in Studio Ghibli’s absence. It looks and feels the same as many classics loved by adults and children. The story follows 11-year-old Momo, who moves to a new town after his father’s death, the only thing left to him is an unfinished letter addressed to him. As she adjusts to her new life and deals with her grief, she discovers the presence of mischievous Yokai who cause trouble in the city and turn her already complicated life upside down. It is an enchanting film that entertains children with its elements of magic and fantasy while remaining grounded in reality. Although it is mostly family-friendly, its death subject and the creepy appearance of the Yokai can frighten some children.

8 A silent voice portrays bullying at its worst

Anime A Silent Voice Funnel Intimidation

Many animated films have mature themes that even children can relate to, and A silent voice is no different. The story begins with new student Shoko Nishimiya who finds herself the target of severe bullying from her entire class. Years later, she reunites with one of her former bullies, Shoya Ishida, and the two reconcile and become close friends. This is a valuable lesson for children and adults to learn and can be applied to many children who have undergone similar treatment in school. Despite its appearance, the film sometimes gets quite heavy. It covers a range of topics that young fans may find it difficult to watch or understand, such as depression and suicide.

7 Your name is an emotional spin on a classic trope

Mitsuha and Taki of your name

Body swapping is a common theme that can be found throughout the animation and that children all over the world enjoy. He’s normally portrayed comically, with the exchange leading to some hilarious antics between the characters. your name is an exception to this rule.

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The story centers on protagonists Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana, who change bodies and ultimately find themselves in this modern classic. The visuals and theme appeal to fans of all ages, but the darker approach to the body swap trope can be a jerk to young viewers. The film falls somewhere between family-friendly and aimed at adult audiences, leaving viewers (and parents) to decide for themselves.

6 Children of the sea are fanciful but confusing

children of the heyday of the sea

Children of the sea is a big hit with anime fans, with beautiful visuals from the famous Studio 4 ° C. It depicts a magical story of Ruka, who befriends two boys, Umi and Sora. The more she gets to know them, the more she delves into their mysterious universe and the role she plays in it. It is charming and innocent fun for the whole family, illustrating the beauty of underwater life. But as the story progresses, the plot becomes complex and might be too confusing for kids. Even some adults struggle to piece together the film’s deeper meanings.

5 Howl’s Moving Castle is a slow paced adventure

Howls Moving Castle Film

Studio Ghibli works are loved by fans young and old. Their magical worlds and fantasy stories captivate audiences with their beauty and subtle meanings. Like many other Ghibli films, Howl’s moving castle Slowly invites viewers into his realm. The colorful cast and innocent story are perfect for kids, while the deeper topics catch the interest of adults. The story is however a bit slow in some places. While this isn’t a problem for adult viewers, kids might get bored waiting for the action to begin.

4 Digimon Adventure Tri Films Shows The Franchise Has Grown With Its Fans

The Digimon franchise is famous for its appeal to children. The original series were all aimed at a younger audience, and each series remains family and above all innocent. The Digimon Adventure Tri the films keep the same spirit and are a great watch for the whole family. However, the film series seems to have older fans in mind this time around. The original heroes are back, now older and attending high school. With the appearance of Digimon in their world, the original DigiDestined are brought back to a world they thought they would never see again. In Digimon Adventure Tri, the series has grown with fans watching it from the start. While kids will find appeal purely by name, they might not be as invested as older fans.

3 Promare has dazzling visuals but the story could be too much

Promare is one of the most visually stunning animated films to hit theaters in recent years, with tremendous success around the world. It’s action packed and filled with an endless amount of colors and styles that fans of all ages will love. He has more than enough to catch the attention of children.

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Meanwhile, adults can enjoy the characters, the story, and the beautiful animation. While this sounds like the perfect movie to wow young fans, the film’s themes of segregation and prejudice as well as its use of violence might be more than some kids can handle. For those who can, however, this is a beautiful movie with something for everyone.

2 Lupine III: the first has a new look for young fans


Lupine III is a well-established old franchise that is popular with anime fans. It’s fun and action-packed, with something appealing to everyone, young and old. While children and adults alike can take advantage of this franchise, it is primarily aimed at an older audience. More mature themes may not be suitable for younger people, while nostalgia draws in adults who know and love the series. Lupine III: the first, however, brings a fresh and fresh look to an old story, which may in part be appealing to children. However, the CG animation can feel a bit alienating to older fans, who are more likely to tune in.

1 Spirited Away has many scary moments


Throughout Studio Ghibli’s long list of films, there is a story for everyone. Their subtle and emotional storytelling is perfect for children and adults alike. Abducted as if by magic is one of the most acclaimed films in the studio’s collection and is adored by fans of all ages. The film is a perfect entry point for young fans who are just getting a taste of Ghibli magic. Despite, Abducted as if by magic always has its fair share of dark themes and spooky moments throughout the film. Particularly frightening is the scene where Chihiro’s parents are turned into pigs by the evil Yubaba, and frightened young viewers who expected a much lighter adventure.

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