10 Animated Movies To Watch If You’re A Fan Of Princess Mononoke


Princess Mononoke is one of those classic Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki films that are recognized as gems in the anime community and among critics alike.

Filled with eco-critical commentary, like many other Miyazaki classics, Princess Mononoke tells the story of a prince of the Ashitaka clan and how he finds himself caught in a struggle between the gods of the forest and the humans who exploit their resources when he meets San, a girl raised by wolves.

As well as having a visual treat of a quintessential Ghibli production, the film tackles the theme of colonization and its impact on nature, making the film relevant even today.

In this article, we have selected 10 anime movies to watch if you enjoyed Mononoke Hime.

10 movies similar to Princess Mononoke

1) Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl and Sophie (Image via Studio Ghibli)
Howl and Sophie (Image via Studio Ghibli)

A staple of Ghibli movies that do good, Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle captures the wonders and visuals of Princess Mononoke and presents a timeless love story. This beautifully crafted fairy tale world is sure to please.

Protagonist Sophie is transformed into an older woman by the Witch of the West, and her only hope of breaking the spell is a mysterious wizard named Howl who travels to a castle with his own mind.

Along with having a titular swoon-worthy protagonist, the film offers jaw-dropping scenery and an immersive story that’s sure to evoke feelings of nostalgic childhood wonders, with its magical elements and iconic characters. like Sophie and Calcifer, sensitive fire.

2) grow old with you

Aging With You (Image via CoMix Wave Films)
Aging With You (Image via CoMix Wave Films)

Makoto Shinkai is often hailed as the next Hayao Miyazaki, and this movie contains some clues to that belief. grow old with you explores the dynamics of nature and its relationship to humanity. As Princess Mononokethis film offers us the legendary mystique of nature while painting a beautiful coming-of-age story.

The film is about a girl named Hina who, after following a mysterious light that led her to a shrine, gains the ability to manipulate time. She crosses paths with a boy on the run named Hodaka and together start a business helping people using his abilities. But the smooth sailing is soon disrupted when Hina begins to fade away with more use of her power.

The film made quite an impact with its beautiful narration and brilliant animation, which is a feast for the eyes.

3) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Image via Topcraft)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Image via Topcraft)

Another gem from Miyazaki, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Windis quite in the same vein as Princess Mononoke as it tells the story of a princess and her struggle against the threat to her kingdom.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the toxic jungle, a vast poisonous forest home to terrifying creatures like giant insects. One province that has resisted this geographical infection is the Valley of the Wind, whose princess is our protagonist Nausicaa.

She believes it is possible to co-exist with the toxic jungle and its inhabitants and swears to uphold this belief when the nation of Tolmekia threatens her. Comparable to San, Nausicaa plays the role of the warrior woman who advocates the fight for her beliefs.

4) Taken away as if by magic

Spirited Away (Image via Studio Ghibli)
Spirited Away (Image via Studio Ghibli)

The first anime to win an Oscar is a must-watch for all anime lovers. The film sealed Miyazaki’s title as one of the greatest animators of all time, showcasing his genius to global audiences. A Ghibli classic, like Princess Mononoke, Taken away as if by magic excels at a plethora of storytelling techniques, making it a treat for fans and critics alike.

10-year-old Chihiro must overcome every obstacle thrown at her in the spirit world to save her parents, who have been turned into pigs. The movie gave us iconic characters like No Face and Yubaba.

At a deeper level, Taken away as if by magic serves as a commentary on capitalism, human greed, and the gradual ecological disintegration carried out by humans.

5) Arrietty

Arrietty (Image via Studio Ghibli)
Arrietty (Image via Studio Ghibli)

Easily one of the sweetest love stories, Arrietty set the bar high for fantasy tales with beautiful settings. Adapted from the 1952 children’s novel by Mary Norton, Borrowers, Arrietty tells the story of tiny mythical people who secretly live in human homes and take small things for their necessity while hiding from people’s sight.

One day, Arrietty accidentally shows herself to Sho, who is staying with her mother for the summer. Realizing the myth is true, he tries to convince Arrietty that he is not a threat and would like to be friends with her. The danger to Arrietty, however, is not avoided as the maid attempts to capture her and her family.

The film features a beautiful soundtrack composed by French musician Cécile Corbel.

6) Wolf children

Wolf Children (Image via Studio Chizu)
Wolf Children (Image via Studio Chizu)

Released in 2012, Wolf children by Mamoru Hosoda is another film where humanity and nature come together in fascinating ways. After marrying a man who can shapeshift into a wolf, Hana conceives two children, Yuki and Ame, who are half-wolf and half-human. The film’s theme is a dichotomy between mysticism and humanity, much like Princess Mononoke.

The story revolves around Hana and her life as a single mother after her husband dies in an accident. As the children grow, they conflict over their unusual nature and how to embrace their wolf side. A delightful watch, this movie deserves to be on your watch list.

seven) your name

Your name (Image via Studio CoMix Wave Films)
Your name (Image via Studio CoMix Wave Films)

A recent sensation in the world of anime, your name is becoming a classic. In this film, Makoto Shinkai proved his genius with his impeccable storytelling and brilliant display of the transcendent ability of human relationships. The breathtaking animation that complements the bittersweet story makes this film a profound experience.

The fates of Mitsuha, a high school girl from the Japanese countryside, and Taki, a boy from Tokyo, are linked through space and time, as one day they wake up with their bodies inverted.

When Taki tries to meet her, he discovers that he has been communicating with her since the past and that his hometown was wiped out by a falling asteroid. The two must figure out how to save his town and find themselves in the present.

A gripping fantasy tale of faith and love, your name is one of the best the genre has to offer and is sure to soothe Princess Mononoke Fans.

8) Tales from Earthsea

Tales from Earthsea (Image via Studio Ghibli)
Tales from Earthsea (Image via Studio Ghibli)

Based on the plot and characters created by Ursala k. Leguin in his high fantasy earthsea series, Tales from Earthsea sure to delight fans of the genre. A little like Princess Mononoke, Miyazaki shaped her fantasy world, weaving in the words of the book while injecting her own style into it, which earned the admiration of the author herself.

Reminiscent of a typical hero tale, we have our protagonist, Prince Arren, who lives in an Earthsea world where humans and dragons can no longer co-exist due to human greed. Arren ventures out into the world to overcome his desolation and must navigate the unknown in search of a reason to live again.

9) pompoko

Pom Poko (Image via Studio Ghibli)
Pom Poko (Image via Studio Ghibli)

Here’s another Ghibli movie that focuses heavily on the repercussions of humanity’s treatment of nature, much like Princess Mononoke. pompoko tells the story of anthropomorphic raccoon-like creatures of Japanese legends called tanuki who find it difficult to secure their habitat in a rapidly developing Tokyo overtaken by humans.

Unbeknownst to humans, tanukis are intelligent beings capable of transforming into other objects or creatures. The film is about their struggle to protect their home from humans, who have new plans for development.

As Princess Mononokethe relevance of this film is quite striking even today in this post-modern society we live in.

ten) My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro (Image via Studio Ghibli)
My Neighbor Totoro (Image via Studio Ghibli)

To call this film iconic is to undermine it as the titular character is the mascot of its production house, Ghibli Studios. Miyazaki is a past master in the art of forging a mythical atmosphere, and My Neighbor Totoro is a fine example of the skill, as seen in Princess Mononoke.

Two sisters, Satsuki and May, discover a fantastical spirit world where they befriend a gentle bunny-shaped spirit called Totoro. The sisters, accompanied by Totoro, then embark on a great adventure.

The lush green palette of the countryside is characteristic of Ghibli animation, and as Princess Mononoke, the film explores the spirits of nature. Miyazaki drew inspiration from the Shinto religion for the plot, which has since become a cult favorite.

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