10 animated series based on the most unconventional hobbies


If there’s one genre of anime that fans really love, it’s the story of a Slice of Life. Shows that focus on the mundane pleasures of life will always have a charm for them, especially those that focus on certain hobbies and hobbies.

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Either way, lively high school clubs dedicated to unique hobbies always guarantee comfort; even the less conventional. From the niche to the eccentric, these time-killing methods are all top-notch relaxing entertainment.

ten After School Dice Club – Tabletop board game gets the cute anime treatment

Yes Dungeons & Dragons’ Newfound popularity is all it takes, tabletop board games are bigger and better than ever. Even so, the hobby is still a bit of a niche and might not be the first thing people would want to see a whole anime make. Enter After school dice club, who does just that.

On the way home, classmates Miki and Aya find their class president Midori hanging out in the local specialty game store, The Dice Club. Curious, Miki and Aya join Midori and play a few board games before realizing how fun this hobby is. Each episode introduces the trio to new games and, more importantly, life lessons.

9 Relaxed Camp – Camping changed Nadeshiko Kagamihara’s life for the better

The outdoor activity club in a relaxed camp

Nadeshiko always wanted to see Mount Fuji, and she did when her family moved nearby. Looking at him, she bumped into Rin Shima, who was camping alone near the base of the mountain. This chance encounter introduces Nadeshiko to camping as a hobby, so she joins the outdoor activity club at her new school to learn more.

Relaxed camp follows club camping trips recognizing how methodical the hobby is. Besides the fact that camping gear is so expensive that girls have to find part-time jobs to buy them, they also need to take some very important survival tips to heart if they are to live long enough to enjoy the wilderness scenery.

8 Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater – Fishing Isn’t As Boring As It Seems

The breakwater camp in the newspaper these days at the breakwater

In real life, fishing is methodically slow at best and unbelievably boring at worst. Yes Today’s newspaper at the breakwater Believe it, however, fishing can be fun, relaxing and life changing, especially when done with friends. This is what Hina Tsurugi learned when she joined the Breakwater Club and discovered the joys of fishing.

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During the anime, Hina learns about the specifics of recreational fishing and how detailed and meticulous the relaxing hobby is. In addition to learning a new hobby and meeting some great new friends in the town where her family just moved, Hina slowly overcomes her fear of marine animals as a child as she frequents the Breakwater. Club.

7 Joshiraku – Rakugo is more than just an ancient oratorical tradition

In short, rakugo is the Japanese answer to stand-up comedy. Rakugo is essentially a solo theater performance, where the rakugoka (read: storyteller) pieces together an often comedic story while also portraying all the necessary characters. Rakugo is such a popular hobby so uniquely Japanese that it has been the subject of some anime, such as Joshiraku.

Joshiraku follows five rakugoka women (and a masked stranger), whose daily lives almost always turn into sardonic tangents filled with puns on literally anything other than the subject they started with. No matter what situation they find themselves in, girls always find an excuse to show off their pun or indulge in some poetic slapstick.

6 Chihayafuru – Karuta is much more intense than it looks

Chihaya plays Karuta in Chihayafuru

Karuta is a traditional Japanese collectible card game that was originally a children’s game before it became a competitive game. Here, players have to match as many picture cards to a certain proverb or poem to win. Although it may sound trite in the text, Chiahyafuru not only made it exciting, but also dramatic.

Determined to make a name for herself, Chihaya Ayase gave up a modeling career to become the country’s number one Karuta player. Chihayafuru showed how complicated and difficult this children’s card game can be, memorizing almost 100 poems and their corresponding pictures being the least of Chihaya’s worries.

5 Girls Und Panzer – Driving and maintaining tanks is now a martial art

The Tankers in Girls Und Panzer

Anime on vehicular hobbies like Initial D Where Super wolf cub nothing new, but Girls and Panzer is easily one of the less conventional. Here, schoolgirls participate in the anime’s most popular martial art, Sensha-Do or The Way Of The Tank. As the name suggests, girls drive and maintain WWII tanks in war games.

Strange premise aside, Girls and Panzer is notable for being historically and technically accurate in the ordering and tactics of tanks. The only thing that separates this anime from more serious war stories is the fact that Girls’ Tank Battles are fun sporting events, not bloody, brutal mechanized warfare.

4 Asobi Asobase – The Pastimers Club is dedicated to literally doing more than study

The pastimers club in Asobi Asobase

On paper, the Pastimers Club was created to study and celebrate traditional games and entertainment. In reality, Hanako, Kasumi, and Olivia just wanted an excuse to chaotically have fun at school and not study (which they hate). The only reason their club is even allowed to operate is that the girls blackmailed their English teacher to vouch.

For the rest of the anime, the three of them literally did everything to justify their club’s fragile existence and avoid boredom. Some of their invented hobbies include: playing a mobile battle royale game, reading Kasumi’s erotic fanfiction, making an original board game, learning English from a sex robot owned by Hanako’s grandfather , and more.

3 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – The SOS Squad was founded to entertain Haruhi at all costs

The SOS Brigade In The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

Determined to live fully, Haruhi enlisted Kyon and some of her hapless classmates in the SOS Squad. Under Haruhi’s command, the brigade’s job is to find and have fun with fantastic and supernatural beings and / or events. While that sounds like a tall order, the irony is that Haruhi got more than she expected.

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Haruhi never realized that she is fundamentally God, and the world literally revolves around her. If Haruhi suddenly lost the will to live or got bored of life, reality itself would cease to exist. While pledging to keep this truth a secret to themselves, the SOS Squad dedicates every moment they can to entertaining Haruhi.

2 Princess Jellyfish – The Convent is home to some of the most weirdly specific hobbies in all of anime

Nuns in Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish does not focus on a strange hobby, but rather stands out with a collection of them. Tsukimi Kurashita, an unemployed aspiring artist with an obsession with jellyfish, resides in a girls’ boarding house that its eccentric residents have dubbed “The Nunnery” because they believe no one stands a chance for romance there.

Tsukimi’s closest friends are all otakus with very specific bindings. For example, Mayaya is obsessed with the Chinese epic Romance Of The Three Kingdoms while Banba devoted his life to trains. Strange as these amateurs and their interests are, Princess Jellyfish never showed them negatively and instead sympathized with them.

1 Welcome to NHK – Tatsuhiro Satou’s inner circle maintains and deconstructs his NHK conspiracy

Satou and his friends on Welcome to NHK

Satou is a nervous wreck who genuinely believes NHK (a public broadcaster in Japan) is there to have him, hence his decision to drop out of college and become a NEET. Why exactly Satou thinks NHK wants his life to be miserable never really makes sense, since he made up the whole plot in the first place.

Welcome to NHK follows Satou’s journey through the plot rabbit hole and back, with Misaki and other eccentric friends in tow. Misaki and company have no choice but to activate Satou’s plots a bit before gradually revealing them as unfounded fears, all with the intention of helping him and understanding his point of view.

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