10 animated series that are undoubtedly anime


Often times when people recommend an anime, they do so while assuring their friends that the show isn’t like more anime, implying that the series’ lack of common anime tropes is a sign of quality. But, by this logic, why watch animes?

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While there are tropes the anime could definitely do without, these are exactly the clichés fans like to poke fun at that bring them back to the genre time and time again. And there’s nothing more fun than when a show knows it and fully embraces its own snaps, delivering something that simply can’t be found on any other medium.

ten Kill La Kill Is The Most Triggering Anime Of All Time

When people think of anime, they usually think of a bizarre premise, nonstop action, crazy outfits, and bold, colorful animation … and Kill La Kill, an anime that mixes elements of shonen and magical girl action, has all of this and more.

This story of a girl who harnesses the power of a magical school uniform to avenge her father’s death became an instant hit, putting the TRIGGER studio on the map. With their exuberant and unique animation, they’re always the studio fans turn to when they want something that just screams “anime.”

9 Pastel Memories is a love letter to Otaku culture

Pastel Memories takes place in a world where an evil force erases people’s love for anime, manga, and games, and tries to create a moving story about what the subculture means to people, though otaku is often the one target of jokes.

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Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Pastel Memories has been widely criticized by the audiences it was trying to appeal to and is proof that a show needs something other than a genuine love of the medium to actually work – like, say, interesting characters or a storyline credible.

8 FLCL is as strange as it gets

Studio Gainax had just created the revolutionary Neon Genesis Evangelion when they did FLCL, another story about a melancholy teenager whose life is transformed by the robot with which he gets involved.

But at the same time evangelization deals with very heavy stuff and devotes a lot of his running time to satire and deconstruct the anime itself, FLCL fully embraces the silliness and weirdness inherent in the giant robot genre, featuring an alien playing a guitar, a guy with algae for his eyebrows, and a robot spurting out from a boy’s forehead.

7 Zombie Land Saga Turns Idol Shows Up to 11

Featured Zombie Land Saga Revenge E4

Here is how to make an anime even Following anime: take an already pretty idiosyncratic subgenre and add some more weirdness to it. This seems to have been the formula behind Zombie Land Saga, an idol show that precisely stars a group of zombies who have been brought back to life to help increase the popularity of an obscure Japanese prefecture.

This sleep hit was popular enough to get a second season, and fans can’t get enough of these undead idols. Franchouchou’s quest to become mega-stars may not be over, but they are definitely getting there.

6 One-Punch Man celebrates oversized animated action

A punch

No psychic likes overpowered heroes like the anime, and no anime likes them Man with a fist, the story of a superhero who can literally defeat anyone with a single punch.

It might sound like a joke (and it often is on the show), but the incredible care MADHOUSE took in bringing the show to life proves that there was real love, a dedication to making it one of the most outrageously awesome actions. never shows.

5 K-On! is mild enough to hurt your teeth

K-ON!  Cropped cast

Being “shamelessly animated” doesn’t just mean having giant mecha battles or ridiculous fan service. It can also mean celebrating any aspect of the media that tends to be looked down upon, by fans and non-fans alike.

And, over the past decade, one genre that fits this bill has been the “moe.” Any series featuring cute girls doing cute things is likely to be called boring and flattery. Love at first sight K-On! didn’t care, though. While other popular series like this go for irreverent comedy or underhanded satire, this show proudly refuses to talk about anything other than girls sitting down eating cake… and friendship, of course.

4 Food wars! Proves anime can do anything hype

Some might say that making a story about giant robots or magical girls that screams “anime” is too easy. However, all a show needs to do to truly embody what anime is is to make the simplest things incredibly hyped.

No show does this better than Food wars!, a series that takes cooking both incredibly seriously (you’d think the protagonists were fighting each other to the death in their fight preparations) and not so seriously, thanks to a healthy dose of comedy and fanservice. Until his disappointing final season, he was a fan favorite. Not too bad for a show on preparing dinner.

3 Ouran High School Host Club has all the shots of Shojo in the book

Cast of Ouran High School Host Club

It may seem unrealistic for Haruhi Fujioka to end up in a club with six handsome boys, all with their own very different personalities and issues, but, again, how is it? Ouran High School Host Club supposed to fit all shojo shots?

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When people think of “anime,” it’s usually the classic shonen action series that comes to mind, but the tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy Ouran proves that there is so much inordinate pleasure to be found in the world of shojo. Filled to the brim with roses, blushes and snacks, this is a confection of a series that will give viewers an all-out sugar level.

2 Pop Team Epic embraces the artistic possibility and silly humor of the anime

Comedy series based on sketches Pop epic team is perhaps best known for his wacky humor, but alongside him he also takes care to explore and celebrate just about every type of animation, from his hyper-cartoonish simplified style to a classic anime look. , stop-motion, video- game style pixel art, and even flipbooks.

Pop epic team literally puts its middle finger on those who think all anime should try to be serious and stereotypical “good”. As the last episode shows where our heroes are hunted down by the executives of their own production company, nothing can stop the irreverence and randomness of the gag anime.

1 Gurren Lagann goes beyond the impossible

Imagine the most outrageously exaggerated anime of all time 10 times. This is a pretty good summary of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which features a robot bigger than galaxies with a drill that literally “pierces the skies.”

For many fans, Gurren Lagann felt like the first mecha show to embrace themes of heroism and gender determination since Neon Genesis Evangelion changed how people viewed it in the 1990s. And the show doesn’t just relive the glory days of anime. He’s rebuilding them bigger and better than ever.

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