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Halloween is such a beloved holiday that it is not only celebrated in the real world, but also in the realm of fiction. After all, what could be better than a spooky party event at a high school setting to bring classmates together and give the characters a potentially high chance to interact? It’s all fun and harmless, but some are still a lot more edgy than others, which makes things fun to watch.

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Then there are the costume parties and all the different creative ways the characters can dress. While it may be rare for entire animated series to be Halloween-based, having an episode or two dedicated to the holidays isn’t something.

ten The test of courage brings Haruhi and Hikaru together (host club of Ouran high school)

hikaru pointing finger haruhi ouran

Ouran‘s The Halloween episode is meant to be extravagant due to the glamorous nature of the academy. Surprisingly, there is actually a serious and tense scary vibe throughout much of the episode.

It’s interrupted by moments of relationship building, especially between Hikaru and Haruhi, which are always nice to see. Finally, to top it off, the Host Club is seen dressing up like vampires as an added treat.

9 Ichigo is drawn into a castle of costume and chaos (bleach)

bleach halloween episode

BleachThe Halloween episode is interesting because everything takes place in one of the character’s dreams. Rukia, dressed as a little succubus, appears and leads Ichigo to a castle where he finds all his friends dressed in wacky costumes.

The events of this episode are almost entirely absurd, making it an episode to watch just for relaxation and fun. Seeing everyone’s costumes is also fun, including Frankenstein Ichigo, Pumpkin Orihime, and Dracula Uryu.

8 Eiji makes it his mission to use Halloween to help boost Ash’s morale (banana)

eiji and ash banana fish

Banana fishThe ode to Halloween doesn’t occupy the entire episode but rather is used as a plot device at the end of one of them. Eiji, both thinking that Ash’s fear of pumpkins is cute and wanting to do something to distract himself from the heavier recent events, throws a little Halloween party for Ash’s return home.

It’s a heartwarming gesture, and even though Ash is freaked out at first, he still appreciates it and smiles sincerely all night long. While there could have been even more content in a full vacation episode, what fans got is still nice.

seven Girls dress up, celebrate Halloween, and fight evil in one episode (happiness loads a good cure!)

precure halloween costumes

Happiness Charge Jolie Cure‘s There’s nothing shocking about the Halloween episode, but it’s still cute and captures the spirit of the holidays. Seeing all of the girls dressed in creative costumes will always be a treat, no matter what else the episode might bring.

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The girls spend the episode trying to make Ako feel more included in the group, and their healthy attempts to do so are heartwarming. There’s a typical villainous fight to wrap up, but the best parts of this episode see Ako reacting to all the Halloween festivities because she doesn’t quite know them.

6 America Invites Everyone to a Chaos-Filled Halloween Party (Hetalia: The World Twinkle)

hetalia america party

Whenever the characters in the Hetalia the series come together, chaos will inevitably ensue, and their Halloween special is no different. It’s also slightly longer than typical episodes on the show, making it a spooky treat for the season.

America decides to throw a big Halloween party, all centered around a costume contest. So, naturally, fans can see their favorites dressed in their finest Halloween outfits. Only England are unaware of the contest, and what happens next has to be seen to be believed.

5 Muse browses a variety of costumes, unsure of their look (Love Live! School Idol Project)

muse halloween costumes love live

Love Live!The Halloween episode of, aptly titled “Happy Halloween,” has less to do with the holidays itself and more about the tradition of dressing up. Muse and A-Rise are both invited to perform at a Halloween event, and the girls become convinced they need to change their image to keep pace.

To that end, they dress in all kinds of different costumes, including outfits that pay homage to KISS. Most of the episode is sadly fulfilled, however, as, by the end of it, they realize that they don’t need to change and function normally. Considering the title of the episode and how many costumes the girls appear in, it was Halloween fun nonetheless.

4 Haruhi wants to celebrate Halloween, but no one in the club knows what it is (The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya)

melancholy of haruhi chan suzumiya halloween episode

The Halloween episode in the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya is much less the one celebrating the party and more the one where the characters try to figure out what this party is meant to be. This makes it incredibly entertaining to watch from start to finish.

Haruhi is keen to celebrate Halloween, but no one in the club is familiar enough with the holiday to know how to celebrate it properly. They end up decorating an anatomy model that, strangely enough, manages to capture the spooky spirit of the season.

3 Akatsuki fails to sabotage Lee’s Halloween celebration planning (Rock Lee and his ninja friends)

spin-off deidara and tenten rock lee

In Rock Lee and his ninja friends, Lee and his team are in charge of the village’s Halloween festivities, although they’re not quite sure how they got into that position. Deidara shows up with a gigantic bomb disguised as a big pumpkin, and he plans to detonate it while everyone is having fun.

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It’s a cute episode where Lee and the others explain Halloween to Deidara. At the end of it all, he ends up retreating with the bomb instead of letting it explode, meaning Deidara and Tobi take the brunt of the blast rather than the village.

2 Ash and Friends Meet at Costume Festival, and Even Team Rocket Dress Up (Pokemon X&Y)

team rocket dressed pokemon xy

PokemonThe Halloween tribute episode is another where they don’t explicitly state that they’re celebrating the holidays, but it’s pretty obvious nonetheless. Ash and his friends stumble upon what’s called a gourgeist festival, where everyone dresses up as Pokémon.

Not only are everyone’s favorite heroes dressed up, Team Rocket can be seen donning their own costumes, and Jessie especially gets on with hers. There’s also a little subplot involving Jessie’s Pumpkaboo being courted by another, which adds a bit of cute humor.

1 Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura help in a haunted house (Gintama)

gintama halloween episode

Gintama‘s The Halloween episode sees the trio of Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura helping out in a haunted house. They dress naturally and while their costumes don’t exactly capture the spooky vibe, they’re quite humorous, especially Shinpachi’s werewolf outfit.

They spectacularly fail to scare customers off, but it’s more about the emotional scenes that take place between Gin and the owner. The owner feels like he has to let go of his dreams of having a successful haunted house, but Gintoki spends the episode reassuring him, and it’s quite heartwarming.

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