10 animated series that perfectly sum up the 80s


The 1980s are still considered by many fans to be one of the golden ages of anime. This is when pioneering classics like Akira came out, Studio Ghibli was releasing flagship movies like My neighbor Totoro, Castle in the sky, and the Grave of the Fireflies, and Vampire Hunter D innovates with the North American public.

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While many older 1980s anime series are still worth watching, they have a well-defined style and attitude that immediately shows when they were created. From chunky hair to padded shoulders, these series were all about the decade.

ten Magic Princess Minky Momo helped put the Magic Girl trope on the map

Momo is a princess of Fenarinarsa, called “the land of dreams in the sky” where the creatures of fairy tales live. Momo is sent to Earth to help people regain their dreams and sense of magic, and if they don’t, Fenarinarsa is in danger of disappearing.

As the first magical girl anime, it helped set the tone for the genre with a distinctly pink color scheme, trendy clothes, and a bevy of cute animals. She sets out to bring happiness to humanity, one person at a time.

9 Saint Seiya is like a band of 80s knights hair

Saint Seiya

In the original version Saint Seiya anime, the story puts an orphan named Seiya at a shrine in Greece, interweaving elements of Greek mythology with cosmology and the Big Bang. However, when the Greek gods appear in the story, it is the wicked, with the exception of Seiya and her holy companions, warriors of Athena who try to stop the bloodshed.

The mythology is complicated, and the style is entirely made up of a classic 1980s rock band, with a production design that adds fierce battles and questionable patterns to the mix.

8 Kenshiro was a classic ’80s action star in Fist of the North Star

Kenshiro you are already dead

Kenshiro, the fiery Fist of the North Star ‘s protagonist, is a muscular action hero of the 80s in the style of Schwarzenegger, all muscles and prowess in martial arts. He practices a bloody martial art style called Hokuto Shinken, allowing him to locate and strike the secret vital points of his opponents.

Their deaths are often instantaneous and extremely violent, with the story set on a dystopian post-apocalyptic Earth. It’s no surprise that illustrator Tetsuo Hara is a huge fan of Bruce Lee.

7 Dirty Pair Was Every Politically Incorrect 1980s Crime Show

The 1980s were a decade of classic crime dramas, embodied in Dirty pair, about two female cops called Trouble Consultants. The troubled team of 234 consultants, Kei and Yuri, are codenamed “Lovely Angels” and their assignments are usually disasters.

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They might finally catch the criminal they’re looking for, but they’ve destroyed a few blocks along the way. This is how they got the name “Dirty Pair”, a nickname they both hate. The pair of cops like to hit guys on dates as much as they like to approach them like fugitives.

6 The legend of galactic heroes combines glamor, family dynasties and space opera

legends of galactic hero

A host of pretty people in uniforms with big shoulders, and a mix of Star wars-style of space policy mixed with Had-style world of powerful families, give LoTGH his beloved place in anime history.

With designs and hairstyles that reveal its decade of origin, the animated series is still considered by many to be one of the best ever made. The noble families form the Galactic Empire, opposed to the Democratic Alliance of Free Planets, sparking endless conflict.

5 Maison Ikkoku was a popular Rom-Com / Slice Of Life anime about boarding house living

This mid-1980s series was so popular that it spawned one movie, three OVAs, one live-action movie, and specials. A rom-com / slice of life anime with some bittersweet moments, it follows the complicated relationships of Yusaku Godai and Kyoko Otonashi, and the other crazy inhabitants of Maison Ikkoku, a run-down old guesthouse in a Japanese town called Clock Hill. .

It’s a slice of life with all the fashions and technologies of the era, when who to marry was the main concern of the story.

4 Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam’s complicated politics and drama reflected the Times

Already a sequel to the original, Zeta Gundam mobile suit captured the ’80s tone with its darker themes and a complicated, more realistic concept of war and conflict in the eyes of many fans. Politics, personal betrayals and other dramas entered the action storyline.

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American pop singer / songwriter Neil Sedaka, big in the decade, wrote the opening and ending themes of this classic mecha that debuted in 1985. Cool turtlenecks and sunglasses added to the look. fabulous 1980s look.

3 Super Dimension Fortress Macross is an old Mecha classic


The boy group’s tousled hair, awesome action soundtrack, kitsch ’80s fashion (which is supposed to be hilarious to wear in 2009, when the show takes place), it all adds up to an undeniably vibe. from the 80s in Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

In 1999, a giant alien spaceship landed on Earth. Over the next decade, humanity retro-engineered their technology to create the SDF-1 Macross, but now other aliens have arrived and the first spacecraft is owned by their enemies.

2 Captain Tsubasa helped popularize football in Japan with ’80s flair

Tsubasa Oozora From Captain Tsubasa

Manga artist Yōichi Takahashi became a football fan after watching the 1978 World Cup, making his debut Captain Tsubasa in 1981. He became extremely influential in popularizing the game in Japan, and in dubbed versions he also became popular throughout Europe.

Professional players like World Cup winner Fernando Torres have given history credit for inspiring them. The look is that of the 80s, including some fabulous mules and city decors.

1 Dragon Ball is a nostalgic journey for DBZ fans

Although it has captured most of the attention of international fans, Dragon ball z was actually a sequel to the original anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s super popular manga. Dragon Ball, the animated series, created in 1986, depicting a time when Goku was just an unusually strong little boy with a monkey tail.

It’s a DBZ nostalgic trip, with more comedy than DBZ, and an attitude from a time when the idea of ​​Dragon Balls was still new and exciting.

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Your letter and 9 other adventures to read Manhwa

Your letter and 9 other adventures to read Manhwa

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