10 animated series that rely too much on cliffhangers


Sometimes cliffhangers in the animes can lead to expectations and dramatic results in subsequent episodes. However, there are also animes that have cliffhangers leading to both underwhelming and overwhelming results for viewers.

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Some of these animes suffered from having too many cliffhangers thanks to the different story arcs, such as Yu Gi Oh ! and Yakitate !! Japan. Others, like Ghost at dusk and Battle game in 5 seconds, had cliffhangers that overwhelmed their viewers with too much information. Regardless, these anime have often suffered from the quality of their pace thanks to so many cliffhangers.

ten Yu Gi Oh ! Suffered from too many cliffhangers thanks to long duels

Yu-Gi-Oh 9 - Duel with a Ghoul

The first animated adaptation of Yu Gi Oh ! suffered from having too many cliffhanger endings for their episodes in later arcs, especially the Waking The Dragons arc and the final arc. It made sense that some of the best duels involved would take more than one episode to complete, especially if the protagonists were up against each arc’s main villains or had more than one person dueling. However, this led to many cliffhanger endings that made fans tired just wanting to see how they all come to terms with in the end.

9 Girlfriend, Girlfriend had a little too many hooks to watch the next episode

Naoya and her girlfriends at Girlfriend hot spring, Girlfriend.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend suffered from having too many cliffhangers thanks to his relationship drama. The episodes were action-packed enough to deal with all of the drama of Naoya being relating to Saki and Nagisa. The addition of cliffhangers at the end of episodes seemed like overkill for some viewers, as it overwhelmed them with new information.

Even though the initial cliffhangers made viewers go see the next episode ASAP, they quickly grew tired of trying to keep up with all the new reveals at the end of each episode and then having to wait for anything. Explain.

8 Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Cliffhanger endings emerged on bad pace

The romantic anime adaptation of Mr. Love: The Queen’s Choice mostly suffered from cliffhanger endings thanks to the bad, uneven pacing of all the episodes.

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Some of these cliffhangers revealed some interesting and exciting twists and turns. However, many cliffhanger endings in the second half of the series felt overused and rushed. Those same cliffhangers also led to disappointing results in subsequent episodes. While the upcoming episodes after the storylines resolved, they often fell short of expectations and made the cliffhangers feel cheap.

seven PLAYERS! There have been a few too many cliffhanger endings to extend its misunderstanding fueled drama

Keita and Tendo from Gamers!

PLAYERS! suffered in the same way as Girlfriend, Girlfriend since its cliffhangers added information that overwhelmed viewers. While this series focused on a group of gamers and their related issues, it also focused primarily on their shared relationship drama. He also focused on the misunderstandings that arose out of this drama. Adding more misunderstandings as the cliffhangers overwhelmed viewers more than entertained them. While some of the initial cliffhangers were fun to watch, it may have added more drama than the series needed.

6 Pharmacy in early otherworldly cliffhangers led to disappointing introduction for new character

Cast of Cheat Pharmacist's Slow Life Making a pharmacy in another world

Pharmacy in another world had cliffhangers detailing the demon king of the world slowly being addicted to drugstore potions. Several of the initial cliffhangers on Demon King’s addiction showed him to the point of finally going to the store himself.

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However, many fans found themselves disappointed with his appearance in person thanks to how quickly he became the joke of the rest of the series and among the pharmacy staff. Noela was disinterested in the Demon King despite her best attempts to woo her, and the rest of the staff didn’t get along with him as well as they did with each other.

5 Rent-A-Girlfriend suffered from too many cliffhangers

Part of Rent a girlfriend the charm is the relational drama and the hilarity that follows. The anime adaptation was also praised for condensing the slow pace of the adaptation into manga. Corn Rent a girlfriend somehow he went too far with the cliffhangers, especially in the second half. Instead of making viewers want to see the next episode, it got them tired over time and made them wish the cliffhangers drama was put aside for the next few episodes or just resolved. We hope that the second season will solve this problem.

4 The 5-second battle game had too many action-packed or sudden cliffhangers

Battle game in 5 seconds

Battle game in 5 seconds largely suffered from its uneven pace. This resulted in the series having too many action-packed or sudden cliffhangers when viewers weren’t expecting them. The actors all have special abilities and test them in various challenges. Therefore, continually pulling the series’ action with cliffhangers gave little time to process what was seen earlier in the episode before having to process even more information. Battle game in 5 seconds would have benefited from different spacing of the action between episodes.

3 Phantom In The Twilight’s cliffhangers were often extremely vague and confusing

Phantom In The Twilight (London)

Ghost at dusk had a good concept: supernatural beings ran the Cafe Forbidden, and the main heroine discovered that she had magical abilities. However, much like Battle game in 5 seconds, the series suffered from constant cliffhangers at the end of most episodes.

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The heroine was barely aware of her powers and barely had a clue of the enemies she faced in the first few episodes. This led to the cliffhangers doing more to confuse viewers and made them wait a lot longer for more information than they should have.

2 Yakitate !! Japan has had too many two-part battles leading to cliffhangers in its released final arc

the cast of Yakitate !!  Japan

Yakitate !! Japan had a pretty steady pace throughout the series, but his final arc, Yakitate !! 9 (Yakitate !! 25 in the manga), extended the pace too much by having many two-part battles. It resulted in a lot more cliffhangers than usual, and viewers quickly grew bored of them.

It also didn’t help that the series itself ended on a massive cliffhanger, and it particularly disappointed fans of the manga. Although the animated adaptation ended at Yakitate !! 9/25 arc, the manga went on to have two more arcs, and the penultimate arc would have resulted in a battle with Yuiichi Kirisaki, owner of St. Peter’s and the series’ main antagonist.

1 Re: Zero’s Constant Cliffhangers tired fans despite popularity

Subaru Natsuki in Re Zero

Re: Zero had constant cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Many of them were doing fine at the start of the series, when much of the world was still supposed to be a mystery. However, over time they have become Re: Zero abused cliffhangers to pack more world building and character development, then suddenly ending episodes. Despite the arguments over whether the series abused cliffhangers, however, it has grown into an incredibly popular isekai anime thanks to its dark take on the genre.

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