10 animated series that started in earnest but got light


There are many genres of light anime, such as Slices of Life, while others are more serious and high stakes. Some series even take a dual approach, starting on a more serious note but quickly becoming light as they run.

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Some of these cartoons have gone light by focusing more on the humor than the main story, while others have focused on developing relationships between the characters. Other anime had the potential to develop more serious storylines but never bothered to do so. Of Hello Sweet Love Pastry To Eromanga Sensei, these anime started on serious notes but quickly got more fun and easier over time.

ten Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie has never explored the consequences of potential student-teacher relationships.

Although student-teacher relationships are strongly frowned upon at the pastry school, there were never any real consequences for the main heroine and her classmates coming close to their attractive instructors other than the spoken warnings of the principal. . It was a topic that deserved further exploration, but instead it resulted in simple misunderstandings and seeming comedy scenes.

Despite initial signs that the heroine could risk being deported for approaching her instructors, she actually suffered no consequences other than warnings. Some viewers wished this was a plot point for the series to examine further, but it would also require the series to have longer episodes rather than short five-minute episodes.

9 Hinako Note initially focused on Hinako to overcome his anxiety, but quickly focused on his friendships instead.

Hinako Sakuragi holding birds Hinako Note

Note from Hinako started with the main heroine, Hinako, moving to town to join the drama club in order to overcome her social anxiety. However, the series has increasingly focused on the friendships she has developed with her classmates and peers rather than tackling her anxiety in depth, much to the chagrin of some fans. However, others welcomed the change and argued that the focus on Hinako’s bond with her friends shows how well she has overcome her social anxiety. It also helped that Hinako rarely freezes in front of his friends after getting used to being with them.

8 My Next Life as a Villain: All Roads to Doom started in earnest but had a light second season

My next life as evil Katarina and her group of smiling friends at the prom

My next life as a villain: all roads lead to death! Initially, the protagonist Catarina tried to prevent her loss by befriending many conquering characters and the protagonist of the game “Fortune Lover”, as this was the world where the protagonist was born after his death.

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However, she managed to stave off her loss at the end of the first season which resulted in a much lighter second season overall. Even though there was a little more exploration into dark magic and a few kidnappings ensued, the stakes for the second season were much less serious than the first.

7 I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maximized my level by focusing on the consequences of Azusa’s actions first.

I killed slimes, a little like My next bad life, initially focused on the aftermath of Azusa doing nothing but lazing around and killing slimes for three hundred years. This resulted in Shalsha almost killing Azusa in the only second episode if it wasn’t for Laika to quickly beat her.

The series increasingly focused on Azusa’s friendships with the rest of the main cast from there, rarely touching on the consequences of Azusa’s actions again. While there were plot points such as the war between the Red and Blue Dragon Clans explored, these were resolved as soon as they were introduced thanks to the power of Azusa as the isekai protagonist.

6 Blend S initially focused on Maika’s struggles with her appearance, but later focused on the fun bonds of her coworkers.

Mix S was another anime that initially focused on the heroine’s struggles, but quickly focused on her and her colleagues. Maika struggled to look sadistic, thanks to the way her eyes were tilted to most people, and it ironically got her a job at the cafe run by Dino. However, the series then focused on developing bonds between herself and her colleagues more than Maika’s sadistic traits. Considering this is a series of Slices of Life, some fun shenanigans between the entire cast were inevitable.

5 A pharmacy in another world had practical solutions to problems that quickly became more hilarious

Cast of Cheat Pharmacist's Slow Life Making a pharmacy in another world

Pharmacy in another world initially involved the Kirio Pharmacy offering very practical solutions to difficult problems for their customers. These concoctions included energy potions, tea that helped the user sleep and reduced anxiety, and an animal repellant to get rid of the beasts that ate the crops.

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However, the problems and their solutions became more and more absurd with each new episode. This included making an addictive sauce for a tavern that struggled with things and drugs that made food taste bitter so Noela would stop eating things on the floor.

4 Girlfriend, girlfriend focused on the repercussions of dating two people at the same time but quickly softened

Naoya and Saki help Nagisa with her studies.

Although Girlfriend, Girlfriend gave an ironically serious take on the repercussions of polyamorous relationships despite his humor, he quickly eased off those consequences in his second half by focusing more on hilarious misunderstandings than on developing Naoya’s relationship with Nagisa and Saki . The finale consisted mostly of everyone running after Nagisa as Naoya tried to assure her that she was as important in the relationship as Saki had with him.

3 Monster Girl Doctor initially hinted at resistance to monsters and humans living in peace, but gave way to more surgical shenanigans

Monster girl doctor

Some early episodes of Monster girl doctor initially hinted that not all humans were happy that monsters and humans currently live in peace. However, that plot was quickly dropped in favor of focusing on Glenn performing surgery on Skadi and all the hilarious shenanigans that led to this moment.

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Even though the operation itself sounded and serious, all of the events leading up to this point were filled with more humor instead of driving a serious story.

2 Eromanga Sensei started off with a serious collaboration that grew more and more hilarious

The Izumi siblings at Eromanga Sensei

The two main siblings of Eromanga Sensei were initially shocked that they were working together all this time, Izumi writing the same light novels that Sagiri, also known as the titular “Eromanga Sensei,” illustrated. Their collaboration was serious at first, but it grew more and more hilarious as the series focused more on the various relationships they had with each other and with their fellow light novelists. Izumi and Sagiri also focused more on building a closer relationship, including exploring how they first met.

1 Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun then focused on Nozaki and Sakura’s relationship

Sakura and Nozaki from Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

Monthly Nozaki-Kun for Girls gave a fun and in-depth look at the manga creation process. Nozaki, a shojo manga artist, was always trying to get enough inspiration to make sure his works were perfect for publication. However, the second half of the anime adaptation focused more on developing her relationship with Sakura. Although Sakura had a crush on Nozaki from the start, viewers only began to see signs of Nozaki potentially reciprocating these feelings in the second half of the series, much to their delight.

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