10 animated series that would benefit the most from a spin-off, and if


by marvel what if is currently airing and does a fantastic job asking and answering questions fans couldn’t even dream of. Animated series are often defined by a huge and diverse cast of characters, as well as twists that can change everything. This is exactly the kind of structure that lends itself well to alternate stories being told.

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It could involve taking well-known characters and removing the crucial moment that turned them into the protagonist, but it could also change the actions or motivations of the supporting characters and look at how big the impact on the world in general is. .

Warning: this article contains spoilers.

ten Code Geass would have been very different without Lelouch

Lelouch from Code Geass

If Lelouch Lamperouge had not received the power of Geass from CC, a number of things could have happened. Without Geass, Lelouch might have decided to fight Britannia in a different way, for example through politics or activism. In another timeline, Suzaku Kururugi may have been given the power instead.

Would Suzaki use her Geass to quickly climb the political ladder of Britannia? Alternatively, it would be interesting to see a timeline where CC was powerful enough to act alone and never involve the students of Ashford Academy.

9 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Could Go Anywhere With The Elric Brothers

If Trisha Elric had lived, her sons would have had normal lives. They would never have encountered the Seven Deadly Sins, but the world would have suffered a worse fate with fewer people able to stop them.

The lives of soldiers like Roy Mustang would have been brighter if Maes Hughes had survived, but untold miseries would have continued if Shou Tucker had never been caught. The Elric brothers are going through a rough patch, but things could be much worse.

8 Death Note’s alternate timelines could have terrifying consequences

Light Yagami was an extremely dangerous person to own a Death Note, but it could have been given to someone else instead. Would L still be alive and able to more easily catch the holder of the book?

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A real criminal could go on a rampage with the book in hand, but the world could be affected by the Death Note in the hands of a politician as well. It is possible that everything would have improved if it had been given to someone in poverty.

7 JoJo’s bizarre adventure could get even weirder

dio brando

Many of the main events of JoJo’s bizarre adventure depend on the actions of Dio Brando. So what if Dio had never been adopted by the Joestar family? It is likely that he would never have become a vampire or become obsessed with them, completely changing their future.

Moving on to future parts, Yoshikage Kira could have lived in peace and continued his killing if his paper bag had never been mixed with that of Shigekiyo Yangu. And how far could Diavolo have taken Passione if he had managed to kill Trish Una?

6 Attack on Titan would forever be changed by specific events

attack on the titan function

In The attack of the Titans, any other schedule would lead to drastic changes. If Grisha Yeager had never ventured beyond the internment area with her sister, she would have lived and Eren Yeager would not have been born. If Eren’s mother lived, Eren could have remained a civilian without any incentive to join the Survey Corps.

If Levi Ackerman had never left his underground home, would the Survey Corps have lost all of its strength much sooner? Without their titanic shapeshifters, maybe Marley would never have invaded Heaven.

5 Bleach has so many different possibilities

An alternative Bleach the timeline could show what would have happened if Ichigo Kurosaki had never become a Soul Reaper. Yet with the immensity of Bleachin the world, alternate timelines can be much more complex than that. Without learning Bankai, Ichigo would never have beaten Byakuya Kuchiki or saved Rukia Kuchiki from death.

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If Sosuke Aizen wasn’t a traitor, the Espada might never have formed. Things would have been quite different if a more positive Soul Reaper had created the Arrancar and used it as a force for good.

4 Sword Art Online could become a whole different world

Sword Art Online VRMMORPG

The world of Sword art online focuses on Kirito’s progression, but there was always a chance he wouldn’t complete the original game. If that was the case, Kayaba Akihiko would not be brought to justice in the future and companies would have avoided VR games.

If Asuna had never met Kirito, maybe his trauma and rage would have gotten the better of him and turned him into a player killer. If Laughing Coffin had never trained in Aincrad, its members wouldn’t have gone on to torment Kirito as Death Gun in Gun Gale Online or Vassago Casals in the underworld.

3 Jujutsu Kaisen is all about the right time and the right place

nanami and gojo smiling

What if Yuji Itadori had never met the Jujutsu wizards? Without finding one of Ryomen Sukuna’s fingers, members of his club would not have needed to be saved from the Cursed Spirits, preventing Yuji from eating the finger in the first place. What if Kento Nanami continued to live as an employee, or if Satoru Gojo did not become a Jujutsu wizard?

The likely outcome is that Mahito and his accomplices would have got the better of Yuji. In timelines where certain characters can tell the difference between life and death, everything would have changed without them.

2 My Hero Academia may take darker turns

Deku and All Might

The Joker once said, “a bad day” was all it takes to become a villain. If things went wrong at UA High School, it’s possible that some students decided to go the villainous path instead. Any of their Quirks could be lethal, like Ochako Uraraka’s potential to crush civilians with its gravity.

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What if Izuku Midoriya had never met All Might? Would he try to become a Quirkless hero with gadgets? If All Might hadn’t lost his strength, he probably wouldn’t have worked at UA, and the Kamino incident wouldn’t have happened. An overpowered alternative society contains dangerous possibilities.

1 This Time I Reincarnated In Slime Has Enough Fallout To Justify Anything

This time I reincarnated in slime

If Rimuru Tempest had never reincarnated, the monsters of the Jura Forest would have perished to those higher in the food chain. In the event that Shizue Izawa had not been summoned, Leon Cromwell might not have continued his dastardly experiment, but the world might have lost its greatest hero.

Any faction under Rimuru’s control may have decided not to join him. Could characters like Benimaru or Diablo have teamed up with rival demon lords to achieve their goals instead? There are countless possibilities in a story with so many characters.

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