10 animated series that would make great first-person shooters


Cartoons and video games share similarities in their intricate plots and the use of weapons against their opponents. Many anime worlds would make ideal video game settings and fit easily into play styles. Characters of both genres face a variety of conflicts and have the skills to resolve and resolve them.

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First-person shooters are a genre of video game that focuses on survivability and uses strategy to take out waves of opponents. Some anime series match the playstyle of the first person shooter game with hostile environments and well-equipped, battle-ready characters. These animated series with dangerous worlds set up the perfect scenarios for intense action with guns.

ten High Rise Invasion offers complex environments and intense action


The world of High rise invasion is already based on survival, since it forces ordinary people to fight against murderous masked individuals. Masked characters and competitors use guns and other firearms to gain control. The intricate connection of skyscrapers and bridges provides an explorable yet menacing setting for the protagonists of the first-person shooter to fight.

High rise invasion Masked attackers have different weapon preferences, from rifles to scythes, giving potential first-person shooters a variety of enemies to strategize around. The lingering aggressiveness of masked attackers in the series would ensure players have some exciting fights.

9 Black Bullet characters use guns to stop pest invasion

The series black ball takes place in an apocalyptic world overrun by parasites called Gastrea. Civilian officers like Satomi Rentaro fight the infection with varanium guns specially designed to injure Gastrea. As civilian officers guide superhuman children who serve as humanity’s ultimate weapons, they bear a heavy responsibility for the survival of the world.

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The protagonists of the first-person shooter often play the role of the savior of mankind, which fits in well with the duty of a civilian officer to eliminate outbreaks of Gastrea. black ball features frequent close quarters combat with guns or martial arts against monsters that continually threaten humans. The series delivers the high-stakes action that first-person shooters need.

8 Jormungand characters are gun experts

The Jormungand The series features Private Jonah enlisting as a bodyguard for the international arms dealer Koko. With Koko’s team of combat-experienced soldiers, Jonah helps Koko trade weapons with military factions while avoiding governments and assassins. The characters of Jormungand are firearms experts who engage in firefights against army vehicles, trained soldiers and other hazards.

The series’ militaristic combat features the same weapons and gear that players use in first person shooters. The characters fight in various immersive storylines for the enjoyment of potential players, from vehicle chases to street encounters. Gun action guides the plot at every turn.

7 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is the perfect zombie type shooter

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress presents a world invaded by a virus that turns humans into vicious undead creatures known as Kabane. The remaining humans hidden in the fortresses fight the invader Kabane using weapons designed to pierce their metal hearts. The apocalyptic storyline, mixed with gunshot action, sets up a gloomy yet exhilarating first-person shooter.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress abandoned train stations, guarded fortresses, and reinforced trains provide players with intriguing and atmospheric locations to shoot waves of undead. The Kabane’s abilities to penetrate well-guarded areas will make players feel like nowhere is safe.

6 Black Lagoon features armed mercenaries

Revy gets lost due to Whitman's fever in the Black Lagoon

Black lagoon revolves around a gang of pirates called the Lagoon Company who smuggle goods across Southeast Asia into a criminal world. The Lagoon Company engages in frequent shootings with rival mercenary groups and corrupt organizations as part of their trade missions. The ruthlessness of the protagonists and their criminal counterparts sets the tone for the violence of first person shooters.

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Lagoon Company mercenaries have the combat skills necessary to survive in hostile first-person shooter environments. As many first-person shooters have players fighting alongside companions, the comradeship of the pirates creates an effective team to support the players. Shootings are the way of life of the series.

5 91 days follows a quest for violent revenge

91 days follows Avilio Bruno’s quest for revenge against the Vanetti mafia who killed his family. Avilio infiltrates the Vanetti family and becomes involved in the violent power struggles of the Mafia to get his enemies to trust him. Through numerous shootings, Avilio gradually tracks down the criminal brains behind the murderous actions of the Mafia.

First-person shooters often have players battling a figurehead who commands enemies behind the scenes. Avilio has the motivation to fight his way towards this goal and endure the firefights necessary to get there. 91 days provides the morally gray action that surrounds first-person shooters.

4 Noir details the struggles of two trained assassins

Kirika and Mireille from the anime Noir

The Black The series follows two female murderers who search for clues to their past, commit assassinations and fight soldiers from the organization Les Soldats. Assassins Mireille and Kirika use their intensive combat training to survive shootings and ambushes of those who wish to control them. The pair fight with ease through groups of enemies, as intended by the protagonists of the first-person shooter.

Mireille and Kirika make a murderous team but also competently handle situations on their own, which is essential for first person shooter characters who sometimes lack allies to help them. The shootouts between the couple and their pursuers offer continuous gun action.

3 Desert Punk pits mercenaries against each other in a desert wasteland

desert punk anime

Desert punk follows the adventures of mercenary Kanta and his apprentice Kosuna as they tackle jobs in a desert wasteland. Kanta and his allies are fighting a civil war between mercenaries who have made violence their way of life. The characters in the series engage with various guns and tactical supplies to build a reputation in a devastated society.

Many first-person shooters take players through desolate environments, which is the endless, war-torn wilderness of the series. The interactions of the people and factions that make shootouts their main entertainment create the conflict that first-person shooters thrive on.

2 Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom shines a light on the criminal world

In Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, former tourist Zwei undergoes brainwashing and assassin training by Inferno Company after witnessing a murder. Zwei works with his murderous colleague Eins to eliminate the targets of the crime syndicate and attempt to regain their freedom. Zwei and Eins wield guns to take down their opponents with lethal efficiency.

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The protagonists and their associates engage in firefighting as a profession, which offers plenty of scenarios for action games with guns. The pattern of betrayal, lost identities, and endless violence makes this an engaging and conflict-filled first-person shooter plot.

1 Gunsmith Cats unveils violent government conspiracy

Rally and May from the Gunsmith Cats anime

In Gunsmith cats, bounty hunters Rally and May run an illegal gun store in Chicago and help a government agent investigate a hidden plot. Rally and May use their advanced guns and explosives skills as the conspiracy places them more and more in danger. The series is riddled with political corruption and conflict that often features in war-based first-person shooters.

Rally and May work effectively with their allies to outsmart political assassins and survive the challenges faced by first-person shooter characters. The recurring firefights and dangers behind every decision provide intense scenarios for first-person shooter players.

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