10 animated series that would make great Gacha games


The reason there are so many gacha games based on pre-existing anime IPs is that there is already so much to work with. In the case of the shonen series, they usually have a well-stocked roster of popular characters as well as an already established battle system, so it makes sense to move them into the gacha format to provide a fun live service experience for fans. . and allow them to collect and bond with their favorite characters.

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Even some shows in the Slice of Life genre have proven to be able to create successful gacha games that surround them. It shows in titles such as A3! Actor training game where the game focuses on reading stories, participating in practices and plays with its units, and emphasizes the development of the character and their unique individual personalities. Sadly, there are plenty of anime titles – especially the older ones that are simply coming too early for the gacha games market – that don’t have gacha games going for them but absolutely could.

ten Panty & Stocking is packed with character costumes and fun enemy designs

panties and stockings of the main characters

Panties and stockings with garter belt is a clear candidate for a fun and stylish gacha game that easily shows the potential of having either a turn-based RPG-style combat system or even an instanced adventure-type game with its colorful locations. While there aren’t more than a handful of main characters, they all get tons of alternate costumes that can be creatively transformed into separate units. They could even take the same route as the Starlight review The gacha game takes and adds exclusive characters to the game.

9 Soul Eater characters have premier designs and creative fighting styles and weapons

soul eater anime

It’s hard to believe that Soul eater has never attempted to venture into gacha gaming territory. It has a huge roster of colorful characters and creatively designed weapons, the music is phenomenal, and that would easily entertain fast-paced action or turn-based RPG-style gameplay.

The weapon and meister system also has the potential to be used creatively. For example, instead of Maka using Soul by default like she does in the cannon, weapons and meisters could be cast separately and then shuffled, meaning Maka could wield Tsubaki, unlocking other fun combinations as well.

8 Avatar: The Last Airbender’s bending system and characters would easily attract an audience

aang katara and sokka atla

While technically not considered an anime, Avatar: The Last Airbender draws heavily on anime both in its style and the way its world is run, and most anime fans have a soft spot for that as well. Characters are much loved, and considering Korra’s cPlus, there’s no shortage of characters to work with.

The bending system that exists in the world could easily make the game fun, although the type system would probably end up working the same as rock paper scissors. It could even work in the style of a game like Genshin Impact given the depth of character movements as well as travel being a huge central theme of Aang’s journey.

seven Black Butler is full of intricate beloved character costumes and could actually make a compelling strategy game

black butler main actors

black butler Its roster of main characters may seem like it is somewhat lacking for a full-fledged gacha game, but it actually has the potential to make for a pretty creative title. This could easily make for a more strategy-oriented game where the player takes on the role of Ciel, starting with Sebastian and rolling around to get other characters to use as pawns.

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There is a simple extra costume system that could be added as well. Ciel could be made visible during play despite not being a controllable character, and some of his many outfits could be purchased for cash at any time. This gives a spending option for players who like to support their favorite games but don’t like spending on gacha items themselves.

6 Kill La Kill’s character designs and in-world combat system are appreciated and would be incredibly fun to play.

kill la kill main cast

The character designs and combat system already present in Kill La Kill make for an amazing gacha gaming premise. It could even be one of those titles that allows players to create their own customizable Honnouji Academy student and control their favorite characters in battle against COVERS. There could be different versions of the main cast and alternate outfits that they can be seen in throughout the anime to increase the roster a bit, and stylish seasonal outfits are an easy must for characters as popular as Ryuko. .

5 Zombieland Saga has all the makings of a fantastic rhythm or idol management game

zombieland saga

Zombieland Saga is a more recent entry that saw cross-events with other pre-existing titles such as Bandori: Girl group party and Pinball the world. However, it doesn’t have its own standalone gacha game yet, which is a real shame considering it would be perfect for rhythm game or idol management simulation genres. The former would already have Franchouchou’s many performances as well as cross-country tracks to work with, while the latter could see players take on the role of Kotaro and handle the girls’ daily training while unlocking the costumes via the gacha.

4 Ouran High School Host Club is the perfect candidate for a dating simulator

While not a gacha in the traditional sense where you have to unlock the characters themselves, Ouran High School Host Club could instead use a costume unlock system for hosts, given the number of different outfits each member has. The game would see the player take on the role of Haruhi as she navigates through an original in-game story involving the other hosts and ultimately chooses who she wants to bond deeper with. This should hopefully satiate fans who have been keen on a second season since the first was released.

3 Highschool Of The Dead Is The Perfect Setup For A Zombie-Apocalypse Survival Gacha

high school of the dead

The zombie apocalypse genre continues to be popular in both the gaming and anime worlds, at least when done right. High school of the dead is a classic zombie outbreak survival anime with tons of well-designed characters to work with.

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The game would likely perform best in a turn-based RPG format. Characters are also already equipped with weapons in the universe, which eliminates the added challenge of having to present them with original weapons.

2 Fruits Basket is the perfect cozy anime for a relaxing match-three game

fruit basket kyo tohru yuki shigure

Match-three games shouldn’t be limited to titles like candy Crush Where Bejeweled. There are actually many successful gacha match-three games out there, the oldest easily being Puzzle, with unique combat systems that refresh the genre while injecting a healthy dose of characters to roll for. Basket of fruits has no shortage of beloved characters to choose from, and they already come with some casual outfits that could easily make great skins.

1 Persona would have another instant success if transformed into a turn-based RPG-style Gacha

p5a phantom thieves

Although originally a video game franchise, Persona received anime adaptations in the form of four films for Persona 3, then there is Persona 4: animation and his Golden variant, then finally Persona 5: The Animation. Many fifth title characters received cameos in pre-existing gacha titles, but that only wishes for an all-Personage much stronger title!

There is already a perfect combat system in the original games, although it is obviously simplified for the mobile format, and the characters have a wide variety of signature attacks to put on the units. The music is already stellar, and lastly, there is not only a great cast already but a great amount of costumes for them.

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