10 animated series that would make great rhythm games


Some cartoons are based on rhythm games, and there are other cartoons that would be great for rhythm games if they were created in the future. This is because the anime has some great opening themes, character themes, or iconic fight music that would be great for rhythm games.

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From sailor moon at Dramatic murder, these animes have music that would make a fun rhythm game. Some of these cartoons would have more difficult rhythm sets produced, based on the intensity of their music, but others would be easier for new players thanks to a wide variety of melodies.

ten DRAMAtical Murder’s electronic music is perfect for rhythm playing

DRAMAtical Murder Clear Koujaku Aoba Ren Noiz and Mink promotional art

The most of Dramatic murders the music falls into the electronic genre, making it the perfect anime to have a rhythm game. There are many intricate pieces played in the background during intense scenes, including sequences where Aoba performs Scrap on her friends and potential love interests to save them. However, there are also a few easier songs that could be used for fans new to rhythm gameplay, like Clear singing the song Jellyfish. The wide range of difficulties with each piece would make this a game any fan could enjoy.

9 Hinako Note’s opening and closing themes are perfect for short rhythm playing

Hinako Sakuragi holding birds Hinako Note

Note from Hinako has some fun bops throughout the series. This includes the opening and closing themes, “AEIUEO Ao !!” and “Curtain call !!!!!” The songs are easy to dance to and have fairly stable rhythms, which makes them perfect for players to try to match the beats. There are also other songs featured in the series, like Hinako’s song from the fourth episode. It would be easy for new players to get used to songs including Hinako’s song, especially if they are new to rhythm games. Overall, the series has enough songs in it to make it a good rhythm game, including background music.

8 Girlfriend, Girlfriend Has Surprisingly Good Tubes

Naoya and her girlfriends at Girlfriend hot spring, Girlfriend.

Despite how hilarious and chaotic Girlfriend, Girlfriend was with Naoya trying to choose between her love interests, many viewers agreed that the opening and closing themes were surprisingly good.

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Some of the background music fell into typical softer, lighter music that would be easier to learn for new players, while other songs set during intense scenes, including Naoya and the others chasing Nagisa in. the final, would be perfect for players accustomed to rhythm games to play in the meantime. The music is varied enough to have a good range of difficulties for all players.

seven PLAYERS! Borrow many elements of video game music in its background music

Keita and Karen start dating, gamers!

PLAYERS! is a gaming themed anime that some of its music belongs to the electronic music genre just like Dramatic murder. However, other aspects of his music borrow ideas from video game music itself. It made a lot of sense considering that PLAYERS! focused on a group of players as the main cast. The opening theme is also extremely fun to listen to and has enough rhythm and energy to fit perfectly into the context of a rhythm game. Its background music also sometimes borrowed ideas from video game music, especially when the characters were playing games alone or with each other in each episode.

6 Your lie in April would have perfect classical and pop music tunes

Your lie in the April main cast laying down looking up, Kaori reaches out for the camera

The heartbreak Your lie in April classical music very present. However, it also contains some pop music tunes that would also be suitable for a rhythm game, especially the opening theme “Hikaru Nara”. It’s not often that classical music is featured in a rhythm game, but Kaori and Kōsei’s performances are a refreshing take on older classical tunes. Not only does this interpretation make them more enjoyable to listen to in general, but it is also more appropriate for the gameplay involved in a rhythm game.

5 I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and hit my max level with epic fight music

kuku with flatorte slimes

I killed slimes May seem like an odd choice to some viewers for a rhythm game, but the series contains various combat themes that would be perfect for a rhythm game, especially when Azusa and Beelzebub go head-to-head.

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Additionally, Kuku’s vocals in later episodes mean that there are easier pieces of music for new players. Azusa’s wacky adventures with her friends, as well as the battles they lead against tough and powerful enemies, feature a wide range of melodies.

4 Takt Op. Destiny Made Classical Music Epic Remixes

takt op.destiny cosette jumping in the sky

Takt Op. Destiny implied that its protagonists were fueled by classical music. Grotesque monsters called D2 would try to appear to stop and destroy all sources of music. It has led to some incredible and epic battles for viewers and listeners to watch unfold. Many were impressed with the battles featured only in the first episode, especially how the series turned classical music into battle-themed remix versions. With more episodes on the horizon, that only means there will be more opportunities to turn epic classical music into high-beat gameplay scenarios.

3 Attack On Titan has many epic achievements suitable for a rhythm game.

Attack of the Titan Scout Regiment

The attack of the Titans, despite its dangerous characters, world-building, and titans spooky titans, it has some amazing fighting themes that would be perfect for intense rhythm play. It would be more difficult for players new to the genre as much of its music is so complex, but it would be fun for players already familiar with the genre.

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The opening themes are perfect opportunities to set big challenges, including “My War” from its final season and the iconic Linked Horizon hits “Guren no Yumiya” and “Shinzou wo Sasageyo!” Having a rhythm game would be the perfect opportunity for fans to relive some shocking and awe-inspiring moments throughout the series playing to its music.

2 Tokyo Ghoul’s opening theme would set the tone for its own rhythm game

Ken Kaneki without mask showing both eyes Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghouls Opening theme, “Unravel”, would be the perfect opening to its own rhythm game. However, it has other dark, haunting themes that would make it suitable for a rhythm game, albeit on the intense and horror-filled side. The many energetic and action-packed themes would be perfect for players to play and relive the action of their associated episodes and characters. It might be difficult for players new to the rhythm game genre to figure out and play, but seasoned veteran players would have a lot of fun trying to match all the rhythms correctly.

1 Sailor Moon’s large inventory of themes would be perfect for a rhythm game

usagi posing sailor moon

sailor moon has so many unique themes featured in all of its adaptations. The wide range of themes presented, from the opening theme “Moonlight Densetsu” to many others, would give a great opportunity to make it a rhythm game. There is a fair amount of percussion in the opening theme and other battle themes, which makes it easy to incorporate appropriate rhythms and patterns for rhythmic gameplay. Many viewers would appreciate the nostalgia associated with some of the more well-known themes.

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