10 animated series that would make perfect Disney movie adaptations


It might be surprising how similar Disney movies and some anime are. From storytelling to character designs and hidden meanings, there are some anime series that would make great Disney movies. All it takes is a little magic.

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But like any good movie, history isn’t the only factor that makes a Disney movie. There is a specific sense of home watching these movies that audiences can get no matter how many times they have watched them. For their enjoyment, while some Disney movies can be a bit dark, there are specific feelings in every Disney production: relaxing and heartwarming.

ten “A place beyond the universe” as a new adventure film

A place beyond the universe is a 13-episode series full of adventure, laughter and penguins. Audiences travel alongside Shirase, Hinata, Yuzuki and Mari as they experience the experience of a lifetime in Antarctica. But as the girls struggle with their friendships, relationships, dreams and fears, what awaits them in this frozen land? Think: Forward meets snow.

9 Try “Astra Lost In Space” if you feel lost

A group photo of the main characters of Astra Lost In Space

Nine students are excited about Planet Camp. But suddenly their routine journey turns into a nightmare as they get lost, are forced to board an abandoned spaceship, and must find a new path home.

Focusing on survival and with no clue what is going on, they must work together to uncover the truth behind their journey. With complex characters and an interesting plot, Disney fans would definitely enjoy this movie.

8 Distraught love interest in “Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun”

Chiyo and Nozaki from Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun

It’s simple: a boy invites a girl to work with him in his work. The only problem is that Chiyo Sakura crushes a distraught Umetarou Nozaki. So when he asks her to help him with his love manga, it’s funny how oblivious he is to Chiyo’s feelings and how pissed off his romantic requests.

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Mthe Nozaki-kun girls is a Slice of Life anime that hosts a wide range of personalities within the characters.

7 Feel relaxed with “Relaxed Camp”

group photo of Laid-Back Camp characters

Rin Shima prefers to camp alone. But when her camping trip suddenly collapses, what happens to her alone peaceful times? It’s exciting to see Rin and his classmates come together in the school’s outdoor activity club. Wrap it all up in a movie and Disney offers a relaxing movie. From setting up a tent to enjoying the scenery, these girls can really experience it all on the campsite.

6 “Mob Psycho 100” Has Great Student-Mentor Moments

Mob and Reigen from Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 might seem a little weird for a Disney movie, but its colorful visuals and core message make perfect sense. Shigeo Kageyama, nicknamed “Mob”, is a young boy who struggles to come to terms with himself and his powers – that is, until he starts working with Reigen. While Reigen has his faults, he’s one of the first people to see Mob for who he is.

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As the two deal with new cases, they learn more and more about themselves. Mob Psycho 100 has both a fantasy side and a slice of life side that is the perfect combination for a Disney movie.

5 Find out more about pottery and family in “Let’s make a cup too”

group photo of the main characters of Lets Make A Mug Too

After losing his mother, Himeno Tokoyawa finds solace in his mother’s pottery. After returning to her mother’s hometown, Himeno joins the Pottery Club and meets a group of girls just as interested in art as she is. With the help of his friend, Himeno discovers his passions and finds a way to feel closer than ever to his mother. Talk about comforting.

4 Impossible to forget the musical aspect with “K-On!”

Hug from the group of main characters in K-On!

In K-On!, Yui, Ritsu, Mio, Tsumugi, and Azusa all bring different personalities to the Light Music Club. But this show focuses more on friendship than music. While the girls are creating songs, they are also learning how important it is to make memories with your friends. And who wouldn’t love a Disney movie about friendship with musical notes, like Musical High School?

3 “Flying Witch” is like a Kiki and Totoro combined

Makota in the Flying Witch

Wonder what it’s like to be 15 and go to school and keep it a secret that you’re a witch? Makoto Kowata is doing her best to try to cope with all of these changes and work to become a full witch. With a pleasant and calming atmosphere in the show, Flying witch is a good breath of fresh air. As a Disney film, it would radiate the same energy as the Studio Ghibli films. Kiki’s delivery service and My neighbor Totoro in.

2 “Princess Jellyfish” as the new Disney princess

Princess Jellyfish characters group photo

Princess Jellyfish seems to have the right balance of everything for a Disney movie with a mix of silly and serious moments. Tsukimi wants to pursue his passion for illustration, and Kuranosuke was born into a political family he desperately wants to escape.

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Between them, they have a secret to keep and their own life to manage. It’s like this series is destined to become a Disney movie.

1 A book like “The Book of Natsume’s Friends” holds so many secrets

Natsume in the Book of Friends of Natsume

Unlike other issues boys his age face, 15-year-old Takashi Natsume is forced to work alongside a feline spirit named Madara. Together, they work to free the spirits bound by her grandmother in her book of friends. Like many Disney characters, Takashi wants to find a place where he feels he belongs. With a complex story like this, there is something to keep Disney fans interested.

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