10 animated series where the characters start to clash out of fear


Fear can lead people to behave in unpredictable ways. Many anime explore not only these different types of reactions but also the different types of fear that drive them. Often this reaction is one of betrayal.

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Characters may fear dying and react selfishly for protection, betraying friends and family in the heat of the moment. They might fear a threat that creeps over them unnoticed, causing them to prey on the imaginary cause of that danger. Or they could betray a mission, a principle, a friend, all because they fear that their way of life will change radically and unalterably.

ten Cooperation Births Betrayal in Danganronpa

Cast and Kuma from Danganronpa

The premise of Danganronpa actually pits each participant in the survival game against each other, but the participants don’t want to go that route. They go to great lengths to work together to end the game without satisfying the heinous demands of their demented teddy bear lord.

But despite the efforts of some of the characters to cooperate, several participants surreptitiously betray these attempts and instead play by the rules of the game, fearing that if they don’t, someone else will. Even though viewers might expect this to happen in a death game anime, it doesn’t improve everyone’s opinion of offenders, although viewers wouldn’t want the resulting distorted punishment. for each offender.

9 Loyalty is tested time and time again in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan main cast

The dynamic between political interests, the supernatural and people’s daily lives is strong in The attack of the Titans. Human relationships are strained to the point of breaking time and time again, as the harsh reality of these people’s lives is repeatedly thrown in their face and they are called upon to make do or die choices.

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A lot of the characters choose their friends over everything else in these moments. But some choose their country and their mission, whether out of principle or out of fear. These decisions create some of the most defining moments in this epic series, often showing a new side of a character or turning a stable situation into a suddenly dire set of circumstances.

8 Darwin’s Game: Survival of the Killers

Main actors of Darwin's game

Friendship and alliances stand quite strongly in Darwin’s game, with a solid formation quickly forming around the prodigy Kaname Sudou. While some of these characters were briefly enemies before becoming members of Sunset Ravens, they remain loyal to the clan after joining. The betrayal in this series is not that of one character against another but of the trust that Kaname’s guild mates had in him and the guild.

Kaname doesn’t want to have to kill other people in the game and hopes all other killings can be avoided as well. But in a moment of fear and rage, Kaname himself abandons his principle and sets out to kill as many of his rivals as possible, actively transforming the Ravens of a peace-seeking guild into a symbol of fear.

seven Dealing with Existential Crises: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Asuka Bitching to Shinji and Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

How will people react to the impending destruction of their world? Or simply the destruction of the reality they have built around them? Neon Genesis Evangelion shows many different sides of humanity, as the characters face and react to this fear in different ways. Some try to escape. Others get angry and lash out. Some people suddenly have to confront themselves.

Regardless of the reaction, these individuals usually end up betraying someone they care about or a valued compatriot. The result is almost always destructive for all parties involved, from Shinji crushing Kaworu Nagisa to Ritsuko’s attempts to kill Gendo Ikari, the Human Betrays the Human until the very end of this dark, at times confusing, but epic series.

6 The ordinary goes very badly at school

Kotonoha Katusura school days

For everything but the last episode of the infamous School days, viewers’ hearts are torn in both pleasant and mildly unpleasant ways, feeling hope, sympathy, and then sorrow for Kotonoha; frustration but empathy for Sekai; and complete irritation and disgust with Makoto and his conduct.

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But once the final episode plays out and all the storylines converge, Kotonoha’s fear of losing what she’s earned ultimately overwhelms her, causing her to do the unthinkable. The jealousy and the fear that comes with it is featured in this show as well as anywhere else in the anime.

5 The Promised Neverland: betrayal is promised

Ray Emma Norman from The Promised Neverland

The children of Grace Field House all live peaceful, clean, happy and prosperous lives with their moms in The promised imaginary land. Until the secret comes out: Children are being raised as food for demons. Emma and Norman uncover this terrible secret and confide in their friend Ray, hoping to find a way to prevent other children from being sent to an unknown table.

Ray already knows the truth, however, and torn between his fear of mom and his growing love for his friends, he briefly works to thwart Norman and Emma’s attempts to plan a mass escape.

4 Another highlights human panic over unknown and deadly threats

Mei Misaki with other students on another's stairs

Confronting fear is the strongest current that flows through Another one. As the name suggests, the story deals with the second emergence of a deadly curse at Yomiyama Middle School, manifesting itself in another of the students in one of the classes. The key to fear, however, is that no one knows which student is the cause of this curse.

Another one shows how humanity tends to react to such circumstances. Many of the students in the class start to panic and look for someone to blame, usually with dire consequences, inadvertently accentuating the effects of the curse with their own fear reactions.

3 Betrayal Plus Betrayal is equivalent to Code Geass

Lelouch poses in Code Geass

Lelouch Lamperouge’s rise as a revolutionary shakes the world’s ruling powers Code Geass to their core. Lelouch’s near and far face drastic lifestyle changes as the revolution forces them to face a new reality. Lelouch and Suzaku both betray their friends, causes, and each other repeatedly as they struggle with fear of change or fear of loss, both believing they are acting on principle.

They leave broken bodies, hearts and minds in their wake as they cling to ideals that cannot survive the extreme actions they take in the name of defending those ideals and goals.

2 Serial Experiments Lain: fear of the unknown pushes people into the unknown

Lain on computer screen from Lain series experiments

Among the many powerful themes relevant to 1990s anime Lain series experiments, the fear of the unknown is the most visible. While the story centers on Lain, who betrays no one, all of the characters around Lain come to times in their lives when they must face the fear of not only the unknown, but the truth emerging from it. unknown: that this mundane girl named Lain is about to step up to god status, and neither of them can do anything about it.

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Lain’s family is hit the hardest, with her mother and sister moving away from her and treating her like a monster, the first pathetically clinging to her mundane life and the second going mad with fear, confusion and depression. .

1 Rachel’s heartbreaking decision in the Tower of God

Rachel and Bam before entering the tower of the Tower of God

Bam and Rachel in Tower of God are friends in their previous lives under the Tower, and there is no reason why they should not remain friends after entering. The system within the Tower does not necessarily pit participant against participant, or at least not initially. Their paths seem to diverge for a while, but Bam remains a true friend of Rachel’s until they are finally reunited in the Tower, and it looks like their friendship will enter a new and beautiful stage.

When the stage looks set for these two to take the next step in overcoming the Tower, Rachel does the unthinkable and betrays Bam, which she believes is likely her death. This turn of the story shocked viewers, but was it driven to betrayal out of fear? Season 2 will hopefully shed light on that answer.

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