10 animated series you didn’t know had multiple endings


Generally speaking, an overwhelming majority of anime is adapted from written material. Manga, light novels, video games, and visual novels are all common sources for many anime. While manga and light novels only have one ending, video games and visual novels typically have a handful of different endings to unlock during gameplay.

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When anime adapt these types of stories, they have to choose an ending and stick to it. Many anime choose the real ending for their anime adaptations, but at least one infamously chose a bad ending for their anime adaptation. Regardless of which ending fits, there are plenty of cartoons that have multiple endings depending on the choices of the main characters.

ten Steins; Gate has endings for every possible romance option

Rintaro and his friends meet at Ikebukuro in Steins Gate

the Steins; Gate the anime is based on a visual novel that explores alternate storylines that the original anime doesn’t address at all. In the original game, Rintaro Okabe has the option of pursuing one of the potential love interests, and Mayuri Shiina, Luka Urushibara, Suzuha Amane, Faris NyanNyan, and Kurisu Makise all have their own endings in the Steins; Gate visual novel. The anime understands the real road, which is the end of Kurisu. Kurisu’s ending has arguably the best writing, with the other endings hard to believe or incomplete.

9 The Fate Stay / Night franchise has several endings, including bad endings

Masters and servants of fate stay the night

Destiny / Stay the night is a visual novel that includes the Destiny, Unlimited blade works, and The feeling of paradise storylines, all of which have been faithfully or loosely adapted into anime. However, the average anime fan may not know that all Destiny the anime are related to each other and come from the same storyline that comes from the visual novel. Besides the separate storylines included in Destiny, the Destiny / Stay the night The visual novel also has a host of bad endings that should be avoided if gamers are to experience the full story.

8 Clannad has six different storylines to follow in the visual novel


the clandestine the anime has Tomoya Okazaki chasing Nagisa Furukawa, but she’s just one of many romantic options in the original visual novel that the anime is based on. Fuuko Ibuki, Tomoyo Sakagami, twins Fujibayashi and Misae Sagare are among the various romance options available in the clandestine visual novel.

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Nagisa Road is considered to be the real road, especially since Clannad after the storyNagisa’s true end picks up where Nagisa’s clandestine course completed. the clandestine The anime adaptation is a beloved story for many anime aficionados.

seven School Days is infamous for its bad visual endings

Makoto and his love triangle at school

Most visual novel anime adaptations follow true or good endings in the visual novel, but School days breaks the mold by choosing one of the wrong endings. School days has a total of 21 possible endings for players in its original version, including multiple endings for Sekai Saionji and Kotonoha Katsura, as well as two different harem endings. the School days The anime adaptation chooses the wrong ending where Kotonoha takes revenge on both Makoto and Sekai – one of the worst endings the game has to offer.

6 Little Busters! Has many good and bad endings in the visual novel

Little Busters Girls Join Anime Baseball Team

the Little Busters! the anime is also based on a visual novel which has multiple endings for various romance options, as well as bad endings. Made by the same creators who brought anime fans clandestine, Little Busters! follows Riki Naoe and the friends he made in his youth after losing both parents and developing narcolepsy. the Little Busters! The anime has become somewhat of a cult classic with some anime fans for its melodramatic storyline, but its source material contains several endings in addition to the anime ending.

5 Kanon has five different love options and includes bad endings

With two different anime adaptations released in the 2000s, Kanon has established itself as a beloved series for many anime fans. Its sources come from the same authors who produced the clandestine and Little Busters! visual novels, with Kanon being Key’s first visual novel. All three series carry the same style Key has become known for: melodramatic storylines that focus on the “what-ifs” of potential romantic connections. Kanon has both good and bad endings depending on what players choose, but the anime chooses the ending which focuses on Ayu Tsukimiya.

4 Hakuouki has multiple endings for every romantic character

Originally an otome game based on real historical characters who were in the Shinsengumi, Hakuouki gained enough popularity to get several anime releases and even some manga. The original game follows Chizuru Yukimura, who works with the Shinsengumi to locate her father.

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There are a plethora of romance options out there, and each of them has their own unique endings with Chizuru. The anime follows the plot of Toshizo Hijikata, with whom Chizuru falls in love during the series. Hakuouki even has some bad endings, making the game a rich experience.

3 Steins; Gate 0 has multiple endings, including a bad end

Unlike its predecessor, Steins; Gate 0 takes a slightly different approach to its branching storyline by offering fewer options for romance than the original. There are a total of six endings that players can receive in the Steins; Gate 0 visual novel, including a bad ending. Mayuri saves the day Steins; Gate 0, for it was only through his intervention that his past chose to awaken Okabe’s mind and encourage him to complete Operation Skuld. This adds a bittersweet layer to the original Steins; Gate, as players see more of Mayuri’s perspective.

2 Corpse Party has at least 27 endings, many of which are gruesome and disturbing

Corpse festival: tortured souls

the Corpse festival: tortured souls the anime is surprisingly short compared to its source material. Corpse Day was originally released in 1996 as a supernatural horror game that follows Satoshi Mochida and his classmates after they were sucked into the hell of Heavenly Host Elementary School, a haunted school that once stood there where their current school is built. Each chapter has several dead ends and bad endings that stop the progression of the full story. The anime is only four episodes long, so fans should take the game for a scary experience.

1 Persona 5: the original game of animation has three endings

smiling joker p5a

the Persona 5 the anime adaptation didn’t quite capture the nuances of the storyline of its source material, and with good reason, as the Persona 5 video game lasts over 100 hours. Fans of the anime should definitely take a look at the game it is based on if they haven’t already. Persona 5 is widely regarded as one of Atlus’ best Personage entrees and, like the others Personage entries, the game has more than one end. There is a bad ending, a good ending, and a real ending, with the anime adapting the real ending.

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