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Video games are such a part of everyday life that they appear in just about anything from comics to anime. Due to the high cost of licenses, cartoons that wish to feature a popular title resort to good-humored parodies or product displacement (i.e., deliberately misspelling a copyrighted title or name. pre-existing).

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The end results are vaguely familiar titles and hilarious parodies. Most of the time, these are just kind thanks to another form of popular entertainment, while in rare but nonetheless notable cases, it is about the plot of an episode or even the reason for existing. of an entire anime.

ten Hen Zemi – The legendary Pinal Mantasy series

Pinal Mantasy By Hen Zemi

Zemi hen (Where Abnormal physiology seminar) follows a group of college friends who engage in scorching drifts in the name of research and grades. At the start of the second episode, Nanako and Miwako accidentally stumble upon an awkward photoshoot, where their teacher takes erotic photos of a game developer.

This man’s claim to fame was Mantasia pinale, a great success of 1998 made exclusively for the XI system. Given the show’s sense of humor and the title’s pun, however, it’s no surprise to learn that Mantasia pinale was an adult-only game and not a groundbreaking fantasy JRPG like its current counterpart, Final fantasy. While Mantasia pinale the gameplay is never shown, the creator of the game becomes a recurring character.

9 Sekirei: pure commitment – Naho is a serious business

Sekirei plays Naho

Countless jokes have been made about how the Uno card game can destroy friendships as completely as Monopoly, and Sekirei: pure commitment (the second season of the anime) shows how this is so. Naho’s rules are the same as Uno’s, only now the super powerful Sekirei is pushing the card game to its most explosive and violent levels.

To mark a date with Minato, five Sekirei fight among themselves in Naho. Due to their very literal mindset, the Sekirei take the card game too seriously or grope it awkwardly. For example, Tsukumi wonders why exactly someone has to shout out the name of the game to win, while Kusano ultimately wins by deploying mind games that she learned beforehand.

8 Dragon Ball Z – The Egocentric Game of Mr. Satan Poy Games

Mr. Satans Game Poy

In the Dragon ball world, Mr. Satan is a big celebrity so naturally he has video games with his face and a blessing on them. While not named, these games found on the explosive Game Poy which he lends to Buu are easy to compare and contrast with their real-life counterparts.

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The first set is a copy of Snake where instead of a pixelated snake, Buu controls a line of Mr. Satan’s heads. The other is a generic fighting game much like Street Fighter Alpha, only this time the default fighter is Mr. Satan himself. Mr. Satan fails to explosively kill Buu with the rigged Game Poy, although he befriends the childish form of Majin Buu.

7 Hayate The Combat Butler – Duel Butlers play Yu-Gi-Oh! Using Hayate Cards

Hayate draws a monster card

While it’s primarily known for being a nostalgic harem anime, Hayate the Fighting Butler has also made a name for itself by being one of the funniest gag anime of the early 2000s. The anime has made it through countless parodies and references, like The master of idols copy Ai-Dollar-Master, but one of the most famous skits was the Yu Gi Oh ! parody.

Not only did Hayate fight a black butler by re-enacting an episode of Yu Gi Oh ! (complete with Duel Disks), but they use real cards from the anime’s card deck. The best part is that Hayate recreated one of the most parodied moments from Yu Gi Oh !, especially when Yami uses an effect that allows him to repeatedly draw monster cards to attack Weevil Underwood.

6 Anohana: the flower we saw that day – Nokémon & Dojimon Nostalgia Are Real

A working copy of Nokemon Gold

Anohana: the flowers we saw that day focuses on the joys and pains of longing that haunts a group of childhood friends. That said, it’s no surprise that two nostalgic real-world trends have been reflected here. Specifically, Anohana paid homage to the hugely popular Pokémon and Digimon via Nokémon and Dojimon, respectively.

When the Super Peace Busters realize that their late friend Menma remains a ghost because of an unfinished business, Tetsudo thinks giving her the rare Nokemon she always wanted could help her move forward. It doesn’t work, although everyone had fun revisiting Nokémon Gold. They briefly mention Dojimon, who was the direct competitor of Nokémon who never took off.

5 The Squid Girl – Squid Girl plays fake classics

The parodies of the game Squid Girl

Much of the humor in Squid girl! stems from Musume’s addiction to surface world video games. Over the course of the anime, Musume comes across a plethora of different consoles and video games, all of which are hilarious, pirate versions of their real-life counterparts.

Some notable imitations include E-Zero (a.k.a F-Zero), Kart Hedgehog 2 (a.k.a Mario kart), Super Eiko (a.k.a Super Mario), and unnamed anymore. The most notable title in the universe is Bas Fighter IV, an obvious imitation of Street fighter IV. Dumbest thing about Stockings Fighters IV is that although it is based on a PS3 game, it has old 16-bit graphics.

4 Gintama – The Odd Jobbers Get Stuck In Hacked Hits

Bentendo games

During the fierce battle for the Bentendo Owee, the Odd Jobbers and the Shinsengumi clash in VR recreations of some video games to get the prized and severely limited console. These games were: Bakiboki Memorial, Dragon Hunter 3, and Nobunaga’s vomit, based on Tokimeki Memorial, Monster Hunter, and Nobunaga’s ambition, respectively.

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Bentendo games differ from their originals except for Bakiboki who, like Tokimeki, is a dating simulation. Nobunaga’s vomit is a Tetris clone where the leader of the Sengoku era, Oda Nobunaga, throws the bricks, while Dragon Hunter 3 is an interactive VR fantasy RPG that has Odd Jobbers and Shinsengumi join forces to beat the audience.

3 Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-Kun – Girls Princess 3’s Tomoda Deserves the World

tomoda in princess girls 3

The dating game Princess Girls 3 is not based on a specific otome game like Mystical messenger, but all kind. Monthly Nozaki-Kun for Girls isn’t the first anime to feature a spoofed dating sim, but it’s most notable given its popularity in the anime community. All thanks to NPC Tomoda, the player character’s best friend and wingman.

In Princess Girls 3, Tomoda supports the romantic activities of the players (Nozaki and Mikoto) no matter what. Nozaki and Mikoto only realize that Tomoda sacrificed much of his time and life for them towards the end of the game, motivating them to take an alternate route where the player confesses to a tearful Tomoda. Nozaki, Mikoto and the fans agree that Tomoda deserves everything and more.

2 Monster Rancher – Monster Battle 200X solved a very specific legal issue

The Monster 200X tournament

Monster breeder is one of the best-received anime game adaptations, although most people have forgotten about the PlayStation games it was based on. The anime was designed to help sell the games, although US viewers may be confused as the anime featured something called “Monster Battle 200X”. It turns out that it was a solution to a legal hurdle.

In America, cartoons are not allowed to sell anything directly to the public, although that is not a problem in Japan. Accordingly, the original Monster breeder The show explicitly showed Genki entering the world of the real “Monster Rancher”, while the US localization gave him “Monster Battle 200X”. Also, “Monster Battle 200X” was made by Mecto, not Tecmo.

1 Yu Gi Oh ! – Yami plays familiar games

Duel Monsters & Capsule Monsters

These days, Yu Gi Oh ! the anime are known to be glorified commercials for the various games that have come out of the franchise, especially children’s card games. In anime and manga, Yami Yugi plays different games that range from cool to otherworldly. What many may not know is that these extravagant games were actually based on real games.

Card games were originally a unique manga in homage to Magic: The Gathering named Magic & Wizards. After M&W received immense fan approval, manga artist Kazuki Takahashi reworked his story to focus on what would become Duel Monsters. Other tributes in the universe include Capsule Monsters (aka Pokémon) and Dungeon Dice Monsters (aka Dungeons & Dragons).

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