10 anime games to look forward to in 2018


Dragon ball fighterz

Dragon Ball has seen a great number of fighting games over the years, but Dragon Ball FighterZ holds a special place even among these. FighterZ has an absolutely amazing art style that almost makes it look like fights from the moving anime. Even after that, the Arc System Works team meticulously crafted each character’s motion sets to be direct representations of the anime or manga’s moves.

With a roster that includes fan favorite characters like Gotenks, Kid Buu, Frieza, and Android 16, there’s a lot of variety. The roster even includes new Dragon Ball Super characters like Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black. FighterZ focuses on three-on-three battles that allow you to swap between characters and use them for assists, while unleashing all of your insane, over-the-top attacks.

With the Arc System Works pedigree behind it, Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be accessible enough for newcomers to the genre, while still providing good depth for veterans. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, this is absolutely a title you should not miss.

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