10 anime games to play if you liked Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is one of the most popular video games right now across all platforms, and it’s a generous title that just keeps giving. The free price certainly contributed a lot to its popularity, and when paired with the aesthetics of the anime, it could not help but become the best in its class. This definitely cemented the success factor of animated video games.

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Sure, Genshin Impact can only get so enchanting before players are soon exhausted from the immense work involved in the game. gacha system. Therefore, looking at other anime games and their own gacha or the open world models should clear up the players’ point of view. They will either find a respite from the game or they will return Genshin Impact with these ten titles. Either way, it’s a victory.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai impact 3 character

Honkai Impact 3rdthe artistic style of is surprisingly similar to Genshin Impact, so is its title. They also have the same developer and a gacha system too. Yet their resemblance ends there as Honkai Impact pursues a different format of its own. It’s more action-packed and faster than Genshin Impact. Most of the characters are also female and possess outrageous anime powers.

Honkai Impact 3rd also has multiple game modes and introduced open world gameplay earlier this year. A little like Genshin Impact, it is also cross-platform and PC gamers can meet and have fun with mobile gamers. The setting is perfect for those who crave science fiction instead of Genshin Impactit is high fantasy.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Speaking of high fantasy, Fire Emblem Heroes share as much with Genshin Impact. Fire emblem is a long-running, certified RPG series that made its way into mobile in 2017 with Fire Emblem Heroes. Don’t expect the graphics to be as advanced as Genshin Impact‘s, this one is more modest and emulates 16-bit style animation and art.

The plot and the story is actually more of a premise here. Players simply visit different Fire emblem worlds of the past and recruit heroes from those worlds to fight alongside them. Combat is turn-based and maps are instantiated without exploring the open world. However, the gacha system is still there and is pretty much intact.

Raja of the dragons


When someone asks what is the best looking MMORPG on mobile right now, the most common answer would probably be Raja of the dragons. It’s a surprisingly huge and populous game which makes it a marvel that fits on a portable device and marks the way that phones have come.

Raja of the dragons is about as standard as MMORPGs. Lots of grinding involved and lots of other side activities to distract them from the main “Stop Bad Bad Guy” quest. Where it shines, however, is in how technologically advanced it is for a mobile game, as it’s pretty much a full MMORPG experience in the pockets of gamers.

Lord of heroes

Lord-Heroes characters

“Lord of Heroes” will launch worldwide on September 7th

Lord of heroes is yet another gacha-fantasy based game that was also released quite recently. It has a different structure compared to Genshin Impact and uses group gameplay more effectively since combat is turn-based and more strategic.

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The difficulty lies in obtaining specific traits that are rare and sought after. Each of them has different specializations, skills and movements and even elements similar to those present in Genshin Impact. The premise is also more unique because Lord of heroes imagine the group of players as a wandering army seeking the throne of a powerful but turbulent kingdom.

Lost Dragalia


If a mobile game is co-developed by Nintendo, gamers can be sure that it is at least a decent game. It would be Lost Dragalia and it’s a top-down action RPG that shares the same format as the Monster hunter Capcom games. This is where players visit an instanced area or dungeon and typically face off against a single boss where epic combat takes place for several minutes depending on their skills.

There are other factors involved, of course, such as the characters used. Some of these are rarer than others and can only be obtained by Dragalia Lost game-heavy standard gacha system. Those who are tired of the boss fight formula can also try other quest designs such as wave based kill sessions.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

sao integral factor

It’s only natural for an anime about video games to have its own anime video game. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is the successful mobile project of the popular franchise despite being a bit smaller than its console or PC counterparts. Yet he is a worthy contender to Genshin Impact even though it was released earlier.

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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Closely follows the lore of the anime and puts players in the shoes of an assault team on their way to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad, much like Kirito. The environment is also a decently sized open world and should be a wonderful playground for fans.

The alchemist’s code

the alchemist code

For another turn by turn and gacha-anime based online game, The alchemist’s code has a nice collection of 50 characters. All of them blend together and synergize in party-based gameplay, much like in Genshin Impact. Expect a slower pace of action for this one as it’s grid-based, like Fire emblem hero.

The story is pretty much the typical anime friendship fantasy of two best friends fighting and killing each other over a disagreement and because they apparently love the same girl. This sets the stage for cooperative multiplayer and competitive PVP against friends or strangers.

Another Eden


For those looking for a serious and Final Fantasy-esque gacha RPG, Another Eden might just do the trick. This is one of the newer titles and has a good designer pedigree since the story and music are made by the same guys responsible for the anime game. the trigger of a stopwatch.

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Fans of it should feel at home in Another Eden (no pun intended) because there are plenty of nods and references to this one too. The graphics might not be as grandiose as Genshin Impactit’s but Another Eden makes up for that with its story elements and more strategic gameplay.

The Knights


Looking for something unique than the usual RPG / strategy game on mobile? So look no further than what The Knights has to offer. It’s a hybrid gacha/ RPG / tower defense game where characters act like towers as they kill wave after wave of disfigured monsters.

These monsters were the result of a deadly infection sweeping the land. The players then take on the role of a key member of a drug company suspiciously named Rhodes Island. They then choose their operators who will act as the first line of defense against the infection that has manifested as deadly villains.

Destiny / Grand Order


Last but not least, one of the most popular gacha RPG in the history of mobile games, Destiny / Grand Order. This one has been around since 2015 and has shaken the minds of players with its randomness. gacha system can be. Some have even spent thousands of dollars just to bring their favorite character into the game.

It’s because Destiny / Grand Order is based on the Fate animated series and presents the same tradition and the same characters. It has its own original story, but it usually takes a back seat to the turn-based JRPG combat in the game as well as powerful characters.

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