10 Anime Series No One Expected To Return (But Did)


There was a time when anime ended on unsatisfying cliffhangers and didn’t get any more seasons. Production companies saw no point in continuing an anime and preferred to use the medium as indirect marketing to entice fans to purchase the manga instead.

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This has not been the case in recent years. Now, more than ever, the anime industry is greenlighting sequels and new anime seasons that fans had given up hope of seeing again. These miraculous returns have been true passion projects and a joy to see return, and many of them were impossible to predict.

ten Anime Fans Begged For Spice and Wolf’s Return

spice and wolf had two seasons during its original run, but like many other anime at that time, it ended on an unresolved cliffhanger. Anime communities have been begging for the return of classic anime like spice and wolfand earlier this year, that wish finally came true.

A new spice and wolf The project is underway, 15 years after the start of the original season. It’s been way too long, but fans can’t wait to reunite with Holo the Wise Wolf. It has been confirmed that this project is not a continuation of the beloved series, but rather a reimagining of what is already in place.

9 No one saw an Urusei Yatsura reboot coming after so long

Sometimes a returning anime is surprising because of how it ended. For Urusei Yatsura, this is because it has been over 36 years since the original anime was completed. It’s a massive length of time, and so it’s perfectly understandable for fans of the original series to have moved on and not expect a revival.

A whole new generation of anime watchers are about to discover the unusual story of Ataru Moroboshi and the alien Lum. It’s hard not to wonder how well this rebooted premise can work in modern times.

8 There was no reason to expect the devil to be part time! Go back

Isekai anime are extremely common, but reverse isekai – not so much. A reverse isekai, as the name suggests, is an anime where characters from another world are transported to Earth. In The devil is part-time!Sadao Maou and his trusty general Shiro Ashiya find themselves lost in modern Tokyo and, hilariously, end up working in McDonald’s version of this story, MgRonald’s.

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The devil is part-time! is a refreshing story with strong characters and comedy, but it’s a story that was cut short to just one season of episodes. After nine years, anime fans are finally about to see this group of misfits again.

seven Bleach will finally adapt the last arc of its story

The original shonen-hit series Bleach ended in 2014. However, fans of the series knew there were more manga to adapt, and there was confusion as to why the anime wasn’t going to finish adapting the story.

It’s taken a decade, but fans of Tite Kubo’s stylish action series can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Bleach: Bloody Thousand Year War is set to begin in October 2022, and it will finally put a definitive end to Ichigo Kurosaki’s story that began nearly 18 years ago.

6 Classroom Of The Elite Has Two New Seasons Coming To Correct Its Mistakes

Elite class changed some major plot points of the light novels it was adapting in its singular season. This caused fans to worry about how a hypothetical sequel might work out if it happened.

Miraculously, however, the story of these high school teenagers at a dangerous school is set to receive not one, but two new seasons that will continue the story of the beloved light novels. It remains to be seen how the story will or will not be altered to achieve Elite class get back on track.

5 Trigun will be reborn with 3D animation

The story of Trigun and its gunslinger protagonist, Vash the Stampede, has been over since 1998. Predicting a return for the classic anime would have been impossible. And yet, studio Orange has announced that they are bringing back the classic anime with a new 3D story titled Trigun stampede.

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Studio Orange is behind fantastic 3D anime such as Land of the Shining and Beastarsso there’s reason to believe it could create a compelling 3D reimagining of Vash’s otherworldly tale.

4 My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Gave Fans the Answers They’ve Been Waiting For

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU recounts the amorous misadventures of the pessimistic Hachiman Hikigaya and the women in his life. Viewers were left on edge after the second season’s cliffhanger plunged into a potential love triangle.

Still, the source material was complete, and thus no one expected to see the ending adapted into anime form. Against all odds, that’s exactly what happened five years later. The final season was a fitting end to the story that fans had given up hope of ever seeing again.

3 Nomad: the Megalo Box 2 had no reason to exist, but it has proven itself

Some anime sequels are surprising due to how long it took them to happen. Nomad: Megalo Box 2 is surprising because viewers of the original series, Megalo boxhad naturally assumed that the story was over once it finished airing in June 2018.

It didn’t feel like a necessary sequel, but in April 2021 Nomad: Megalo Box 2 came out of nowhere, took a darker direction to add even more depth to its characters, and fully earned its place as a justified sequel.

2 Chihayafuru was the most unlikely sports anime to receive a sequel

Sports stories in manga are long, which often means that very few anime adaptations reach the end. Chihayafuru isn’t just a sports anime – it’s a sports anime based on a niche Japanese card game called karuta. It also has some romantic elements.

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Yet, six years after its second season, Chihayafuru fans found out that Chihaya Ayase’s karuta adventure will continue with a third season. Despite the gap between the seasons, Chihayafuru didn’t miss a beat and provided some real character development for the main cast.

1 The wait for Re:Zero Season 2 was excruciating

Re: Zero the dark subversion of isekai tropes has created many fans in a short time. Despite its popularity and how lucrative the franchise was for publisher Kadokawa, fans went years without hope of a new season.

Part of the reason for the lull Re: zero the content could have been to let the light novels progress enough that there was enough content to adapt, and it paid off. After almost four long years, Re: Zero Season 2 is here, and it expanded on everything that made the first season so special.

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