10 anime series that are funnier when you’re an adult


Owhether they’re fans of sprawling action epics, terrifying adventures in the horror and sci-fi genres, or hilarious and absurd experiences, every anime fan can enjoy a hearty laugh. Animated comedies are often fearless with the subject matter they ridicule and the exaggerated ways in which they do so.

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There are an abundance of comedy and gag anime series, but some of these programs apply an extra level of complexity to their humor that makes it easier to decipher for adults their ridiculous jokes.

ten Pop Team Epic transcends meme culture and pokes fun at the public

Pop Team Epic works more like small bites of pop culture inspired comedy sketches as episodes ricochet between ridiculous ideas, some of which don’t even get the chance to include a conventional drop. Pop Team Epic is a rare case where it feels like ‘trolls’ rule the comedy and it’s one massive meme machine. The manic beat will appeal to younger audiences, but the references are odd and anachronistic.

9 Excel Saga demolishes all anime genres with joyful abandon

The Excel saga is a triumph of genre experimentation that throws so much at audiences at a constantly chaotic pace that anime can be actively draining at times. There’s a simple story about a rambling underground organization’s mission to take over the city, and later, the world, but, overall, The Excel saga turns into a different anime genre in each episode. these effortless genre parodies and the unpredictable nature of the show’s characters, especially Excel herself, could overwhelm a young audience. An older crowd of veteran anime fans will definitely be able to appreciate the parodies more.

8 Osomatsu-San’s unrepentant perspective on the past and pop culture is the golden comedy

Anime Barack Obama in Osomatsu-san

the Osomatsu the franchise had two anime series, one in the 1960s and one in the late 80s under the title Osomatsu-kun, but the the classic series received a modern reboot with Osomatsu-sanwho ages sextuplets from central slacker Matsuno to teenagers. Osomatsu-san has three seasons and a feature film, and it has only become a more unpredictable and amazing piece of television.

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No rules apply in Osomatsu, and episodes will happily parody other popular anime series and even classic pieces of Japanese literature. It’s very easy for comedy in Osomatsu to go over the heads of audiences, especially if it doesn’t have a long history with older anime series.

7 Space Dandy Is A Parody Masterpiece That Always Plans For Something More

Anime Space Dandy End of the Universe

Ohello ambitious people space dandy only lasts two seasons, there’s a remarkable level of quality and range that’s on display across its 26 episodes. Coming from anime writer Shinichiro Watanabe, space dandy feels like a weird version of cowboy bebop as the series follows a ragtag group of bounty hunters across the galaxy. the eclectic planets, aliens and gender experiments Craft space dandy accessible to all ages, but it ventures into surprisingly lofty ideas and even gets into the concept of a multiverse. space dandy hides difficult themes behind clumsy craziness, but there’s depth to its weird world.

6 Ping Pong Club’s lewd comedy has an adult audience in mind

Anime Ping Pong Club Rabbit Hare

Many anime series decide to use the school environment as a playground for hilarity, but there are examples of programs that really push the boundaries. ping pong club is a 90s anime that focuses on the hormonal exploits of a group of high school outcasts. The comedy is often understated, but the anime’s tone makes it sound like some animated version of South Park. There are many adult jokes that are present in ping pong club it will connect better with those who have come out of their awkward teenage years as opposed to those who are still there.

5 Golden Boy’s Ridiculous Misadventures Is More For An Older Crowd

golden boy is a six-episode OVA series from the 1990s that seems perfect for younger audiences, as it features a brave young protagonist, Kintarou, who does odd jobs in hopes of gaining a better education in the world.

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There’s an innocence to Kintarou’s journey and how he finds himself embroiled in these weird dilemmas, but Kintarou is exposed to some very adult ideas along the way. Messy love affairs and even a corrupt government become Kintarou’s responsibilities and, despite the hero’s young age, golden boy is intended for an adult audience.

4 Chaos at Cromartie High School works best for adults

Which makes Cromartie High School such a hilarious anomaly is that its main character, Takashi Kamiyama, is by far the most uninteresting in the series and practically a substitute for the audience who is just as surprised by the antics of the educational institution. Cromartie High School looks more like a punishment for the most disruptive and unruly students in the country. The anime just examines random mayhem without caring about a larger narrative or character development. The episodes are tight and fat-free, but most of the anime’s sense of humor, like a school-enrolling Freddie Mercury lookalike, works best for adults.

3 Nichijou turns a normal slice of life into reflexive shenanigans

Mio gives a peace sign

Nichijou is a slice of life comedy which follows the daily adventures of a trio of friends, each with contrasting personalities. Nichijou puts these seemingly normal girls under the microscope, to inevitably highlight their atypical natures. The young age of the characters and the user-friendly art design will attract many young audiences to Nichijoubut this is another anime where the jokes hit harder when the viewer has the hindsight of their own youth to look back on.

2 The Tatami Galaxy finds humor in the endless paths life can take

The Tatami Galaxy looks at plenty of friendly characters and light-hearted storylines across its 11 episodes, but there’s an inherent level of maturity to its larger message that probably won’t connect as much with kids. At Masaaki Yuasa The Tatami Galaxy is completely hilarious and surprising, but it turns into a sophisticated meditation on free will and fate, almost like an over-the-top animated version of Sliding doors. The various lives the anime’s protagonist gets to live are all entertaining, but adults will have to contemplate the deeper questions behind them.

1 Gintama holds nothing sacred and denounces the most ridiculous ideas

Kagura, Gintama

Gintama recently concluded its story after an epic run of over 350 episodes and three feature films. It’s not uncommon for long-running shonen series to lose their way over time, but Gintama is the rare example of a series that actively getting funnier and more confident with each episode. Gintama has an eclectic sensibility where nothing is off limits, resulting in gags and stories that resonate with most audiences. However, Gintama is also no stranger to niche references that require decades of anime knowledge to properly decipher. Many episodes also riff directly on current events in Japanese society.

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