10 anime series that grew with the audience


Anime that become nostalgic childhood memories are fairly common, but those that grow with their viewers are a rare and special kind. It’s not just a case of anime still airing episodes as their viewers grow, but their stories also acknowledge their age.

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The easiest way to do this is to have anime heroes grow old enough to pass the adventure on to their grandchildren. But in a more emotional farewell, the cast closes the funnier, younger days of their show to move on to the next chapter of life.

ten JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is currently in its sixth generation

One of the most unique things about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is that it is the anthology of adventures of a line across the world and through history. Since its debut in 2012, the hugely popular anime has allowed fans to grow with different generations of Joestars (as well as their eccentric friends and foes) over the course of a decade.

From the 1800s with phantom blood and go strong with ocean of stone (set in the 2010s)Jojo featured memorable heroes and villains who have aged on screen. One of the most striking examples was Fight Tendency hero Joseph Joestar, who appeared through three generations and was last seen as an old man in The diamond is unbreakable.

9 Inuyasha passed the adventures on to the next generation

After a six-year hiatus that began in 2004, Inuyasha, Kagome, and their friends’ battle against evil finally came to an end with the season finale, Inuyasha: The final act. The finale ended with an epilogue showing everyone settling into their new, peaceful family life, but that wasn’t the end of this magical version of ancient Japan.

In 2020, Inuyasha came back with Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess, which featured the children of the original cast. By the time Yashahime broadcast, those who grew up with Inuyasha were now adults, some of whom had families of their own. It did both of Inuyasha happy ending and legacy sequel all the more emotionally resonant and impactful.

8 Naruto went through a phase of adolescence and parenthood

When it comes to shonen heroes, no one has aged as visibly as Naruto Uzumaki. In his first self-titled series, Naruto was a 12-year-old boy with big dreams of becoming the next Hokage. Instead of staying that way forever, Naruto became an anxious but determined teenager in Shippuden, and ended his adventures when he finally became Hokage.

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What makes the end of Naruto’s journey more meaningful is his original fans aging at much the same rate as him, and it wasn’t the end of the ninja’s story yet. After Shippuden, Naruto passed the reins to his son Boruto in Bortuo: Naruto Next Generations, much like the series’ first fanbase let in the next generation.

seven Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monsters has passed the torch of gaming to future generations

Since this was a glorified advertisement for children’s card games, Yu Gi Oh! Duel of monsters could have settled for mediocrity, but it is not. Although they ran for an impressive 224 episodes and three films, anime’s most famous trading card players failed to attract attention and let seven new generations take their place when their time was up.

Duel of monsters lasted long enough to not only end by the time its original fans were past their card game phases, but also to pass the card-based fun on to the next generation. Yami literally did this at the start of Yu Gi Oh! GX when he passed on his gaming heritage to Jaden, much like how older fans made way for the next group of avid Duelists.

6 Digimon Adventure aged alongside its original target audience

Digimon Adventure is the most beloved iteration of the long run Digimon frankness, which is why it is continuity with the most followed materials, including a heartfelt farewell. Like their fans, the original DigiDestined met their partner Digimon when they were kids, then moved on to high school in the Threesome Adventure movies and finally adulthood in Latest Kizuna evolution.

Each specific chapter of the Digimon Adventure the timeline coincided with the actual age of the fans, which makes Latest Evolution of Kizuna the whole conflict all the more significant. Here, the DigiDestined came to terms with growing up and losing their best childhood friends, much like their real-world fans had to go through equally difficult growing up difficulties.

5 Doraemon lasted long enough to see Nobita grow

Although it started in 1973, Doraemon is a pillar of childhood that is not exclusive to one generation. Doraemon and Nobita are practically timeless and their endless childhood fun is cherished by different age groups. That said, even Doraemon knew that childhood is not eternal, and it ended with the hypothetical final Support me.

The two-part cinematic finale focused on Nobita and Doraemon going their separate ways as Nobita grew older and approached the point where he (and, by extension, the audience) had to outgrow his childhood best friend. Doraemon still going strong today, but support me is the bittersweet endpoint for many older fans of the beloved anime.

4 Gintama is done with odd jobs realizing their best selves

Due to their hilarity and countless fake endings, it seemed like the odd-job mishaps were going to go on forever. But after making viewers laugh since 2006, Gintama finally concluded in 2021 with the aptly titled final film Gintama: the very final, which was indeed the definitive conclusion to the iconic gag anime.

Fans who originally watched Gintama for Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura’s hijinks left with a surprisingly intimate history of friends whose individual resolves and collective bond only grew stronger over time. Seeing the trio finally realize their full potential and grow as people gave the comic anime a stirring and triumphant sendoff.

3 One Piece has become a socially relevant fighting anime

When it started in 1999, A play seemed to be nothing more than anime’s colorful and super-powerful answer to pirate fiction. The fun and exciting adventures of the Straw Hats were originally intended for children, but the longer the journey of Monkey D. Luffy and his friends, the more they grew up and saw how hard the real world was, just like their fans.

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One Piece world lives under the iron grip of the world government, and piracy is the only form of rebellion and power available to ordinary people. Luffy’s simple dreams of hard work and friendship turned into a struggle for freedom and justice, which One Piece fans can relate to having also grown up and seen how much better their world can and should be.

2 Bleach’s final season is the end of two important eras

After being quietly taken off the air in 2012, Bleach is set to return later this year with the adaptation of the manga’s final arc, “The Thousand-Year Blood War.” Ichigo Kurosaki’s return isn’t just important for giving longtime fans the conclusion they’ve been waiting for nearly a decade, but for the fact that it brings an important part of the story to a close. animates it.

In the 2000s, the Big Three of Shonen Jump cemented anime’s place on the world stage. Of the three, alone Bleach is coming to its final end, which makes his return all the more poignant. Bleach The finale will not only be the grittiest anime has ever been, but it will also mark the beginning of the end of an era for now-adult fans who grew up watching these iconic titles.

1 Neon Genesis Evangelion helped its creator and fans come to terms with the past

It’s no secret that Neon Genesis Evangelion was show runner Hideaki Anno’s personal expression of his struggle with his insecurities, which is why he resonated with viewers in the 90s. evangelization saw a disturbing yet hopeful reflection, and the entire series fittingly ended as Anno, Shinji Ikari, and the audience matured.

After almost 30 years, evangelization finished with the movie Once upon a time. Here, Shinji overcame the darkest chapters of his life with the kind of compassion one gains after growing up. evangelization didn’t just stick with the fans well into adulthood, but he also overcame his worst impulses, learned from his mistakes, and moved on to the next stage of life the way adults should.

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