10 anime series with not enough action


It’s no surprise that the anime is built around as much action as possible. Originally, as a medium, most shows were aimed at children, and those who grew up with anime became accustomed to the series being action-oriented. Sometimes some anime can have a little too much action, and these series are rightly criticized.

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However, there are also anime series that do not contain enough action. While these series are popular, sometimes even a little more action to shake things up can make viewers get more invested. Not all series need to be naruto Where Fairy talebut variety is rarely a bad thing.

ten .Hack // SIGN needed more action to break serious story

Based on what fans are looking for in a “trapped in a video game” storyline, .hack//SIGN is either amazing or boring. Tsukasa is trapped in a VR MMO known as The World, and unlike every other player in the game, he is completely unable to log out.

From there, Tsukasa’s goal is to both figure out what happened to their memory and find a way out of the game. Unfortunately, fans are expecting something like Sword Art Online can look elsewhere – action is rare in .hack//SIGN, focusing instead on psychological themes. Even a little more action would have served to break up this series a little more.

9 Space Dandy Could Use Action To Break Up Comedy

space dandy is an underrated sci-fi anime from the past decade. The series focused on Dandy, an alien hunter with an incredible pompadour, who took it upon himself to travel through space to catalog new aliens. Dandy’s adventures never quite turned out as might have been expected, often having catastrophic results not only for him, but for the entire universe.

space dandy is a classic, but the surreal humor it relies on can seem off-putting. It might not have been a bad idea to include a few more traditional action episodes before returning to its usual humor.

Full Metal Panic! was billed as a slice of life meets mecha anime series, but the series focuses a lot more on the slice-of-life aspects and a lot less on the mecha and action parts. Sosuke Sagara is a soldier who works for a counter-terrorism Prime Minister’s Office known as Mithril.

Sousuke’s current assignment is to take care of Kaname Chidori, a high school student, for reasons he isn’t exactly sure of. However Full Metal Panic! Gradually introducing action elements later in the beginning, the series may be a drag on fans who showed up looking for a mecha anime.

seven Peacekeeper Kurogane is too quiet for a revenge series

For a series about revenge, Kurogane Peacemaker is surprisingly cold for much of its first half. The protagonist is Ichimura Tetsunosuke, who saw his mother killed by a rebel soldier. Tetsunosuke decides at only 15 that he wants to join the Shinsengumi, although he doesn’t yet understand exactly what consequences this leads to.

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Kurogane Peacemaker takes place before the Meiji Revolution, and much of the story is comical as everything builds up to the eventual revolution. Although things are heating up, the first part of the series is a little too slow.

6 Rosario + Vampire chooses to focus on their harem rather than the action

Fans mostly remember Rosario + Vampire like a harem series these days. This is because the anime deviated heavily from the manga’s storyline, emphasizing the relationship between Aono and the girls. In the manga, the series deepens the lore and develops all the characters a bit more.

There is more emphasis on combat, which helps the manga stand out from all the other harem series that were common at the time. In the end, the animated adaptation of Rosario + Vampire thought he could have more success copying what was popular at the time, and that’s unfortunately why he aged poorly.

5 Kampfer needed more action to balance the uncomfortable romantic elements

Kampfer is a genre-swapping harem action series based on a light novel franchise. The protagonist is Natsuru Seno, who is a second-year student at Seitetsu High School. Things are going well for Natsuru until one day he is chosen to become a Kampfer, a faction of young women fighting against other young women.

Being turned into Kampfer turns him into a girl, which complicates not only his time at school, but also his relationship with his crush. Kampfer has quite a bit of action, but the uncomfortable harem elements often take over the show for far longer than they should.

4 Dog Days should have focused on the action instead of everything else

Dog days opens with some amazing fights, but he doesn’t really know what to do with himself beyond that. As fun as the series can be, it often gets distracted by so many other ideas. One minute the show is about countries having competitions in the form of hand-to-hand combat and obstacle courses and the next Princess Millhiore is performing an extravagant music concert for the people of her country.

Still later, Dog days focuses on ship teasing and potential relationships. This makes Dog daysa unique isekai anime, but it also holds the series back because it can’t decide whether it wants to be an action series or not.

3 Maji Koi ~ Oh! Samurai Girls wastes a hype opening episode

If fans only watched the first episode of Maji Koi ~ Oh! samurai girls, they would have a very different opinion of what the show was about than someone who finished the show. Viewers who have completed the series know that this is a very average harem comedy series focusing on a group of childhood friends in high school.

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However, the first episode of Maji Koi ~ Oh! samurai girls don’t convey that at all; the whole opening episode is just a free-for-all academy war between the school’s best martial artists. Although a frantic first episode, it is legitimately one of the most action-packed episodes of bloodless violence an anime fan will ever see. If the show had been more than that, instead of a copycat of everything popular at the time, it might have had one more season.

2 Rage Of Bahamut: Virgin Soul Didn’t Live Up To The Standard Of The Previous Season

the original Bahamut’s Rage was like nothing back then. At a time when anime was drowning in identical-looking light novel protagonists and poorly written harem shows, Bahamut’s Rage the universe ignored all popular anime tropes. It felt like a classic that ended a little too soon considering how much of its world remained to be explored.

Rage Of Bahamut: Virgin Soul should have been this expansion, but instead it focused on a new main character and demoted the old cast to supporting roles. This new protagonist gave the series an emphasis on romance, making the series off-putting to fans who preferred the action-adventure vibes of the original series.

1 ElDLIVE should have started its action arc earlier

elDLIVE was a science fiction anime based on a manga by mangaka Akira Amano. Previously, Akira’s best-known work was on the series Katekyo Hitman is reborn! As Reborn!, elDLIVE was a series that spent a lot of time setting up its characters before entering the most action-packed part of its history.

In Reborn!, which translated into 20 episodes of comedy-filled episodic stories. However, elDLIVE didn’t have the same courtesy of being allowed to play for as long as he did. elDLIVE the anime ran for 12 episodes while the manga ran for 11 volumes before ending prematurely, with much of its story left to tell.

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