10 Anime Series With The Best Filler, Ranked


It’s no secret that anime fans don’t like filler. No matter what kind of fan they are or what genre they prefer, everyone hates when a favorite show piles up on a ton of useless episodes that do nothing to advance the plot. Many series have become infamous for their filler episodes, especially when they feature an entire arc filled with nothing else.

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However, even if fans try to avoid it, filler isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, oftentimes filler can enhance a series, giving the audience fun storylines, while giving characters more depth.

ten Shugo Chara filler adds lovable new characters and interesting story mechanics

The animated adaptation of Shugo-Chara stayed pretty true to the manga throughout. However, since it originally aired while the manga was still ongoing, the series eventually caught up and ran out of material. Like many anime before it, Shugo-Chara then resorted to animated-only arcs containing almost nothing but filler.

While filler bows aren’t a fan favorite, Shugo-Charais surprisingly pleasant. It introduces a new antagonist to the series named Lulu, who brings with her a new type of egg called the Mystery Egg. The addition of Lulu and Mystery Eggs adds a new layer of interest to the story and keeps fans engaged while the main plot remains on hiatus.

9 Bleach has lots of interesting filler arcs that add depth to the characters

Most will say that Bleach has a lot of unnecessary filler that viewers should try to ignore. While it’s true that the series has more filler than most can handle, these extra arcs are some of the best examples of filler in anime.

From the Bount arc to the Zanpakuto arc, the Bleach the anime has a lot of thrilling and action-packed stories that only make the series better. They give the audience an in-depth look at the characters and additional information that the manga omits.

8 Naruto’s dense filler gives secondary characters a chance to shine

naruto is infamous for its many filler episodes and arcs. The end of the first series features countless filler episodes that precede the final battle, making it difficult for many to continue. However, these episodes are a great opportunity to get to know secondary characters who get very little screen time later in the series.

If it weren’t for those filler episodes or arcs in Naruto Shippuden, many characters would never be in the spotlight and would be virtually non-existent. In addition to that, naruto filler gives fans lots of fun and memorable moments with the main cast, developing them and their relationships. They’re not always the best, but filling in both sets actually serves an important purpose.

seven Dragon Ball Z’s Filler takes characters on hilarious misadventures

Dragon Ball Z has its fair share of filler episodes, and while many fans think they’ll just ignore them, many are too good to miss. The series has goofy filler plots, each adding a unique flavor to the series. The main thing that makes Dragon Ball Z‘s filler so good is the comedy behind them.

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These storylines are some of the most hilarious in the series, with many ridiculous episodes bordering on “so bad it’s good” territory. While most fillers are bland, Dragon Ball Z‘s are nothing but fun and make a great series even better.

6 Cowboy Bebop has an episodic format that works

Although most define anime filler as non-canonical episodes of the manga, that’s not always the case. cowboy bebop didn’t have a manga to adapt to the anime, so technically nothing was filled in the series. However, it had an episodic format that often deviated from the main plot.

In that sense, many episodes felt more like filler, and few had any connection to the overall story. Nonetheless, this format works well for the ’90s classic, keeping fans interested with fun storylines that deepen the characters.

5 The anime-only arcs of Yu-Gi-Oh! are a memorable part of the series

It is well known to fans that the anime adaptation of Yu Gi Oh! often strays from the manga storyline. There are several arcs in the series that are just filler. However, despite not conforming to the source material, fans can’t help but love these additional storylines.

From the Virtual World arc to the Grand Prix arc, there are plenty of fun and exciting anime-only storylines that make the series even better. While these arcs often derail the overall plot, they are a nice detour and add development to secondary characters who are often sidelined in the main story.

4 The 90s Sailor Moon is better thanks to its filler

The Moonies are often torn when it comes to their opinions on the 90s adaptation of Sailor Moon. However, no matter what they think of it overall, no one can deny that it has plenty of filler episodes. In fact, the show even has an entire season devoted to nothing but filler. Although some may argue that filler slows the story, it often makes the series better.

The characters go through a lot of development during these episodes, and fans get to see sides of them that they otherwise wouldn’t have known. Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship also improves through the filler, as they allow the pair to slowly build their feelings over time and feel like a more natural couple.

3 Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Filler Is Just As Impactful As The Main Plot

It’s not often that Avatar: The Last Airbender has a filler episode, but when it does, they’re just as good as the rest. Very few episodes are nothing but pure filler, but even they add value to the overall story. However, most of the time, AvatarThe filler adds a bit of intrigue to tie it all together, which is a nice change of pace for the filler episodes.

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Nowadays, Avatar is considered one of the best-written anime series of all time, so it’s no wonder it even excels with its filler. In fact, part of the load in Avatar consists of the greatest and most moving episodes of the entire series.

2 Inuyasha’s many filler arcs are worth watching

When fans complain about too much filler in an anime, many list Inuyasha as one of the worst offenders. While it’s true that there is a significant amount of filler in the series, none of it is that bad. Inuyasha is an epic journey, and those extra arcs often enhance that experience.

Although they are technically deactivatable, InuyashaThe filler arcs give fans plenty of character development and build on each of the relationships, making them even more rewarding as the series progresses. Although they tend to go on forever, they are still worth a fan watch.

1 One Piece Filler Adds Fun Adventures Between Main Arcs

With a series as long as A play, it is natural that there is filling. Filler arcs often appear in the series between major plot points, giving fans a fun little side quest to ease tension and build character. Due to its length, it’s no surprise that many try to skip filler episodes to catch up, but A play actually has a surprisingly low number of filler episodes in total.

Because of this, A playThe filler never overstays its welcome and instead gives fans a nice little break from the main storyline. While not all of the series’ filler arcs are good, there are many episodes that are beloved by fans and are just as good as the canon story.

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