10 anime series with way too much comedy


Comedy has its place in anime, even in shows that aren’t focused on humor. It breaks the tensions and allows the spectators to breathe for a moment. Moments of levity through action drama or anime can definitely work. However, there are instances where the comedy is just too much – not adding to the value of the show, while taking time away from the anime’s highlights.

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Instead of being a playful break from the series norm, the comedy can become an obnoxious and unfunny element. There are many series where the humor is at odds with the rest of the content. While this doesn’t necessarily determine how audiences will feel about an anime once it’s finished, it can still have an impact.

ten Beast Player Erin doesn’t understand what kind of comedy he needs

It is painfully tragic that Erin Beast Player has one notable flaw. His handling of drama, character writing, political infighting, and moral themes is outstanding, but he can’t do comedy properly. The show presents heartbreaking and traumatic events, then follows them with fart jokes and terrible comic characters in relief.

The problem is that the show needs levity to stabilize. Erin is a child who witnesses the unjust execution of her mother. It’s heavy. It’s just a shame that the comedy he gets is so bland and consistent. The show’s humor must reach the level of quality as its drama.

9 Air Gear’s Humor Shows How Outdated The Show Is

Air Gear is a high octane shonen action mixed with Radio Jet Set attitude. Rollerblading through urban streets while adding superpowers seems like a fun combo. Although the series has potential, there are a few issues holding it back. The most obvious is an inability to match the manga’s level of artistry and intensity. The explosive scenes in the manga seem stiff in the anime.

Another grievance is its reliance on cheap humor and fan service. While there are gags that work, most of the time they fall flat. They take all the freshness out of the show. They are too dumb to accept the daredevil nature of anime.

8 Katanagatari stretches out dragging his gags

Katanagatari episodes are 40 minutes long, with character backgrounds, motivations, action and banter. Since this is a series by writer Nisio Isin, the dialogue drags on. Often, the characters conversing took up most of the episode. However, the conversation in Katanagatari is meaningful, full of foreshadowing and engaging.

It’s the gags that push viewer engagement to its limits. While some jokes are hard-hitting and fun, others take too long. Plus, the gags are elaborate beyond the point of being cute. The show is already long and moments like these make it endless.

seven His location and situation are funny but come at a cost

A classic 90s shojo manga has received an adaptation from legendary studio Gainax. It was no surprise that the product was good. It was fun and charming. However, it was not true to the core of the manga. Instead, he favored humor over serious romance.

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This created a conflict between the production team and the manga’s creator, Masami Tsuda. She didn’t believe the anime included the core of the manga. It created a different way of seeing the series. While enjoyable on its own, it can be said that the humor was overkill and diluted the content.

6 Honey & Clover uses volume to communicate its comedy

There’s so much to love Honey & Clover. Its portrayal of college anxiety is serious, its characters are nuanced and vulnerable, its color scheme is soft and warm, and the romance is cathartic. All of these factors make the show a pleasure to watch.

On the other hand, his comedy is one note. Often it’s just the main cast drinking and yelling at each other, with Morita being the focal point. It happens too often, taking away the emotional impact of the other scenes. The anime would improve dramatically if the humor wasn’t always so strong.

The first season of Full Metal Panic! suffered an identity crisis. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to be a comedy about school life or a serious mecha drama anime. Its premise allowed for two storylines, but instead of picking one, it tried to do both. Together, the two halves of the show continued to clash. Chidori’s exasperation with Sousuke’s antics would be paired with the genuine fear of a high school girl thrust into a secret international war.

The franchise has found a clever remedy for this problem. Subsequent seasons split the show in two. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu was a pure comedy, whereas Full Metal Panic! The second raid was a military mecha drama.

4 Hajime No Ippo’s humor adds to its extreme length

The comedy is not the main attraction of Hajime No Ippo. The show excels during intense boxing matches and the tension that precedes each fight. Unfortunately, the humor feels like filler. It is inserted to bridge the time between fights. While the gags may be good, they are knowingly rude and overstay their welcome.

The anime already has several seasons with so much unsuitable content waiting. The humor is nowhere near good enough to justify the show’s increased runtime. Its inclusion indicates cliched shonen writing, which is a shame because the rest of the show is heady.

3 Fire Force tries to draw too much attention to its comedy

How fire force uses his comedy is very entertaining. He sets up the joke, delivers the punchline, then lingers to point out the obvious. It’s not unique to the show. Lesser comedy cartoons have bad habits that involve explaining the gag and acknowledging that the joke wasn’t funny.

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The real problem with fire force is that the gags happen far too often. They tire and risk making the public moan. Anime is the most fun when it focuses on action and craziness. The fights are dynamic and engaging, unlike the jokes.

2 The first season of Medaka Box was very boring

The first season of Medaka box was a slice-of-life comedy set in high school. It was notoriously boring to sit down. Medaka, as the perfect girl, created enough funny situations to hold the weight of the anime. If the show had stayed that way, it would have been just a forgettable comedy show.

He switches gears towards the end of the season, switching to shonen action. It turned out to be a much better fit for the show. Medaka’s perfection becomes a focal point of the series’ scaling power instead of the subject of a lukewarm comedy that had overstayed its time.

1 Demon Slayer would be much cooler if he shouted less

demon slayer is a beloved shonen anime featuring some of the best anime fights of the decade. Nezuko is adorable and fierce, the character designs are fantastic, and the animation is smooth and fluid. However, there is only one aspect that divides so many people. His comedy, especially Zenitsu’s personality, is unbearably obnoxious.

It’s Zenitsu’s incessant screaming and ramblings, especially when it comes to women. It gets pretty uncomfortable at times, and it happens enough that it can spoil the mood of the episode. Inosuke is also quite loud, so his comedic bits add to the maelstrom of noise.

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