10 anime series with way too much drama


Drama is an important element of any work of fiction, and anime is no exception. The drama keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, clicking on the next episode to find out what’s to come. As with any medium, however, some anime series just have too much drama.

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Sometimes there’s way too much going on in a show that can start to feel too unrealistic, even on shows that aren’t exactly aiming for realism. These series attempt to keep viewers hooked with endless twists, reveals, and shocks, but instead fall victim to poor writing.

ten Marmalade Boy focuses on an unconventional family situation

marmalade boy is a ’90s romantic comedy shojo series that follows Miki Koishikawa, a high school girl whose life is turned upside down when her parents announce they are divorcing. Her parents swap partners with another couple and they all live together in a house.

While that alone is a recipe for drama, Miki develops a crush on the other couple’s son, Yuu Matsura. This series takes its viewers through countless twists and turns as Miki and Yuu grow closer and overcome the many obstacles that stand in their way.

9 Honey and Clover is full of drama but is forgettable

Honey and Clover is a comic and romantic slice-of-life series that follows a group of young students studying art. Yuuta Takemoto is a second-year student who moves in with two elderly people and, joined by two other students, the group experiences life’s ups and downs while learning about love and relationships.

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The series tends to favor drama over story and accordingly sacrifices meaningful character development. Full of typical love triangles and other common romance topics, Honey and Clover doesn’t quite stand out from the rest.

8 Lovely Complex is so dramatic it’s frustrating

Nice complex follows Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Ootani, two high school students who become friends and rivals as they try to find love. Because Koizumi is taller than most girls and Ootani is shorter than most boys, they both find it difficult to date.

However, over time, they discover that they have more in common than they think. Although full of comedic moments, Nice complex is also filled with non-stop drama. Some character interactions are so frustrating that viewers will want to scream at the screen.

seven We Were There takes drama to the next level

We were there (Bokura ga Ita) is a slice-of-life series centered on two high school students, Nanami Takahashi and Yano Motoharu, who fall in love and encounter various obstacles once they start dating. Although Nanami has a rocky start with Yano, they develop feelings for each other.

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However, not everything is easy, as Yano grapples with the death of his previous girlfriend, who was with her ex-boyfriend when she was in a car accident. With love triangles and over-the-top storylines galore, We were there just has too much drama.

6 School days end with a shock value waterfall

school days begins with high school student Makoto who has a crush on his classmate, Kotonoha. Another classmate, Sekai, offers to help them reunite, and the three become entangled in a love triangle. While love triangles can be done well, this one quickly turns into a harem with Makoto having affairs with many girls.

The series takes drama to the next level with its gruesome conclusion, which sees the trio brutally slaughter each other in a twisted sequence that feels out of place and only there for shock value.

5 Rumbling Hearts is full of overdone drama

Rumbling Hearts is a slice-of-life romantic drama that follows the budding relationship between Haruka Suzumiya and Takayuki Narumi. However, tragedy strikes the young couple when Haruka ends up in a coma. Three years later, she wakes up, reentering the lives of her friends and Takayuki.

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While Haruka’s awakening is a miracle, her reappearance leads to many complications, creating many opportunities for drama. The series attempts to use drama to keep viewers interested – however, most of the situations and character interactions are extremely over the top and therefore seem forced and fake.

4 Vampire Knight is soaked in blood and drama

vampire knight had quite an audience at the peak of its popularity, as it satisfied the itch of the vampire love triangle. Dusk, released the same year. The series follows Yuki Cross, a student responsible for maintaining order between the day class and the night class at Cross Academy.

While the day class are typical students, the night class are vampires. In vampire knight, Yuki is at the center of the bloody drama, and it quickly becomes mind-numbing. The series lacks substance or multi-dimensional characters, and the constant twists and turns are hard to follow.

3 Peach Girl Is Filled With Toxic Behaviors

fishing girlThe titular main character is Momo Adachi, who after years of competitive swimming has tanned skin and bleached hair. Embarrassed, she stops swimming and attempts to change her appearance to win over her crush. Unfortunately for Momo, her classmates start spreading rumors that she’s “easy to get”.

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fishing girl is full of toxic behaviors and relationships. For example, Momo’s seemingly supportive best friend secretly plots to steal her crush, and another student declares his love for Momo in the midst of it all. The drama just never ends.

2 Boys Over Flowers is the epitome of toxic drama

With tumultuous love triangles and life or death situations at every turn, Boys above the flowers takes drama to the next level. Tsukushi attends a prestigious school and feels out of place among her ultra-rich classmates. She suffers horrific bullying from the F4s, the four most popular boys in school.

Tsukasa, the leader of F4, develops feelings for Tsukushi and doesn’t take no for an answer. He even hires men at one point to assault him when he doesn’t get what he wants. Their on-again-off-again relationship is the epitome of toxicity.

1 Domestic girlfriend takes the drama to ridiculous levels

Domestic Girlfriend explores the life of Natsuo Fujii, a teenager who has a crush on his teacher, Hina. Still in love with her, he meets a girl his own age named Rui, and together they decide to make love for the first time together. Natsuo’s father announces that he is remarrying, and his new wife’s daughters are none other than Hina and Rui.

With incestuous relationships, love triangles and impossible-to-believe storylines, the series takes the drama way too far. Many viewers would agree that this is a badly done fire drama.

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