10 Best Animated Movies Based On Video Games, According To IMDb


Video game movies are a fickle genre with most reviews justified for their storylines and changes in character motivation. The recent Sonic the hedgehog The film controversy has been a vivid example of the intensity of the video game film debate. Fortunately, some studios have opted for a solution in the form of animation.

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These animated films are better received than most live action films based on similar video game franchises. Working mostly on the same medium as the original content, these films can follow storylines without restriction by what can be done in real life. Using IMDB ratings, we’ve compiled this list of the best animated movies based on video games.

ten Resident Evil: Damnation (6.5)

The resident Evil movies have been received with mixed reviews, but animated movies tend to cope better with fans. Following Resident Wrong: Degeneration, Damnation follows Leon S. Kennedy on a special forces mission to the East Slavic Republic during a civil war to investigate BOWs (Bio-Organic Weapons). These BOWs are made from similar viruses that caused the Raccoon City disaster in games.

As Leon breaks many international laws, he meets Ada Wong who is on his own mission and joins a rebel group led by Buddy. After being betrayed, Leon continues to fight his way through hordes of infected beings, only to make it out alive with help from the US government.

9 Resident Evil: Degeneration (6.5)

Taking up 7 years after the Raccoon City disaster, Degeneration follows Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy in the face of yet another outbreak at an airport. Claire was at the airport, with a child she was caring for, at the time of the outbreak. Leon joins a group of soldiers who enter the airport to save the survivors, including a senator.

As the groups escape certain death, Claire and Leon investigate WilPharma Corporation which had just made a vaccine that suddenly emerged after the outbreak. While investigating, they come across Curtis Miller who has become infected with the G virus, turning into a monster. They fight and Leon and Claire save the world again.

8 Animal Crossing: The Movie (6.6)

This one was shocking as it did not receive an official release outside of Japan. Thanks to the fans of the series, there are some English Dubs, but none are official. This story follows the character Ai as she moves to a city inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. This film follows a storyline very similar to the gameplay of Animal Crossing: City Folk.

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As Ai begins working for Tom Nook, she begins to get involved in the daily lives of her neighbors around her. She is also embarking on a tree planting bender because of a note she found. Overall the movie plays out like the games with a lot of extra drama that you maybe didn’t know you needed in your Animal crossing.

7 Fatal Fury: The Movie (6.6)

After the characters Terry, Andy and Joe from Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, Fatal Fury: the movie presents a story where tournament fighters prevent a madman from destroying the world. The film is a lore-rich story of heroes searching for pieces of Mars armor to prevent Laocorn from recovering them.

Newcomers Mai and Sulia join the heroes for their own reasons. Sulia is a key figure as she is related to Laocorn due to their sibling relationship. After being beaten, the heroes see no hope until Sulia, whose bond has grown stronger with her brother, stabs herself in the heart, killing him. Then Mars comes back to life and the heroes defeat him using Sulia’s soul mixed with a punch.

6 Halo Legends (6.6)

Halo Legends is an anthology that builds the lore and worlds surrounding the popular video game series of Halo. The first section focuses on the story of the universe as told by AI Cortana. One story, titled “The Babysitter” centers on a soldier, O’Brien, whose jealousy of a Spartan sniper who had replaced him leads to team complications and the death of the Spartan. There is also a story about an arbitrator refusing to follow the Alliance, and his wife is killed because of it.

Master Chief organizes a rescue mission to save scientist Catherine Halsey, although he loses soldiers along the way. In the wake of a Spartan named Daisy, the process of the Supersoldier Program is uncovered with horrific effect. Finally, there’s a non-canon parody that features an arrogant 1337 Spartan and dinosaurs.

5 Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic (6.6)

Based on the video game which is loosely based on the book, Dante’s Inferno: an animated epic follows Dante as he pursues Lucifer through hell trying to reclaim his wife’s soul. Returning from the war, Dante finds his family massacred and his wife dies in front of him. As her soul begins to rise, it is ripped off by Lucifer and dragged down.

Dante begins to fight against crowds of hellish creatures as he makes his way through the layers of hell. This trip also sees him fighting his father, being eaten by Cerberus, and freezing Lucifer. He saves Beatrice and the two live in Purgatory.

4 Air: the movie (6.9)

Before it’s questioned, technically visual novels are video games, so the Air the series counts towards this list. The film follows Yukito Kunisaki as he travels to find the girl in the sky from a story that has been passed down through his family. He settles in the city of Kami to earn money and meets Misuzu who is doing a project on the same girl, Kannabi.

Misuzu falls ill and Yukito abandons her until he realizes that they are the reincarnated lovers Ryuya and Kannabi. The two confess their love, but Misuzu dies soon after. Yukito promises to find Misuzu in her next life and break the curse that makes her sick every time they meet.

3 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (7.2)

Located two years after the events of Final fantasy vii, the planet is dying as a disease called Geostigma devastates everything. Former soldier Cloud Strife and his gigantic sword return with Tifa, Barret and Vincent Valentine. Cloud, a delivery man now, is among those infected with the disease.

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As the plot progresses, the children of Tifa’s orphanage are kidnapped and Cloud is attacked by the Remnants of Sephiroth, a group of white-haired thugs who attempt to bring Sephiroth back to take over the world. In typical Final Fantasy style, the group battles villains, including a resurrected Sephiroth. After winning, Aerith makes an appearance to tell Cloud that all is well again.

2 Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (7.3)

Mr. Bison, the leader of Shadowlaw, hunts the best fighters in the world. After leaving Sagat scared and beaten, Ryu continues his journey to train. Chun-Li, Captain Guile, and the US Army hunt buffalo. Bison kidnaps and hypnotizes Ken Masters, having learned that he has trained with Ryu in the past. Chun-Li is attacked by Vega, but kills him, not before going into a coma.

Ryu trained with E. Honda and when Guile goes to ask for help, Bison follows him, attacking the trio. A hypnotized Ken fights Ryu as Guile confronts Bison with a hard loss. Ken breaks mind control but is thrown out by Bison, although he heals thanks to his ki. Ken and Ryu destroy Bison with a common Hadouken.

1 Clande (7.5)

Another visual novel turned into a TV show with a reinterpretation of the story in a movie, clandestine was a mostly well-received film. The story follows third-year high school student Tomoya Okazaki who is going through a difficult time in his life. He meets Nagisa Furukawa, who was ill the previous school year and has to repeat a year.

They end up together and stay together after school ends, although Nagisa falls ill again and has to repeat a year. As they go on with their lives, Nagisa dies giving birth to Ushio. The child goes to Nagisa’s parents and Tomoya becomes depressed. It ends with Tomoya and Ushio reuniting as Nagisa’s mind seems to smile.

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