10 best animated movies on Netflix that aren’t Studio Ghibli


Most people are familiar with Studio Ghibli and its dominant presence in the animated film scene. While Studio Ghibli films are beautifully animated and make viewers feel like they are missing a home they have never been to, there are other animated films that accomplish this.

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Netflix recently acquired a huge library of TV series and animated movies. It struck a chord of nostalgia with many longtime anime fans. There is no better time than now to kick back and watch these enjoyable and emotionally provocative films.

ten Mirai is a futuristic movie for families

Mirai and Kun try to stop an incident

Mamoru Hosoda directed the hit movie of 2018 Mirai. There are elements of fantasy, adventure, and comedy throughout this movie. Mirai made history as the first non-Studio Ghibli animated film to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

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Mirai focuses on the life of four-year-old Kun and her newly arrived baby sister, Mirai. Kun is too jealous of her parents’ attention to Mirai and begins to abuse her. Angry, Kun goes to the garden and meets a Mirai from the future. Kun and the future Mirai work together to prevent Mirai from marrying old dolls by putting away the traditional dolls. Kun meets a younger version of his mother and recently deceased great-grandfather along the way.

9 Get the tissues for Violet Evergarden: The Movie

Violet Evergarden: the movie is the second animated film based on Kana Akatsuki’s light novel series. The novels were first developed into an animated series in 2018 and even won the award for best animation at the 2019 Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

The film focuses on the life of an automatic memory doll, Violet Evergarden. Auto memory dolls are responsible for writing letters for people who are unable to express their emotions well in words. This job seems intimidating to Violet at first because she herself is emotionless. Violet was once a soldier and is still looking for her commanding officer, Major Gilbert.

8 Watch friendships blossom in a silent voice

A silent voice

A silent voice was released in 2016 and produced by Kyoto Animation. The film follows the life of a high school student named Shoya Ishida and features plenty of flashbacks to his youth. Shoya was planning to kill himself at the start of the film, but decides not to do so to correct some wrongs he has committed in the past.

The student body ostracizes Shoya in his high school for the violence with which he bullied a deaf girl named Shoko in elementary school. Shoya kept teasing Shoko and even broke his hearing aids on several occasions. Shoko and Shoya eventually reconcile, and Shoya begins to connect with his classmates again.

seven Everyone wants to be a cat in a mustache

A mustache away was released on Netflix in 2020, followed by the English dub in June 2021. The film follows the life of Miyo Sasaki, a depressed college girl. Miyo lives with her mother-in-law because her real mother abandoned her some time ago.

Miyo has an unrequited love affair with her classmate, Kento Hinode. Kento repeatedly rejects Miyo, so she transforms into a cat to find out more about him. Miyo spends so much time in the form of a cat that she loses the ability to become human again. Miyo and Kento must work together on the Secret Island of Cats to make sure she doesn’t stay a cat forever.

6 Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop Presents An Improbable Friendship


Words bubble like soda is a romantic comedy animated film released on Netflix in July 2021. The film follows the lives of two teenage boys, Cherry and Smile. Cherry has a hard time socializing, but is good at expressing her feelings through haiku. Smile maintains an online video blog, but is very unsure of her sawtooth and new braces.

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Cherry and Smile go on an adventure to find an old man’s missing disc. Smile manages to find the disc, and the old man is ecstatic. She is upset when she finds out Cherry is moving, but they reunite at the fireworks festival while dancing to music from the once-missing record.

5 The fireworks had alternate timelines throughout the film

Fireworks animated film on Netflix

Fireworks is a romantic animated film released on Netflix in 2017. The story begins with a group of college students betting that fireworks are round or flat when they explode in the sky. One of the students is the protagonist of the film, Norimichi Shimada.

Norimichi has a huge crush on his classmate, Nazuna Oikawa. Nazuna is being abused by her mother, and Norimichi notices it while walking around town. He throws a marble during this scene and it is transported to an alternate timeline. Norimichi and Nazuna continue to travel time together throughout the film.

4 Lu Over The Wall is a movie that looks like a little mermaid

Read on the wall is a 2017 fantasy animated film released by Science Saru. Read on the wall focuses on the life of the misanthrope Kai Ashimoto, the frontman of the rock band SEIRÈN. Kai is bored one day and explores the island of Merfolk. It is there that he meets a mermaid named Lu.

Kai discovers that Lu can turn her fins into human legs when listening to music. However, not everyone supports the idea of ​​mermaids in the city. The city wants to destroy the sirens by burning them with sunlight, but Kai saves the day with his family’s umbrella business.

3 Children of the Sea is another ocean-themed film

Ruka swimming

Children of the sea is a 2019 animated film based on the manga of the same title by Daisuke Igarashi. The story follows the life of 14-year-old Ruka Azumi, who struggles to get along with her mother and classmates. Ruka has nothing to do during summer vacation, so she decides to spend time at the aquarium where her father works.

Ruka meets brothers Umi and Sora at the aquarium, and his father tells him that dugongs raised them. Ruka befriends Umi and Sora and befriends the ocean. The musical score of Children of the sea is magic and was directed by Joe Hisaishi, who previously worked on Studio Ghibli A tale of Princess Kaguya.

2 In this corner of the world is the longest animated film

The extended cut of the 2016 war animated film, In this corner of the world, made history by becoming the longest animated film in history. The film is based on the manga of the same name by Fumiyo Kono. In this corner of the world follows the life of Suzu, a recently married girl from Eba, a town near Hiroshima. Suzu and her new husband, Shukaku, join her family in Kure City as the dangers of war begin to affect the city’s residents.

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When the atomic bomb falls on Hiroshima, Suzu fears for the safety of his family. She notices her sister, Sumi, visiting her grandmother, and Sumi informs Suzu of the devastating tragedy caused by the atomic bomb.

1 Flavors Of Youth has 3 different stories

Flavors of Youth Anime Movie on Netflix

Flavors of youth is an anthology animated film divided into three distinct storylines featuring teenage characters: Rice noodles, A small fashion show, and Love in shanghai. Rice noodles details Xiao Ming’s life and her precious memories of eating rice noodles with her grandmother.

A small fashion show revolves around the life of two sisters. Yi Lin is a model and Lulu is a fashion design student. Lulu gets angry when Yi Lin wants to learn to sew, but the two reconcile in the end. Love in shanghai about two students who fall in love while communicating via tapes.

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