10 Best Animated Movies, Ranked According To MyAnimeList


The ultimate anime and manga database MyAnimeList allows users to rate each show and collectively determine the top rated animated movies on this list. These films range from a comedy about alien overlords taking over Japan, to a blossoming romance between a boy and a girl in a bunny costume, to a dramatic body swap mystery.

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So what are the best animated movies to join this ranking list? Studio Ghibli tops the list, with a few fan-favorite franchise movie sequels, but none of them come out on top! The ranking of scores may or may not surprise.

ten Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) – 8.67

Howl's Moving Castle sophie howl

This Studio Ghibli film is about a moving castle inhabited by the infamous wizard and womanizer Howl. In this fantasy world, Sophie Hatter had an ordinary life before being cursed by a jealous witch and becoming an old woman. Now on her way back to her regular life, Sophie travels with Howl and meets a variety of fantastic characters.

The film has won numerous awards, including Best Japanese Film Overall at the Mainichi Film Awards in 2004 and Animation of the Year at the Tokyo International Anime Fair in 2005. It was also nominated in 2006 for Best Feature. animated footage at the 78th Academy. Rewards. Howl’s Moving Castle in fact links with The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (2010) in terms of movie ratings, but it takes tenth place as 521,254 users determined it to be 8.67 while The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya has only 239,424 user ratings.

9 Rascal doesn’t dream of a dreaming girl (2019) – 8.7

The Rascal does not dream of a girl who dreams The film is about romantic issues in high school. Although he already has a girlfriend, Sakuta Azusagawa finds himself in conflict when he sees his first crush, Shouko Makinohara, in a bunny costume. Hilarity and supernatural events ensue. Because the life of a high school student in love is never easy!

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The film takes place during volumes six and seven of Hajime Kamoshida Seishun Buta light novels. It currently has a weighted score of 8.7 based on the scores of 154,054 users.

8 Princess Mononoke (1997) – 8.73

Another entry from Studio Ghibli, Princess mononoke follows young Prince Ashitaka, whose arm has been cursed with demonic powers slowly draining his life. Ashitaka travels to Tatara, the Iron City, and falls amid the conflict between Lady Eboshi’s deforestation plans and Princess San as well as the sacred forest spirits who want the destruction to stop. It is a tale about the conflict between nature and technology and the search for peace between the two conflicting forces.

Princess Mononoke won numerous awards the year it was released at the 52nd Mainichi Film Awards, including Best Japanese Film and Best Animation. A year later, the film received the award for best film at the 21st Japan Academy Awards. It has an overall ranking of 8.73 based on the scores of 514,109 users.

7 Fate / stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring Song (2020) – 8.76

Fate / stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring song completes the trilogy of films that adapt the third way in the Destiny / stay the night visual novel. During this version of the Holy Grail War, a fight to the death between seven mages and their minions in which the victorious mage and the servant can literally make any wish come true, apprentice mage Shirou Emiya attempts to help his girlfriend Sakura Matou to win the war as romance blooms. But the dark forces try to separate the couple and can have dire consequences.

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The film has a score of 8.76 based on user scores of 3,904. At the Japanese box office, it opened at number one.

6 Made in Abyss Movie 3: Deel’s Dawn of the Soul (2020) – 8.79

The third Crafted in the Abyss The film continues to follow Riko and Reg as they descend the abyss to find Riko’s mother. This feature film is the fifth layer of the abyss, the sea of ​​corpses. Our two adventurers meet Bondrewd, a legendary White Whistle. Can they trust their new friend?

Don’t be fooled by the cute art style, because things are never what they seem to be in the abyss! The animated feature received a rating of 8.79 based on scores from 36,816 users.

5 Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen (2017) – 8.82

Also considered one of the best action anime based on MyAnimeList scores, Kizumonogatari III: Reiketsu-hen is the third film of the Monogatari Series but serves as a prequel to the second film. Spoilers ahead! After the events of the first film, Koyomi revives the legendary Kiss-shot vampire Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade. He becomes a vampire and is forced to become his servant!

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It is an adaptation of the Monogatari Series light novels featuring vampires and the supernatural! Based on scores of 153,439 users, the movie has a score of 8.82.

4 Chihiro (2001) – 8.84

After stumbling into the Spirit World, Chihiro and his parents are separated and his parents are turned into pigs. In a quest to find and bring her parents back to normal, Chihiro works in a public bath where the clientele consists of powerful spirits.

Top rated of all Studio Ghibli movies, Abducted as if by magic received a score of 8.84 based on 787,753 user scores. The highest grossing film in Japanese history, this film has won numerous awards around the world, including the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards in 2003, the Golden Bear at the International Festival of the Berlin Film in 2002 and was ranked seventh on the Institute’s British Film List of “50 Films You Should See Before You Are 14” in 2005.

3 Film Gintama 2: Kanketsu-hen – Yorozuya yo Eien Nare – 8.97

Gintama Film 2 With Kagura

This long-running action comedy franchise takes place in an alternate reality Edo that parodies samurai and sci-fi. Japan has been taken over by foreign overlords and swords are illegal.

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In it, Gintoki takes out a movie pirate in a premiere that turns out to be an android time machine that sends him five years into the future. Now in a post-apocalyptic version of his house, Gintoki must find his way while avoiding the “White Plague”. This Gintama The film gets a score of 8.97 based on votes from 88,961 users.

2 Your name. (2016) – 9.0

In this body-swapping mystery feature film, high school students Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana wake up in each other’s bodies. The two couldn’t be more different, Mitsuha living in the countryside and Taki in town now knowing each other’s lives. The two try to unite to find answers to their supernatural situation.

Your name. is also ranked number one for best romantic anime based on its MyAnimeList score, winning the LAFCA Animation Award in 2016 and Best Animated Feature in 2017 from the Mainichi Film Awards. It has a score of 9.0 based on 1,024,604 user scores.

1 A Silent Voice (2016) – 9.01

Cast in a silent voice

The number one animated movie on MyAnimeList is A silent voice. Prepare your handkerchiefs. Shouya Ishida bullied deaf student Shouko Nishimiya in his primary class. Shunned from elementary school to high school for her bullying after Shouko’s transfer, Shouya wants to make up for these past mistakes by finding her and making amends.

This movie was awarded a score of 9.01 based on the combined ratings of 775,938 users. It has won numerous awards, including the Tokyo Anime Award for Best Picture and Best Screenplay / Original Story as well as the IGN Award for Best Animated Feature in 2017.

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