10 best animated movies to get you in the holiday spirit


When it comes to vacations, it can be difficult to choose the right medium to put you in the best possible way. From hundreds of TV specials to movies and more, the list is endless. But if you’re one of those who like a bit of anime on your watch list, then this is where lists like this have you covered.

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Here we’ll take a look at some awesome TV animated feature films and specials that will put you in the right mood for Christmas trees, eggnog, and festive ramen. We’ll cover them all, from nostalgic to the latest classics, and maybe discover selections you never thought would fit. So grab your cup of hot chocolate and let’s watch the 10 best animated movies to get you in the holiday spirit!

ten Little Women (1980)

When it comes to classics that still deliver the feel of Christmas, Little woman is among the best of them. Based on the famous Mary Louise Alcott novel, this TV movie adaptation takes a look at the early days of the March sisters – featuring many of the novel’s memorable winter scenes that are loved by generations.

And while this is the lesser-known of the animated versions of this tale, it’s a cute bit of retro shoujo nostalgia, with lots of glitter-eyed drama, that will get you in the holiday spirit.

9 Millennial actress

While not as suitable for the holidays as another selection on this list from the same director, Satoshi Kon’s Millennial actress is a work of art. Of course, there might not be the happiest plot, and maybe there isn’t anything specifically Christmas-related inside – but that makes the sequence list the most. most crucial taking place in the snow.

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Such a narrative decision brilliantly illustrates the tragedy of such a beautiful season. And when you pair it with the artistry of Madhouse’s animators, you have quite the gem of the anime in your hands.

8 Wolf Children

Considered one of the great classics of modern anime, that of Mamoru Hosoda Wolf Children presents a year-round aesthetic that includes a few perfectly winter streaks and a lot of thrills.

With breathtaking animation by Madhouse, an enthralling screenplay by Hosoda and Satoko Okudera and a beautiful score by Masakatsu Takagi, this story of a woman and her journey to raising her two half-wolf kids will warm your heart in the sweetest of times. manners. But be careful, because this selection requires the biggest box of tissues you can find – in a holiday-themed box, of course.

seven 5 centimeters per second

Another well-regarded gem in recent anime history, Makoto Shinkai 5 centimeters per second maybe not as famous as Your name, but it certainly contains this director’s use of emotional storytelling.

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This multi-year, three-part structure story follows a protagonist named Takaki Tōno and his ever-evolving romantic relationship with a girl named Akari Shinohara. But why does this movie make this list? Not only does it have breathtakingly beautiful animation, but it also shows the beauty of Japan in its snowiest and most romantic states, through the eyes of a visual genius.

6 Tenchi Muyo The Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness

While this is not explicitly defined at Christmas, much of this Tenchi Muyo the film has a definite holiday aesthetic. From a similar party in Jurai which has trees decorated with beautiful lights, one of the main antagonists using holiday toys as a weapon, to the anti-hero wearing a girly Santa Claus themed outfit, the references to the happiest time of the year are endless.

Still, the irony of this movie is that it takes place during the summer, which makes it one of the few Christmas anime offerings in July. Either way, it will immerse you in that holiday vibe no matter the time of year.

5 The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

When it comes to popular animes, none of them are as weird as the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. Known for its quirky characters, memorable antics, and musical sequences, the movie sequel to the series sets a much darker tone.

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In the film, Kyon experiences a It’s a wonderful life kind of storyline – in which Haruhi disappears, other characters don’t remember him, and everything Kyon has ever known is completely out of whack. Sounds like a recipe for funny anime holiday moments? For die-hard fans of the series, and those who want to take the plunge, it certainly is.

4 Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas

When it comes to ridicule TV and Movies, Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas could win the top prize for checking all the necessary boxes. From a high-profile sci-fi version of Secret Santa to a Kaiju-style demonic tree attack, this Netflix original is the definition of daring.

Of course, some may call this pick for not being “authentic” to the other selections on this list – but with the animation of Production IG and Studio Deen, besides having a lot of its “roots” in it. anime story, anything Neo Yokio account. And if you can’t support a franchise that celebrates the perfection of a Toblerone, something is missing.

3 Sailor Moon S: The Movie

When it comes to animated movies with Christmas themes, none of them reach the level of fantastic ridiculousness like Sailor Moon S: The Movie. Not only are there the Sailor Senshi shenanigans going on, there’s also a high-stakes romantic drama going on with Luna, and an Ice Age threat that could destroy Earth.

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Pair that with one of the best tuxedo mask appearances in franchise history (hint – it’s Santa Claus themed), and you’ve got a recipe for Moon Power perfection.

2 Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Although typically presented in an OVA format, the video editing version of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz may not be the most filled with holiday cheer, but it’s hard to deny the festive aesthetic that unfolds there.

Glamorous corporate party visuals are juxtaposed with a violent war, as snow falls dramatically to the ground. Add to that familiar images of plush toys, Christmas lights, and other glittering decor items, and you’ve got animation that balances out the romantic elements of the room. Mobile Suit Gundam frankness with its harsher realities.

1 Tokyo Sponsors

There is nothing like that of Satoshi Kon Tokyo Sponsors, and it is a cinematographic fact. While such a story could probably have been told live, it’s Kon’s unique worldview that makes her perfect for animation.

The film tells the story of three homeless people who find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve, and the detours they take to bring the baby back to the child’s parents. And if you’re the type of person who enjoys watching a Christmas movie that’s not really about the holidays, this is for you.

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