10 best animated movies (which you can stream online for free)


While anime has become much more accessible to audiences outside of Japan over the past few decades, finding things to watch can still be a challenge. And animated films are much harder to find except a few because they haven’t achieved the same level of success as shows like Bleach, Naruto, and A play. There are some streaming services (such as Netflix and HBO Max) that offer animated movies, but without a subscription to one of them it can seem impossible to find anything.

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But there are actually a lot more animated movies available for free online than most people realize. Free streaming services like Tubi and Crunchyroll have a huge selection of anime that anyone can watch with just one click.

ten One Piece: Heart of Gold (2016) – Tubi

Luffy smiles with his pirate crew behind him in One Piece: Heart of Gold

One Piece: Heart of Gold is a link with the theatrical release One Piece Film: Gold. He follows the Straw Hats as they sail with a mysterious girl who holds the key to a long-lost island – and its coveted treasure.

One Piece: Heart of Gold, as well as many other feature films A play TV specials, is currently broadcast for free on Tubi.

9 Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion (2015) – YouTube

Digimon Adventure Tri - Van

The first chapter in a series of six films covering the Digimon story from which it had stopped almost fifteen years before, Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion is a nostalgic journey like no other. During the years they were gone, the lives of the DigiDestined continued with little show. But even if they’ve grown up and gone their separate ways, a new threat will force them to reunite and save the world once again.

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All Digimon Adventure sorting. The series is currently available to watch for free (with commercials) on YouTube.

8 The Last: Naruto The Movie (2014) – Crunchyroll

Shikamaru leads Hanabi's rescue mission in latest Naruto movie

The last one: Naruto the movie is the tenth theatrical film based on the Naruto series and the first to take place in the continuity of the anime. This is just one of the many ways it means the end of an era for the series. He develops Naruto and Hinata’s relationship as they attempt to prevent the moon from colliding with Earth and save Hinata’s sister, Hanabi, from a vengeful celestial being.

The first three Naruto movies are available for free on Tubi and Crunchyroll; five others, including The last one: Naruto the movie, are only available on Crunchyroll.

7 Trigun: Badlands Rumble (2010) – Tubi

Based on the manga and the animated series Trigoun, the madhouse Trigun: Badlands Rumble follows infamous bounty hunter Vash the Stampede as he battles other assassins for a multi-million dollar prize. Fun, frenetic, and easily accessible even for those unfamiliar with the cult series, this is an animated show well worth its 90 minutes of running time.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble is available to watch for free on Tubi; the original 1998 animated series (also hosted by Madhouse) can be found on Funimation.

6 Redline (2009) – Tubi

JP prepares to rumble in Redline racing movie

In the chaotic and adrenaline-filled sci-fi movie Red line, the skillful pilot JP fights against the competition for the first place in the titular futuristic race. Although its characters are superficial and there isn’t a lot of intrigue, Red lineThe more than competent animation and the loaded visuals make this a trip of energetic sensations that it is not easy to forget.

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Red line can be watched for free on Tubi.

5 The Host (2003) – Tubi

The facilitator

Featuring the work of several Japanese animators telling stories from the world of The matrix, The facilitator is a forgotten but essential piece of surreal science fiction. It’s an anthology for the ages, and there’s nothing cooler than seeing animators like Red lineby Takeshi Koike and Cowboy BebopThe Shinichirō Watanabe perfected their art while expanding the ambitious universe of the Wachowski.

The facilitator currently broadcasts for free on Tubi; it might not be the only anime you’ll hear Keanu Reeves in, but it’s definitely the first.

4 Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (2018) – Tubi

The sweet and touching fantasy drama Maquia: when the promised flower blooms follows Maquia, a member of a mystical race called the Iorph, who can live for hundreds of years. When her house is attacked, she saves a newborn baby and adopts him as her own son.

A tearful man who is sure to win the hearts of the faithful of Ghibli, Maquia: when the promised flower blooms is currently broadcast for free on Tubi.

3 Millennial Actress (2001) – PlutoTV

Millennial actress is a quick trip through the intertwined life and career of an aging actress, captured by an obsessive television documentary maker and his hapless cameraman. Directed by Satoshi Kon, whose other works include Perfect blue and Paranoia Agent, it’s a must-have for anyone looking for an animated film with a little more reach and depth than the traditional fare.

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Millennial actress can be watched for free on Tubi or PlutoTV.

2 Akira (1988) – Tubi

Akira Cinema Bike

The cyberpunk masterpiece Akira is at least partly responsible for bringing anime to the Western world, and it’s hard to think of a better movie to do so. Set in 2019 in Tokyo, as a corrupt government seizes power and an uneasy population fights for survival, it follows Shōtarō Kaneda, a self-defense gang leader who must protect his friend Tetsuo. after the latter has acquired incredible psychic abilities.

Akira worth watching just to see how it impacted all of sci-fi, not just anime; of The black Knight To Strange things, it has inspired countless creative works and a game-changer for dystopian fiction. It is currently streamed for free on Tubi.

1 Ghost in the Shell (1995) – YouTube

A photo of Ghost in the Shell (1995) by Major Kusanagi

Another seminal work in the history of anime, Ghost in the shell has left its own mark on the cyberpunk genre. The dystopian masterpiece with philosophical tones follows Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg policeman. As she rushes into a confrontation with the elusive Puppet Master, a cyber hacker whose work threatens everyone’s conscience, she explores her personal identity and beliefs.

Ghost in the shell is currently streamed for free on YouTube, Tubi, PlutoTV, and Amazon Prime Video.

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