10 best anime series to binge watch on Netflix this summer


As the anime’s popularity continues to grow, Netflix also continues to expand what it has to offer fans. Currently, Netflix has created a collection that gives people the ability to go back and watch the classic anime that paved the way for what the product has become today. In addition to that, they keep releasing some of the newest anime whose popularity is increasing with each episode.

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Whether you’re just looking to get into anime or looking for a hidden gem to expand the range of what you’ve seen, there’s no doubt that Netflix will have plenty of options to keep you busy all summer long. There will be different reasons to watch each show, and they will all target different types of audiences, but here at 10 anime everyone should look out for on Netflix.


‘Death threat’

Death threat is a basic anime about someone who finds a notebook that gives them the power to kill anyone whose name they know and whose face they have seen. Light Yagami (Brad Swaile) sees this as an opportunity to create a better and perfect world by eliminating all evil, but viewers quickly learn that this is much easier said than done.

Death threat is a perfect anime for anyone looking to break into the genre. With 37 episodes, there’s enough to allow for a deep and interesting story, yet short enough to ensure it’s accessible and easy to consume for anyone looking for something this summer. For new or old fans, Death threat is a must see and should be at the top of anyone’s list who hasn’t seen it yet.

“Demon Slayer”

demon slayer is one of the most popular and beloved anime currently as it follows Tanjiro Kamado (Natsuki Hanae) as he attempts to become a Demon Slayer. Tanjiro’s main priority, however, is to protect his sister despite the fact that she has been turned into a demon and has her life constantly endangered by the people he considers allies and enemies.

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The animation in demon slayer made it one of the most spectacular viewing experiences for any anime fan. With some of the best fight sequences ever devised, the emotional impact of each episode cannot be underestimated.

‘Hunter x Hunter’

Hunter X Hunter seems like a healthier, kid-targeted anime when you follow Killua Zoldyck (Mariya Ise) and Gon Freecss (Megumi Han) who seek to become Hunters for various reasons. You quickly realize how unforgiving and vast the world is, dragging characters and viewers into horrors no one could have foreseen.

With some of the most unique characters and a world of unlimited potential, Hunter X Hunter is sure to entice any anime fan while leaving them wanting more and more after every watch.

“Vinland Saga”

Vinland Saga offers viewers a different kind of anime experience, bringing fans into a more historical world. Within this world, however, you will learn more about the pride of battle and how strength can be cultivated through sheer willpower.

Vinland Saga offers fans the opportunity to experience human powers in a different way, while establishing one of the most unique relationships, based on both respect and revenge.

‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic anime that should be on the list of anyone looking to explore the true depth of the genre. While initially appearing to be a simpler mechanical anime, evangelization quickly shifts gears and becomes one of the most profound psychological analyzes of the human condition to be found.

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Even though evangelization is one of the hardest anime to watch due to the sheer emotional devastation that is experienced, it offers an introspective experience that will leave every viewer walking away with a unique impact that directly relates to their emotional state.


Beastars offers anime fans the opportunity to explore a new type of world, with a power system that is unfamiliar to both. Beastars focuses on animal instinct, giving fans a different perspective on power and relationships in a world closer to humans than initially thought.

Whereas Beastars may initially lack accessibility due to the content’s focus on animal instincts rather than humans, it doesn’t take long for fans to realize just how relevant their struggles can be.

‘Code Geass’

Code Geass is a classic anime that paved the way for many different strategic power systems that followed it. The battles in Code Geass are some of the most unique and immersive due to the combination of relentless action, while being strategically played like a game of chess.

Code Geass continually makes it difficult for viewers to understand the nature of good and evil, highlighting the hypocrisy that exists in any war in the real world. With Lelouch (Jun Fukuyama) and Suzaku (Takahiro Sakurai) bearing different facets while being closer than anyone else, Code Geass offers fans an experience that is both real and emotional despite the pre-eminence of one of the most powerful and difficult powers to defeat.

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures”

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures lives up to its name, delivering one of the most unique and special experiences in all of anime. JoJo’s is truly one of the genre’s biggest staples, and it’s hard to say for sure that no other anime has been more influential.

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Given how JoJo splits into different parts over multiple generations, he offers perhaps the most variety of experiences he creates, making it one of the most controversial yet immersive experiences in anime. available.

‘Cowboy Bebop’

cowboy bebop is another classic anime, but offers a very different experience for fans than most. With some episodes more self-contained than others, it allows for a different experience for fans when it comes to both characters and story.

cowboy bebop sets out to place fans in a world that many have long dreamed of, allowing them to experience it alongside characters that will impact all who watch.

‘The attack of the Titans’

The attack of the Titans has become one of the greatest anime experiences available today. The emotion evoked in a show that pits two sides fighting for survival against an enemy they know is evil is one of the most intense experiences anyone can have.

The attack of the Titans combines this emotion with a veritable roller coaster of intrigue. At no point do viewers have a true understanding of how the world works, because as soon as any certainty is offered, everything that has been established is going to be called into question.

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