10 BL anime movies to watch in 2022


These days, anime fans watch anime series like there’s no tomorrow. Some people enjoy traditional anime genres, while others enjoy different anime. With that in mind, the anime community is keeping tabs on the emerging genre of BL anime. In case you missed our list of the best BL anime series to watch, here are 10 BL anime movies to watch in 2022.

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  1. Happy Go Lucky Days

    Based on the slice-of-life adult manga of the same name by Shimura Takako, Happy-Go-Lucky Days is a BL anime movie which is a mix of yuri, romance and drama. The film features a collection of three different stories that address unusual relationship circumstances, mundane everyday life, personal issues, and psychological constructs.

    Along with its BL elements, audiences will be able to relate to other characters as they deal with their issues. It will be a good and decent watch for anyone getting into the Yuri and BL genres.

  2. Doukyuusei

    Doukyuusei, also known as Classmates, is a BL anime film based on the manga of the same name by Nakamura Asumiko. The film adaptation, which spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs, is a staple among its cult followings.

    The plot revolves around the relationship of two high school students, Rihito Sajo and Hikaru Kusakabe, who fall in love after meeting at an all-boys high school. Doukyuusei takes a straightforward approach to the beautiful tale of first love and self-discovery, with unique character design and animation.

  3. Movie donated

    Possibly one of the most popular BL anime movies on this list, Given, living up to fan expectations after the success of the TV series. The film focuses on the complicated relationship between band members Haruki Nakayama and Akihiko Kaji. Complicating matters is the entry of Akihiko’s roommate and ex-boyfriend, Ugetsu Murata.

    With a rating of 7.8 on IMDB and a solid 8.16 rating on MAL, the film is a glorious experience that will bring viewers to tears due to its heartwarming tone and realistic harrowing scenes. Despite critics pointing out its incredible pace, Given manages to pull through with its overall appeal to audiences. We recommend reading the manga to fully immerse yourself in the series!

  4. Umiba no stranger

    Umiba no strangeralso known as The Stranger by the Beach, is a nostalgic BL animated film that tells the story of Shun Hashimoto, an author, and Mio Chibana, an orphan high school student.

    After meeting in the waters of Okinawa, the two had created a passionate tension in their relationship. However, things get problematic when Mio has to leave for the mainland. Mio came to Okinawa after an absence of twenty years hoping to find Shun.

    Umibe No Stranger, like Doukyuusei, uses a peaceful, heartwarming tone to portray realistic same-sex relationships and likable characters. The narrative actually flows at a pace that suits its setting, thanks to beautifully drawn background scenes.

  5. Robotics Robotics

    Robotics Robotics, despite its short length, takes a unique and innovative approach to storytelling gay relationships. The film follows Haru and Natsu, two androids who are both searching for the meaning of love.

    Both had had a horrible experience. It was Masa, a scientist, who welcomed them. Natsu is a pessimistic loner, while Haru is a curious and enthusiastic full of enthusiasm.

    With a running time of around 10 minutes, Robotica Robotics is one of the most beautiful BL anime. Despite its short length, the anime manages to capture viewers’ hearts with its unique and engaging premise, which is free from unnecessary plot threads.

  6. Twitter Birds Never Fly: Clouds Gather

    Twitter Birds Never Fly: Clouds Gather is a BL anime movie that combines BL, drama and josei genre. It is based on the manga series created by Kou Yoneda.

    Yahiro, the deviant and masochistic boss of the Shinseikai yakuza clan and president of Shinseikai Enterprises, and his slavish but obstinate bodyguard, Doumei Chikara, are the film’s central characters. Since the terms “masochistic” and “submissive” are used, viewers should expect NSFW footage, so be prepared.

    The film relies on its balanced pacing, well-written characters, high-quality art style, and catchy closing song to deliver an accurate representation of its original material. This BL anime movie will never let you down!

  7. Yes, No or Maybe?

    Yes, No or Maybe? is based on the Yaoi light book series by Michi Ichio. is a drama with aspects of a boy’s love. The anime tells the story of Kei Kunieda, an affable and gentle presenter with a hidden personality beneath his caring attitude.

    Things were going well for Kei until he met Ushio Tsuzuki, a freelance stop-motion animator. As they interacted more frequently, the two grew closer. However, Kei feels compelled to reveal his inner self to Ushio, fearing the latter will reject him.

    Although the film’s plot is handled well, the anime suffers from substandard and stereotypical features that don’t deviate from traditional BL and yaoi tropes. Luckily, if you enjoy that kind of animation, you’ll enjoy this movie.

  8. Marudase Kintarou

    Marudase Kitarou is a BL animated short that follows high school student Makoto, who seeks to protect his virginity from teachers who want to be principal after the death of his grandfather.

    This is perhaps one of the weirdest and most illogical films on this list. To preserve her virginity, Makoto decided to move to the mountains and recruit her childhood friend Kintaro to be her savior. What an unusual plot!

    While the movie got a lot of reviews, Marudase Kintarou is a hilarious anime that is so dumb that anyone can laugh at it. Granted, the short is just for promotional purposes for the manga.

  9. Zetsuai 1989

    Zetsuai 1989 The art style, which features long hands and limbs and divides general BL anime fans, resembles the iconic CLAMP style. If you like CLAMP, you will be able to pass through this animated BL movie.

    It tells the complicated story of Koji Nanjo, a young rock star who falls in love with up-and-coming footballer Takuto Izumi. What complicates matters is that Izumi’s mother murdered Nanjo’s father out of obsessive love. Zetsuai 1989 is one of those anime series that you will both love and despise.

  10. Naked youth

    Naked youth lets viewers experience the excitement and uncertainty of young, homo-erotic love through a unique and awe-inspiring visual that elevates BL animated movies to a new level. The film follows the story of two members of a boxing team who discover a new side to themselves. Naked Youth is a voiceless short film for your knowledge.

    Naked Youth, for your information, is a stunning piece of art that has won many awards, including Recommended Artwork at the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival and Visual Award at the 19th DoGA CG Anime Contest.

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