10 classic anime series we thought we loved until we streamed them


Each year marks the arrival of hundreds of new anime series, some of which become new modern classics and others that are quickly lost in obscurity. Nostalgia is a powerful influencing force, and there may be a tendency to romance older anime who dominated the 80s and 90s and earned the title of classics.

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There are many older animated series that can stand the test of time and are still compelling programs when in line with modern standards, but there are also an overwhelming number of series that are much less impressive after audiences have gorged themselves on them. Anime streaming services like RetroCrush and Tubi have impressive libraries of classic series, but not all series are worth revisiting.

ten Tenchi Muyo’s Hollow Nature stands out on a new modern watch

Toonami Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki Nervous Embrace

The Tenchi Muyo animated universe was a staple in the 1990s and 2000s. There are over five different Tenchi Muyo series, several movies and more additions to the comic harem series with sci-fi overtones. To the credit of Tenchi Muyo, it never pretends to be anything else, but it’s just a lot less charming when it’s revisited in one fell swoop. Tenchi himself doesn’t have the greatest depth as a protagonist, and the wacky people in his orbit are too content to respect stereotypes. The harem genre of the anime is still very goofy, but it’s transcended beyond the point of Tenchi Muyo.

9 Ronin Warriors mingles with the rest of the giant robot fodder

Ronin Warriors

The giant robot genre of Anime is one of the most crowded areas of media out there, making it easier for weaker programs to portray themselves as disposables and their time. Ronin Warriors produced 39 episodes in the late 1980s, and it found popularity outside of Japan due to its airing on Toonami and other channels. There is something quite soothing about Ronin Warriors when the five legendary fighters combine giant robots and magical weapons to defeat the demon lord, Talpa, and his Dark Warlords. Ronin Warriors succumbs to a repetitive structure, which is all the more apparent during a frenzy.

8 Black Jack starts to feel cyclical when gorged

Osamu Tezuka is one of the most instrumental figures in manga / anime. His series like Speed ​​runner and Astro boy have had an undeniable impact on the state of the media. Black jack is part of The strange properties of Tezuka, and it works like a surgical procedure that takes place in a mysterious underground world of medicine.

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Black jack had many OVAs throughout the 1990s then an anime in the early 2000s with over 60 episodes. Black jack is still a strong work of Tezuka, but its luster fades when much of it is tied.

7 The Big O is a stylish Mecha tribute that shows its age

the big o

The big O is a curious assemblage of influences that mixes the mecha genre with the sensibilities of film noir and is even strongly inspired by Batman. Roger Smith’s efforts to protect Paradigm City with his giant robot aren’t entirely original, and the series is more about its distinct visuals and atmosphere. The big O won two seasons, the second being a co-production with Cartoon Network due to its positive international reception. However, it’s those same aesthetic choices that date the mecha series on a frenzied rewatch. It just doesn’t offer enough contrast to the similar animated series of the time.

6 The intricacies of Fist of the North Star get lost in a big frenzy

Kenshiro Fist of the Pole Star

Fist of the North Star is pure aggressive action and in many ways this comes across as an exaggeration of the streak that is immersed in testosterone. The combative series takes place in a tense world where Kenshiro and others possess a deadly form of martial arts which brutally eviscerates the competition. Fist of the North Star is a pivotal series, but with 109 episodes, it’s a program that can suffer from extended frenzy sessions. There is so much to love about Fist of the North Star, but too much at the same time can only accentuate its weaknesses.

5 Love Hina’s hormonal antics are of little substance

Naru throwing a punch

The Harem animated series can be very risky, and it is difficult for the storytelling and the characters to rise above the stilted conventions of the simplistic genre. Love Hina is one of the most revered classic harem series, but it’s hard to come back.

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Keitaro Urashima isn’t a convincing enough protagonist, and even though it’s only 25 episodes, plus a few final OVA installments, he still feels rushed and empty. This is exactly the type of series that would benefit from an expanded modern reboot, like what Basket of fruits has received.

4 Ranma ½ starts to feel aimless and like he’s straying

Akane hits Ranma

Ranma ½ is an animated series that is almost synonymous with the 1990s, and it reflects the era perfectly, right down to its characters, story, artistic design, and the pace of the animated series. Ranma ½ is an anime that everyone should experience at least a few episodes of, but it definitely begins to spin its wheels and hit diminishing returns before reaching an abrupt conclusion. At 161 episodes, there are definitely some anime that are longer than Ranma ½, but the excessive amount of content only dilutes what is great about the series.

3 Flame Of Recca’s pacing issues make it an unsatisfying Shonen series

There are so many promises in Flame of Recca this, under different circumstances, it could have become one of the most successful shonen series of the 90s. Recca Hanabishi has ninja aspirations, and the series explores a creative set of powers that don’t just feel derived from the rest of the shonen genre. . However, Flame of Recca gets lost in endless tournaments and there isn’t enough satisfying content spread across the 42 episodes of the anime. Many sets of shonen suffer from being too long, but the pace of Flame of Recca is its biggest obstacle and loses impact in visually appealing fights.

2 The chewing gum crisis cannot overcome its stereotypes when seen in a vacuum

The 1987 chewing gum crisis

First debuted as an OVA entry series in the late ’80s and early’ 90s, Chewing gum crisis combines space exploration with the mecha and magic girl genres. Set in the future, the Knight Sabers are an all-female mercenary squad who engage in battle with robots through the use of their powerful mechanical combinations. There is much to enjoy in Chewing gum crisis and her unique take on cyberpunk ideals, but on a frenzy, its flaws become more apparent, and it’s easier to narrow down the program to simple mindless presentations of girls with guns.

1 Dragon Ball Z’s weaknesses are most apparent when its story is gorged

goku vs frieza

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon ball The franchise forever changed the form of the shonen genre and became one of the most popular animated series of all time. That being said, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, and Dragon ball z is definitely guilty of reductive filler and inflated episodes. The all creation of Dragon ball z kai is to reduce that fat and make the series a more manageable experience. Depending on the episodes watched, a frenzy of the original Dragon ball z can turn into a severe exercise in patience.

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