10 console games reimagined as animated films from Studio Ghibli


For years, game fans have dreamed of Studio Ghibli’s idea of ​​working on a video game. After all, a lot of their work can be cited as inspiration for video games. Final fantasy, for example, shares a lot with Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Castle in the sky is also very RPG-like. Then, finally, the dreams came true when Level-5 teamed up with the famous company to Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

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The visual style was exactly what fans had envisioned for years. Even if they didn’t work directly on the sequel, it at least shares the same aesthetic. More games should look like this, which is why we searched many art galleries to see what fans came up with. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much with Ghibli’s exact art style, but what we found was glorious.

THE Legend of Zelda

Nintendo is like the Disney of video games and all their properties, THE Legend of Zelda makes more sense to turn into a Ghibli movie. Link doesn’t even need to speak. Their animation style excels in expression, which can often convey a thousand words. Additionally, Zelda can be there to speak like someone to speak to the public. This work is magnificent.

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Miavern created this fan art and shared it on Twitter.



Grieverjoe posted this on Imgur.

Out of these three Monitoring characters, which we put in a collage, Mei’s portrait most closely resembles Ghibli. Even their animated short is very light, like what one would find in one of their films. Snow storm does a good job with their trailers and they look high quality, but one can’t help but wonder what they would like about 2D animation.

Grieverjoe created this fan art and shared it on Imgur.

Dark souls

Studio Ghibli is not known for creating silent films. Some are more talkative than others, but for the most part their narratives have a lot of interaction between the characters. So a game like Dark souls can do better with someone like Genndy Tartakovsky behind the wheel. Its narration in Jack Samurai is incomparable. If he did and Ghibli made the art, it would be a fantastic movie.

Kyle Van Wyk created this piece of fan art and shared it on Imgur.

The witcher

And now begins the first of several amazing tracks from Lap Pun Cheung. The first tackles The witcher, which already looks so good in this Ghibli style. Ciri’s loud position is amazing. The new Netflix series is doing well, but something lively in this style, like their anime Castlevania, would have been a lot better. The closest movie this could be related to is Princess mononoke in terms of gore.

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Lap Pun Cheung created this piece of fan art and shared it on ArtStation.

God of the war

It’s kind of a cheat on Lap Pun Cheung’a because it looks almost exactly like The witcher part of the framing of the characters in the background. Having said that, we love this one too. Basically, restarting God of the war has a similar story. In this case, the “boy” is just a much younger student than Ciri.

Lap Pun Cheung created this piece of fan art and shared it on ArtStation.

Final Fantasy VIII

Lap Pun Cheung actually has a the whole gallery works of art in this similar style for Final fantasy VIII with some parts not in this style. Of the few out there we went with this amazing opening scene between Squall and Seifer. Look at Ghibli. There is no reason to turn this whole game into a movie. We would be satisfied that they at least animate this opening.

Lap Pun Cheung created this piece of fan art and shared it on ArtStation.

Star wars

Good then Star wars is not exactly a video game series. But that’s not exactly not a series either! The point is that there is Star wars video games and the work of Lap Pun Cheung is too good not to stress it one last time. This one reinvents a world in which Star Wars is apparently traversed by Castle in the sky, one of their best films.

Lap Pun Cheung created this fan art piece and shared it on ArtStation.


This work reinvents Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur in a style that closely resembles the way Totoro is drawn. The teeth really solidify this point. Pokemon recreated in this style would be too spooky, so we wouldn’t want a movie to look exactly like this, but a real Ghibli artist taking to town on the many monsters inside would turn out to be a beautiful thing, or at least we hope so.

Piscimancy created this fan art and shared it on DeviantArt.

Kingdom Hearts

Vitor-Aizen posted this on DeviantArt.

It’s not so much a work of art as someone seemingly hastily creating an environment to put 3D models in. As crass as it is, we put it here to kick off the idea of ​​making a Ghibli world in the next game. Studio Ghibli is not a Disney studio, but Disney is working a lot on the English versions. There has to be some way for them to make this deal, right? Of all their films, Abducted as if by magic probably makes the most sense.

Vitor-Aizen created this piece of fan art and shared it on DeviantArt.

Death stranding

Speaking of Abducted as if by magic, this piece it’s more like a Ghibli movie was in a video game. In this case we have Death stranding, which sort of makes sense with the premise of the movie in that there are ghosts and demons.

It may go against the idea of ​​this article as a whole, but it’s funny enough that we had to have it here. The street idea goes both ways. Adam Tazi created this fan art and shared it on Pixalry.

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